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Transformation in Bulgaria

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 Transformation in Bulgaria2003-01-20 16:00
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I wrote these two books on "Transformational Processing", which is the counseling system I use when working with clients. Being a personal counselor is one of the several hats I'm wearing. Now, I'm getting quite a few inquiries about this, in part because the books are freely downloadable on the net. Particularly I often get inquiries and success stories from former east bloc countries, like here today, from Bulgaria:
"Hello, m-r Funch!
I founded your books "Dialogues" and "Paths" in the internet in Russian language and I am very enthusiastic about the transformational processing.
Since 15 years I have read and made technics from Kastaneda, Osho, east religion, meditations etc. But I went on my road slow and blind.
For a few months with the help of the processing I made a great jump in my self improvement. I found many prickles in my self and took them out. I feel that I am making a progress for 10 lifes forward.
Thank you very much!
And I want to ask you-how can I work with the processing in my country? I already work with a few friends and we see a real progress in everybody.
But here there is no traditions, no even a psychotherapy has a tradition. But I think that all bulgarian people have a need for processing. The people say that we have many extrasenses, witches etc because we are very sensitive nation. But I think that we have such kind of people, because we don't have psychoterapists. And facilitators.
Can you give me some advice?
Excuse me for my English, please!
I think there's maybe a basis for me traveling around and doing workshops in those areas. I haven't really decided to go for it yet, but that could be a new adventure.

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