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 Programmers' wish lists2003-01-27 12:08
by Flemming Funch

Michael Wilson lists a long list of techie program functions he's like on his computer, starting:
  • A real-time ticker application that will be updated using RSS. (Not the current "refresh to update" silliness in aggregators of today)
  • Publishable schedule items (to the rest of the world or a specific subset at my option)
  • To subscribe to lists of events that are occurring around my area geographically, and virtually and have those events appear in a calendaring application.
  • To use a blog or blog-like publishing environment (I'm thinking Zope with CMF) for a personal desktop heads-up-display console from which I work at all times.
  • and going on for a while. I think about lists like that too, and I'd like a number of the things he lists. Being a programmer makes one believe one can make things so they're exactly to your liking. And one can, when we're talking about how your information is organized. Unfortunately there are still not good enough tools to get me what I want without some heavy duty programming. Personally I hadn't had time to do most of it, so I'm suffering in some areas. I can easily think of things I'd want to be done differently about my e-mail storage, and it is a mess, but I haven't given it enough priority to go and program it myself, even though I know I could.

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