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 Live from the Blogosphere2003-02-15 23:59
picture by Flemming Funch

Nice event this evening in L.A. Chinatown. Actually the first face-to-face blogging event I've been to, now I think of it. Nice to shake Doc Searls' hand, and nice that he knew who I was and everything, him being pretty much the BlogFather. Xeni Jardin was the MC. Susannah Breslin of Reverse Cowgirl fame was the main motor behind this event happening in the first place. Her blog is an always entertaining read about porn and stuff. Mark Frauenfelder was there. The BoingBoing blog he created is, as it says, a directory of wonderful things, and before it was a blog it was a zine, and Mark was also involved with Wired. Evan Williams is the creator of Blogger, the most famous and used blogging program, with more than a million users, supposedly. He announced that his company Pyra Labs has just been bought by Google. And he demonstrated audioblogging by having an accomplice hold up his cellphone, which recorded what was being said and automatically posted it in a blog. Heather Havrilesky writes Rabbit Blog and is a journalist. Tony Pierce writes busblog and is a really funny 'normal' guy. Afterwards we hung out at Hop Louie's Pagoda. I met Allan Karl whom I just met virtually yesterday in Joi Ito's conference call. I talked for a while with Skip of eardrumbuzz who's doing very cool things with video sharing in his apartment building. All around a very pleasant evening. Except for that the pictures I took didn't turn out very well.

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