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 Self Hosted Identity2003-01-27 12:08
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James Snell talks about being in control of one's own identity and storing it on one's own site, like as part of one's weblog:
"A discussion on Sam's blog got me thinking about self-hosted identities. Ideally, I should be able to put together a file, discoverable through my weblog, and digitally signed with my private key that contains all of the personal information that I want to make public. When I go to any type of forum (like a weblog) or to a commercial site (like Amazon), if they want my information, they would do what Dave suggests and put a "You know me" button on their page. When I go to the site, I click on the button, the site asks me for the location of my identity file. They download the file and extract the necessary information."
And he follows up here and here. We need that, of course. I'm tired of having entered my information on dozens of different sites over the years, and it being mostly outdated and forgotten. Much better that it is on my computer.

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28 Jan 2003 @ 03:21 by ashanti : Hehehe
I love doing this thing with positioning the newslogs, so just making a comment to position your log. Hehe! :-)  

28 Jan 2003 @ 16:16 by ming : Positioning
Incredible power, right there in your fingertips, heheh.  

22 Feb 2006 @ 11:54 by peter @ : question
Can i use the picture or is it copyrighted?

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