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 Orange Fruits2003-01-16 16:55
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The grapefruit tree in my backyard mysteriously started carrying oranges. Well, sort of. We had this huge grapefruit tree which had a confrontation with the electricity company. A big transformer on a pole was full of mineral oil, and at some point it shorted, and boiling mineral oil was spewed all over my backyard. And DWP, the electricity company, went through a big operation of cordoning it all off and meticulously cleaning it, buying new garden furniture and that kind of thing. But they ended up cutting down the huge grapefruit tree. Which we were really sad about, as it was bountyful with fruit all year. But after it was cut down, very energetic new shoots started coming out from where the trunk used to be. The main one is now a 12 foot tree already, 2 years later, and it has big fruits already. They're the size of grapefruit, but .... they aren't. They're orange, and smell like oranges. And they taste like a weird kind of sour oranges. Like they're a mix of orange and grapefruit. There's an orange tree standing not too far from it, but it has small oranges that look and taste nothing like this. Its a little mystery of nature. Maybe some errant orange seed got grafted into the root of the old grapefruit tree.

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16 Jan 2003 @ 17:37 by spiritseek : Nature
Nature has a way to carry on life, no matter if humans are here or not, life goes on.If left alone nature can sustain itself forever, but when humans interfere it cuts life short by our medling in where we don't know much about it. Miracles happen every day we just have to look harder to find them. Nice to know your tree is back but with a renewed life. Great story Ming.  

16 Jan 2003 @ 23:10 by strydg : I have a friend who lives in that area
who said the same thing happened to his grapefruit tree so he did some detective work. apparently the government is working through the agriculture department and local utilities to explore the possibility of cloning giant oranges that have 4 times the juice of a normal sized orange. I guess GWB loves orange juice - can't get enough - so he wants to be certain that he'll never run out. ever notice how he's always kind of puckered up? well that's from drinking OJ that hasn't ripened and is a bit tart, too acid. And george HATES tart, acid OJ. And these giant oranges... you guessed it, are very sweet. they make wonderful juice. Insiders are saying that if GWB can get his lips around some o' dat sweet juice he might reconsider declaring war on iraq. so for god's sake: go with it!  

17 Jan 2003 @ 00:53 by ming : The OJ Plot
Yeah, I figured it was some kind of conspiracy. Alien orange pods who are going to turn into Bush clones if I leave them in the sun to ripen.  

22 Sep 2003 @ 05:32 by Mary Jane Mahusay @ : Math

25 Oct 2003 @ 14:08 by Amber @ : oranges
do you know where i could learn on the internet about oranges?  

25 Oct 2003 @ 14:09 by Amber @ : dah
math is the problem solving is the answer  

7 Nov 2003 @ 05:27 by EddieTheK @ : orange fruits
A serious reply to your post of earlier this year: Your grapefruit tree was grafted onto the roots (and a few inches of trunk) of another variety of citrus, apparently a sour orange. This is a common practice among those who propagate citrus trees. The shoots which have emerged with the orange fruits are from those roots. Not a mystery!  

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