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A Free Market

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 A Free Market2002-12-29 23:59
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"The advantage of a free market is that it allows millions of decision-makers to respond individually to freely determined prices, allocating resources – labor, capital and human ingenuity – in a manner that can’t be mimicked by a central plan, however brilliant the central planner." --Freidrich von Hayek

Sounds terrific. I hope to see one some day.

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30 Dec 2002 @ 05:54 by neolux : we had a free market,
but it had to be modified by anti- trust laws. Greedy types like u.s. steel screwed it up for us. I'm not sure i want a totally free market anyway.attaining a balance between a totally laisez- faire system and one over burdened by government, now thats the trick.  

30 Dec 2002 @ 11:52 by sharie : billions in advertising...
tweeks the consumers' grasp on what's the best products.  

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