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The Proof

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 The Proof2003-02-13 23:59
by Flemming Funch

Question: "What proof do you have that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction?"

Colin Powell: "We kept the receipts."
That is a joke. But not all that much of a joke once you consider that the United States and Great Britain sold lots and lots of atomic, chemical and biological weapons material to Iraq, including rockets to deliver it with. See a list here of the companies involved.

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3 Mar 2003 @ 13:55 by magical_melody : Haaa!!Hahahaha!
Another good one Flemming!! Supposed enemies, RIGHT! It's a tragedy and comedy hour with all the props and characters in place playing out all of our funny roles. If anyone really did their homework and investigated the relationships between countries and certain people, they would come to see that there are staged relationships and story lines being presented with specific agendas. Isn't it yet time for the facades to fall away? If we look at the obvious and use our common sense, it doesn't take reading between the lines anymore. It's all 'out there' now!! So many people in the world, do not want to see or know the hard truths.

Yet, many of us are being forced to confront the pain in our own lives, in ways and through our own unique processes. The time has come for all of us to embrace difficult experiences and communication issues, so that we can step into increasing levels of honesty and integral relationships with one another. There is so much hunger and neediness in the world emotionally and physically! and yet the addictive behaviors and attitudes linger on...as measures of control. As more of us are willing and able to shift our own states of being internally, I feel that the state of national affairs will equally shift in kind, and come to be reflected throughout all external communications!!

Sometimes a weaning process is necessary in order for people to clean their palate for nourishing and essential food/information. How about a national day of fasting for peace!!  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:57 by Wednesday @ : uXAqedqNpfWLjfcTiwsY
Ich habe leider gar kein TV Aber selbst unsere Lokalzeitung (Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten) hat heute morgen umfangreich über das Programm und vor allem über alle Eckdaten zu Steuern und Solegzbiiträaen berichtet. So gehe ich mal davon aus, dass die überregionalen Zeitungen von F.A.Z. bis taz ebenfalls sehr umfangreich berichten werden.  

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