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Powell's Evidence Refuted

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 Powell's Evidence Refuted2003-02-10 23:59
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by Flemming Funch

Informative article at ZNet, doing a good job of analyzing the facts in relation to Colin Powell's U.N. presentation the other day.
Only two days after Colin Powell made his presentation to the U.N. Security Council, the evidence he provided is unraveling. Through interviews with experts, intelligence sources, and an examination of the physical evidence, reporters are piecing together facts that refute all of his major claims.
In brief, most of it is really old, and the grainy spy pictures are of sites that U.N. inspectors already have gone over recently without finding anything.

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1 comment

11 Feb 2003 @ 20:29 by maxtobin : We can claim anything!!
Hey we have news reports here in NZ that say most of the "evidence" has been extracted from a thesis prepared by an American student with a middle eastern surname. The pictures may well have been created in the same lab that the first moon landing was filmed in (Hee Hee). But really the whole farce is surely being seen for what it is by now is it not? A Moslem nation with a corrupt leader is no worse than a Christian one with the same problem.  

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