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 Blog Moods2002-12-19 04:12
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BigCat talks about the Mood of the Blogosphere:
"I'm not sure if this is a rehash of an old idea, an improvement to it, or something totally useless, but here goes:

j-mo talks about wanting her blog to immediately express her mood. Lots of people have various icons on their entries on Live Journal and other places to show current mood.

It always seems that some days are bad mood days for lots of people. This time of year often has a lot of those days.

The idea of measuring this is a little like imood and their "mood of the Internet" - but that is a single service that you have to register for. I don't really think that scales very well. It seems like an open system that all could use for whoever they wanted to would be better.

What I'm thinking about is a standard XML tag that could be read by the various RSS aggregators and such (read Scripting News and the links there if you are interested in more about this).

This could also be worked into blogging software - set your mood and it sets the styles or whatever you want automatically.

Anyone could them compile a "mood" index for the part of the world that interested them - ranging from just their friends to everyone listed in one of the big indexes..."
Hm, yeah. It is just that I wouldn't be happy with simple moods like 'happy','sad' and 'tired'. For me it is more that different times have a different energy. Some days are for lying in your bed reading comic books. Other days are high energy days for getting something done. I don't always pay attention to that, so sometimes I go against the flow, and try to make something happen that just isn't gonna happen on such a day. But, yeah, I'd like some way of flagging it, or noticing it collectively.

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1 comment

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