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 Bloggers in Google2003-01-29 23:59
by Flemming Funch

Joi Ito (well-connected Japanese techie blogger) gets an e-mail from somebody looking for a Japanese tutor, because his weblog appeared in a search.
"One amazing phenomenon of blogs is that because of all of the linking going on they end up with fairly high google rankings. At Supernova, Cory of Boing Boing talked about how people email him asking about things he blogs because his blog entries show up on the top of Google results. Also at Supernova, Sergey Brin co-founder of Google talked about how important the ranking and results algorythms were for Google. For instance, first result for "suicide" can have a life or death impact on someone depending on whether it is a page to help you decide not to commit suicide or a page about how to commit suicide. I am the second entry for "Japan + Dayton Ohio" and #3 for "Takenaka media" for instance. At Davos, I talked to Larry Page, co-founder of Google about the phenomenon. I explained that I was very excited that my entry about how the media failed to report the public support of Takenaka showed up before the media reports. I mentioned that maybe it was the way blogs created a lot of pages and linked to each other a lot and how this was giving them unfair juice. Larry said he thought that blogs were getting higher rankings because they were becoming a more important part of the Internet and implied that he felt the high rankings were fair. Cool. I was beginning to feel a bit guilty about the high rankings and worried that Google would "figure it out" and start lowering the rankings for blogs. If Larry says they're fair, I'm assuming they're fair and I don't have to worry about a 'correction' in my page ranking."
I'm glad to hear that too. Even though I'm a relatively low profile weblogger, hardly registering in the top 500, Google really likes my weblog, and many things I say here will appear very high, often higher than the news source that I quote. Which sometimes makes me a bit nervous.

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30 Jan 2003 @ 18:43 by spiritseek : Your blog
I see that you are #411 in Most prolific linkers...congrats! You do deserve it.  

30 Jan 2003 @ 19:42 by ming : Blogs
Thanks. But it is the other list, of those most linked to, which I'd be most happy to be on.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 11:22 by Sidra @ : exyfZUHEovbePPnvqt
Jesus! a definite no-no to talk in court, but no one said anihnytg. People were staring at me.It was a medical malpractice suit. As further questions were asked I kept sticking my hand up. I worked at a company that ran two hospitals and a medical school for years. I worked for a major medical device manufacturer for years. I have a close relative that is CEO of a hospital. I've been treated at the medical center that was among the defendants.I think the kicker was when one of the lawyers asked if the fact that one of the doctors among the defendants had also graduated from MIT would influence my ability to be objective. I maintained throughout the entire questioning process that none of these things would keep me from being objective. When the questioning of our group of 12 was finished all 40 of us left the courtroom for a break while the lawyers and the judge decided which of us would be seated. One of the women yet to be questioned looked at me and announced You're going home early! She was right I was excused.There are things in my history that could be taken as likely to bias me either towards the defendants or towards the plantiffs (the parents of a small child who had died). I thought that was all a wash. I'm thinking I was rejected because they want you to judge the facts based purely on what you hear in the courtroom, and my background means that my judgement would likely be affected by my understanding of how hospitals and doctors work as well.When I told people at work that I was going for jury duty, people started to give me advice on how to get out of it. I wasn't interested. It seems to me that the justice system is not going to work right if people seek to avoid doing their duty towards it. If you're going to complain about how the judicial system works don't try to get out of being involved when the State tells you it's your turn in the barrel. I showed up on time, answered every question I was asked truthfully and repeatedly told them that I could be objective. Maybe in a trial that had nothing to do with medical malpractice I'd have been seated.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 08:04 by Mika @ : vlJNxtCFOPh
I wrote on Norm Stamper and Samuel Walker's take on Driving While Female . I think I'm going to work more on that and then I wandered off to adsrdes the latest attack on the police commission and whether or not it's related to rumors coming out that police personnel are being misused.The Filthy Five as a group of four women and one man have been called online by workers for one councilman's political campaign will be meeting for a group photo! We all know each other anyway. I wonder and have asked why it's women who are often targeted for this type of attack. Women who speak out certainly are vulnerable in having comments written about breasts, bras undergarments (which I guess is all inclusive of bras and underwear) and other things.I can't wait until the stupid election is over.  

1 May 2016 @ 22:50 by Rosalinda @ : wwJxOCAYAuwqGVEe
p.s. sono d’accordo con te riguardo le prospettive editoriali per quel genere di narrativa che non è considerata best seller, con un suo pubblico un po’ “di nicchia”, ma la allargherei a tutte le pubblicazioni che soffrono dei problemi di distribuzione che da una parte dovrebbe essere capillare per raggiungere tutto il suo pubblico, data;#8217&lllra se così fosse avrebbe una % di materiale restituito altissima … non solo libri ma anche periodici, quotidiani, fanzines, chi pù ne ha più ne metta  

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