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Sodomy in Virginia

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 Sodomy in Virginia2003-01-18 18:47
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by Flemming Funch

Some of the laws of the U.S. state of Virginia are causing a bit of trouble for judges in the state, according to this article. See, Virginia law bans sodomy - "crimes against nature" - which includes oral or anal sex. Yeah, this is a crazy country. I think they should go and enforce it in the Pentagon and the CIA, and for any congress people who live in Virginia. Have a blowjob, go to jail. I think they should be the first to demonstrate what a good idea that is.

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1 comment

18 Jan 2003 @ 19:15 by bushman : Hmm.
LOL, as if we don't have enough problems. GM crops are a crime against nature, lol.  

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