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 BuzzPhraser2003-02-09 17:31
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by Flemming Funch

Doc Searls invented BuzzPhraser, the TechnoLatin phrase generator. It is great for coming up with impressively sounding buzz phrases to use in your next business plan. I bet investment funds are readily available for the..
Inherently Bridging Exclusive Quality Proposition Channel
particularly when it comes with the..
Upwardly Configured Interactive Paradigm Empowerment Option
but of course, first you need to make the..
Operationally Value-Added Movement Differentiation Decision

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1 comment

10 Feb 2003 @ 13:19 by sharie : A Business Plan
I've wrote my first business plan a couple years ago, and in the process I learned that a lot of the data was just to show that I could be organized enough to imagine, project, and basically make things up (numbers, forecasts, etc.). That's what a business plan is: Here's my plan (then a bunch of stuff you make up)

It all seemed rather preposterous but I could see that the bankers just wanted to be impressed. And then I'd get lots of money. Thanks for yet more evidence of how plastic it all is.  

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