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 Mirror Dream2002-12-19 01:40
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I was listening to a tape by anthropologist and shaman Hank Wesselman, of a session I missed at the Prophet's Conference, and he introduced a shamanic journey and started drumming. The idea was that one would go to one's garden in the dreamworld and receive some wisdom or meet somebody. I stopped the car, and sat in the dark.

My garden had a waterfall and a jungle and a lot of land to explore, and caves. I went into a cave which went down, taking several turns and forks. There I had a vision, in the form of a multi-dimensional lightshow of sorts. It is hard to describe, but there was a mirror effect going off into several dimensions at the same time. Almost a thru-the-lookingglass thing in several directions. You can't reflect yourself in a mirror without having, well... a reflection. Action and Reaction, or rather, both at the same time. And there seemed to be some wisdom there, applying to knowledge and how to organize it.

As I came out of it, sitting in the dark, I still didn't quite get it, but I figured I'd better write it down, as it might fall into place later. But what I think of right away is: information is usually disconnected from what it is about. You write or talk about something or someone, and they don't necessarily know, and there's no mechanism for ensuring it is valid or useful. If they move or change, your words don't move or change with them. But in a way, they should. Our information is often like pieces of paper we crumble up and throw in the general direction of what we're talking about. But it should really be like rubber bands attached to what we're talking about, stretching and following. A two-way link. Is that maybe a difference between information and knowledge? Information is disconnected and static, but knowledge is connected and fluid? If you move, the reflection in the mirror moves. If you walk away, the reflection walks away. But there are many mirrors we're reflected in simultaneously, so as we walk away from one, we might get closer in another.

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19 Dec 2002 @ 03:29 by jstarrs : I'd take a guess...
...and say that knowledge is information integrated.
With knowledge, the refelction is always with us when we need it.  

19 Dec 2002 @ 04:06 by istvan : This is wery interesting
To me anyways.As i was reading at the Hank Wasselman site i had visions that i can not put into words, not yet anyways.Yes what we humans need mostly is healing on all levels of our beings.
Your vision of the hall of mirrors is perhaps a symbol af a reality that the WWWeb is a virtual hall of reflections of both illusion and reality.The Better Global Brain perhaps already exists, but the mirrors need some serious cleaning (healing), and the cracked ones to be repaired so they may reflect perfectly the original face of Zen and the original being of the Shaman, i call the original image of the Halogram.
We perhaps are the broken pieces of imiges of a perfect existance we call God. Each piece of the broken mirror perhaps is a Halogram that according to its size and condition contains the original image, yet being just a broken and dusty piece, the clarity has been veiled by some kind of obstacle i see as forgetfulness.  

20 Dec 2002 @ 23:51 by strydg : the mirror is a metaphor
for what we have come to call "technology." When you look in the mirror you see a reflection of yourself. That image is not you, it's a reflection. It is a re-presentation of you in reflected image form. All of technology is the same kind of representation. The hammer represents the fist as it were pounding, the computer represents the human brain, and so on. Everything invented by the human is an extension and external representation of some function or body part of the human. Second nature, from the spoken word to microsoft word, everything hardware and software, is externalized human form/function. Our artificial environment is like a zillion(?) mirrors reflecting back an image of self. And you know what happens everytime you walk by a mirror, you see yourself. You don't see the glass, or the silver(?) reflecting surface - you see you. And you think, "That's me!" But that's not you - that's your reflected image. We might explore the psychic effect of being distracted like this when seeing oneself in the mirror, in our devices. And a computer is a very, very, complex mirror.

Narcissus did not know that the image he saw reflected in the pond was his image - he also did not know that it was a reflected image. So he never knew true love. On the other hand, Alice went THROUGH the looking glass.  

6 Aug 2003 @ 14:40 by george douvris @ : grounding visions
Dear Friends. As current domestic oppression grow, I feel it abusive not only to myself, but also to my wife and children to continue living in this country. We have visited many places around the world and feel that a small island in Fiji is the place to go. During a recent ayuhuasca ceremony with the Peruvian shaman Don Jose Campas, a vision for our intention of a place to move to came which is guiding me to send this information to you. Along with several other friends of mutual interests, we have already bought individual lots. Contact me off line if you would like more details. Basically it is a small island with white sand beaches, vast coral reefs, sparkling blue waters of the South Pacific, refreshing tradewinds, perfect year round weather and offering pleasurable relief to the mind and body of pressures and anxieties to modern life. Not meaning to sound like a real estate agent, but we are definitely excited and would like to share the opportunity. There are 500 inexpensive lots and half have been sold. There will be no more development on the island besides this one and 90% of the island will remain Fijian land trust. The best kava in the world is grown here and the situation very favorable for our spiritual freedom and neighbors with mutual interests. Blessings, George gdouvris1@yahoo.com or gsrain@yahoo.com


6 Aug 2003 @ 16:21 by ming : Fiji
Sounds great, and good luck. I've considered the South Pacific too. I was just sitting reading The Island Chronicles http://boingboing.net/island/, which is Mark Freuenfelder's ongoing photo story of how he moved from Los Angeles to the Cook Islands recently. At the same time I moved to France. Those south sea islands sound like paradise.  

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