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 Organizational Development2003-01-30 23:47
by Flemming Funch

Jon Husband suggested that Organizational Development would be a field where Ming the Mechanic might fit in well. And I think that's a good hint. I've always felt comfortable amongst OD people, but I didn't particularly imagine I could be one. Either I thought it would just be about staff training, or I figured I didn't have the right degree, or the right direct work experience to point to. But, indeed, both my interests, and my varied experience in different fields do sort of indicate I might have some potential for a role in helping organizations through change. Being a consultant would be what I'd be interested in, not working for some company's Human Resource department, which I'd have no interest in. I think I need to study up a bit on what it would involve.

Here are some links: Organizational Development Institute, Organizational Development Network, ODportal, Action Science.

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