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 French Mysteries2003-01-17 23:59
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Julie got really mad that, in my consideration of the possibility of moving to France, I had completely overlooked the fact that she for years has talked about her passionate dream of moving to the south of France. So it seemed like I just casually waltzed by and stole the dream from out under her, even leaving her out of it. Well, seems that I needed to work through my own process, in my own way. And it kind of solidified unexpectedly quickly. But of course it would be delightful and magical if we all end up there, possibly this summer. And it turns out that she has done a great deal of research about the different departments around the Midi-Pyrenees area and the housing market and the history, and have built up a bunch of contacts there. And there are of course lots of mysterious, ancient and interesting things to find around there, such as Rennes-le-Ch√Ęteau, possibly hiding treasures from King Solomon's temple. I've read Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Messianic Legacy, weaving an intriguing and compelling story about the Templars, secret orders protecting the bloodline of Jesus, enormous treasures, etc, and a bunch of the clues point to that exact area.

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18 Jan 2003 @ 13:02 by sharie : Memories... light the corners of my mind
Your amnesia on the subject sounds like *selective memory* to me. Why did you choose to lock Julie's dream away from your conscious awareness? You're not normally a guy with a bad memory, and you don't discount Julie or her dream, so it seems to me you were concealing it from yourself so you could live out her dream...  

18 Jan 2003 @ 15:32 by ming : Nah
Rather that it isn't her dream I'm living, but my own. I'm not going to France because of the reasons she wants to go France, and it wasn't really related to or inspired by her dream at all. If I had followed her steps, I wouldn't have ended up in the same place. I need to follow my own steps. Which meant that, consciously or not, I had to close my ears to her for a moment, as she makes very loud steps, and they weren't really headed that way at the moment anyway. In other sections of life it works fine for me to plan things out with Julie, and of course I'm happy to coordinate a France experience with her. But the decision process is mine.  

30 Jan 2003 @ 21:39 by jewel : she's right
No, it is MY dream. And, yes, you are living it out --- unconsciously of course. The whole reason I am in the U.S. right now, is in order to get to France by next Summer. I was almost there last August. I had my house sold and the deal fell through. All my closest beloveds know how much my life has been screwed up since then --- it seemed like finally I was almost there. It is indeed 'selective memory' for you to not have even considered what is going on for ME. I hated having to come back to the States and have been more determined than ever about getting to France and having that dream be what is helping me even be here now. And, the weird thing is, that the months before you decided this, you were seeming to care about how much I seemed to be suffering --- hence setting up the consultant for getting our work re-inacted. And ever since I set off to England, I've suggested it's time for you to also consider going to Europe. It seems that many times you consider going over there around the time something 'happens' between us. I actually think on the magical level, this whole thing became stronger for you after you started tapping into me, energetically, again.... and you are unaware of the juices that propel you forth.  

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