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The war explainifyed

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 The war explainifyed2003-02-20 23:59
by Flemming Funch

From DemocracyMeansYou via Synergy Earth News

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22 Feb 2003 @ 03:45 by shawa : Copied that one!
Make it circulate in Spain!...  

23 Feb 2003 @ 23:22 by unity1 : needed a laugh
well done  

20 Dec 2014 @ 02:21 by Suzanne @ : FHvBiTctRrIiZfXonm
I work in an auto repair shop and I get asked this type of qtesuion all the time. I just go through the following check list with them to help them decide.Is all the maintenance caught up on your Honda? Timing belt, water pump, all your flushes, etc. If not, how much will that be to get it all caught up?What other problems does your car have besides the transmission? Are they little problems you can live with? i.e, do you have any little rattles or simple things like a window crank is broken or something.Can you afford car payments for something different? See what you can afford and look around for vehicles in that price range. They may or may not be much better than what you already have. A lot of our customers just go ahead and fix what they have. They would rather put $ 2000 into something that they know rather than spend 3-5000 (or more) buying someone else's headaches.  

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