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France 'no longer ally'

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 France 'no longer ally'2003-02-05 22:44
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U.S. foreign policy is becoming more and more like a Monty Python show. UPI reports that Richard Perle, the chairman of the Pentagon's Policy Advisory Board is condemning French and German policy on Iraq in the strongest terms. He thinks that France's attititude is particularly dangerous and serious.
"France is no longer the ally it once was... " and he says the U.S. "must develop a strategy to contain our erstwhile ally or we will not be talking about a NATO alliance." and how about this one "I have long thought that there were forces in France intent on reducing the American role in the world."
No kidding!?! It is time to send in the bombers. Those Frenchies are too damned independent. Wanting their own language and foreign policy, sheesh, they're just a bunch of revolutionaries. Let's just freeze them out.

And those Germans:
"But in the German case, the behavior of the Chancellor is idiosyncratic. He tried again to incite pacifism, and this time failed in Sunday's elections in Hesse and Lower Saxony. His capacity to do damage is now constrained. Chancellor Schroeder is now in a box, and the Germans will recover their equilibrium."
INCITING PACIFISM!?! Yeah, I can see - that's very serious. Maybe it is time to bomb Dresden again, so they can forget about silly notions like that.

Sarcasm aside, it is looking pretty grim if that is official policy. ... Maybe what is going on is that this is now the Internet world, so we actually hear what people like that are talking about, instead of it just being something they would talk quietly about behind closed doors, and then the CIA would sneak out and assasinate somebody and fund some new dictators that were easier to control.

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6 Feb 2003 @ 01:58 by jstarrs : Me?
I'm now an official Rooting Out Evil Weapons inspector. Anyone else?
(sorry it's not in american - the site is ):
L'administration de Bush a retenu 4 critères pour désigner les pays
> dangereux :
> 1) avoir des stocks massifs d'armes chimiques, biologiques et nucléaires
> 2) ignorer les résolutions des Nations Unies
> 3) refuser de signer et d'honorer les traités internationaux ;
> 4) être parvenu au pouvoir par des moyens illégitimes
> Les États-Unis répondant à ces 4 critères, une inspection de leurs
> équipements s'impose ! Elle aura lieu en février 2003 : les inspecteurs
> du mouvement "Routing Out Evil" vont se présenter à la frontière
> américaine et vont demander à effectuer leur travail.
> Leur pétition, à déjà réuni 14070 signatures de par le monde,
> aujourd'hui 29 janvier.

6 Feb 2003 @ 03:21 by ming : French
Ah, my French must be improving already, as I read that without any trouble.  

6 Feb 2003 @ 03:25 by shawa : This...
...gets more crazy by the day!  

6 Feb 2003 @ 03:28 by ashanti : Inciting pacifism....
I also did a double take at that. What, Peace is now a crime? The USA is right there now: War is peace, and peace is war. Utterly bizarre. But you'all don't love Big Brother yet.......  

6 Feb 2003 @ 15:51 by sharie : Objection!
Please do not refer to their insanity as "American" or "the U.S.A" because you know that most of us Americans do want peace, and do not want anyone murdered, let alone entire countries slaughtered. It's interesting that none of you who posted here are born American, and yet you all seem to think *the Americans* all want war. Please be more specific. Our elections were stolen, our Judges were bought, our Congressmen and Senators apparently too. But the people of America want peace. I no longer even own a vehicle, I no longer buy gasoline, in order to speak for peace.

At least some of you are buying oil - encouraging these madmen - to invade a poor country for their oil. The consequences - economically and socially - could very well become global if you would care to see what can happen when madmen own the resources that run the planet.

They are insane. And they are going to devastate millions of lives.

I think they have been institutionalized to believe that there is little time left for the planet and for the population, so they are out to destroy as many people as they can without destroying themselves. I think they are operating under faulty theories and are misguided. It is very sad for everyone.  

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