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Happy Holidays

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 Happy Holidays2002-12-24 04:01
picture by Flemming Funch

Merry Christmas!
Gl├Ždelig Jul!

The picture is from last winter, having a picturesque time in Denmark. Fresh snow was falling almost every day, which was rather lucky, and perfect for feeling in a christmas mood. We were visiting some in-law family out in the country, in Fuglebjerg (Bird Mountain), living in a farm house, with horses. We barely got the car back out of there again, as another 15cm of snow fell while we were inside for coffee.

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24 Dec 2002 @ 05:31 by jstarrs : Thanks Ming...
May your snowballs always be snowballs.  

24 Dec 2002 @ 06:51 by spiritseek : Thanks
for sharing this picture of your memories. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God Bless. Love,Marie  

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