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 Copyrights Forever2003-01-15 23:59
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The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled in the Eldred vs. Ashcroft case, rejecting the arguments for curbing Congress' ability to extend copyrights forever. Large media corporations like Disney want to sit on their exclusive ownership forever, even if they don't know what to do with the old stuff. See Wired. Lawrence Lessig had been arguing the case, and has been a champion for slowing down the copyright crazyness, and it seems like he did the best possible job. But billions of dollars can buy many congressmen and judges, so it wasn't like there were a great chance.

I think the answer will have to be to start writing the big media assembly line companies out of the picture altogether. There's no in-between. Anyway, technology is quickly going towards that the little people can make fine movies in their garage with cheap equipment. So, let's out-compete the BigCo's who want to own all creativity in the world.

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