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The U.S. Needs to Open Up to the World

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 The U.S. Needs to Open Up to the World2003-01-24 23:59
by Flemming Funch

Brian Eno is a music genius who also happens to have intelligent things to say about the world. He is one of the ongoing supporters for the Institute for Social Inventions. He has a nice article in Time Magazine, about how it seems to him, as a European, that America is trapped in a fortress of arrogance and ignorance. I agree with him.
" Europeans have always looked at America with a mixture of fascination and puzzlement, and now, increasingly, disbelief. How is it that a country that prides itself on its economic success could have so many very poor people? How is it that a country so insistent on the rule of law should seek to exempt itself from international agreements? And how is it that the world's beacon of democracy can have elections dominated by wealthy special interest groups? For me, the question has become: 'How can a country that has produced so much cultural and economic wealth act so dumb?'"

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25 Jan 2003 @ 15:23 by sharie : It's not the *country* that's dumb...
It's the wealthy who are ignorant, and the masses who feed the monster by buying their gas, their pharmaceuticals, their chemicals (round-up ready weed killer and others), and stand by and do nothing while the wealthy few destroy the world. And it's not just America who is doing, it's the members of the U.N. who let it happen. It's greed. It's insanity. How do we stop it? Stop driving cars, trucks, and SUV's.  

26 Jan 2003 @ 19:40 by paquetse : Perhaps
Perhaps America is dumb because it is so wealthy.  

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