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 Geographical Blogging2003-01-08 23:36
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Many people are exploring and expanding what blogging is, finding new ways of doing it, or discovering what it really about. What I didn't quite catch at first is that it is inherently about sharing in near real-time what is going on somewhere for somebody. It is not just about writing, but it is a kind of thing that is in the same category as a webcam. You know, cameras that take live pictures from some street corner, or from inside somebody's house, where you can always check in and see what is happening. A weblog is about that too. You can always check in and see what is going on in a certain frame of reference. In somebody's mind, in their life around town, within a certain group, or in a certain physical location.

Chris Corrigan just pointed geographical blogging out to me. He runs the Bowen Island Journal, a blog about what is going on on Bowen Island, just off the west coast of Canada, which is where he lives. Imagine if most places had their own blog. Imagine it included a webcam, so you could always go and see how it looks there right now. Better yet if it were a 360 degree virtual reality thing.

On the subject of geographical blogging, the GeoURL site shows blogs across the world on a world map, and you can find blogs that are physically adjacent to you or to your own blog.

I'm in Van Nuys, California, which is located roughly at 34.200568 degrees northern lattitude and 118.486821 degrees western longitude. You can go and find blogs geographically adjacent to me. Hm, that's kind of interesting. I don't know any of those people. Now I just want it in real time with a GPS thing.

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