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Sympathy for the Devil

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 Sympathy for the Devil2003-02-28 23:59
by Flemming Funch

John Perry Barlow has an interesting perspective on Dick Cheney (U.S. Vice President) and what he might be up to. John knows him personally and considers him one of the most intelligent people he has ever met, even if he doesn't agree with him. Well, John is one of the most intelligent people I've ever met, so that can't be overlooked. He thinks that Cheney is quite likely the brains behind the Bush strategy, and that he actually has thought the plan through in great detail.
"[T]hey are trying to convince every other nation on the planet that the United States is the Mother of All Rogue States, run by mad thugs in possession of 15,000 nuclear warheads they are willing to use and spending, as they already are, more on death-making capacity than all the other countries on the planet combined. In other words, they want the rest of the world to think that we are the ultimate weaving driver. Not to be trusted, but certainly not to be messed with either.

By these terrible means, they will create a world where war conducted by any country but the United States will seem simply too risky and the Great American Peace will begin. Unregulated Global Corporatism will be the only permissible ideology, every human will have access to McDonald's and the Home Shopping Network, all 'news' will come through some variant of AOLTimeWarnerCNN, the Internet will be run by Microsoft, and so it will remain for a long time. Peace. On Prozac."
A horrible thought. But he might be right, that they're merely bluffing. We'll know soon enough.

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1 Mar 2003 @ 04:36 by shawa : Might just work.
Perish the thought.  

1 Mar 2003 @ 06:52 by catana : A big bluff?
I suggested the possibility of a massive, ground-pawing bluff several weeks ago, to a friend. She didn't think it was likely, but it's the only rationale for believing that these people might not be quite as crazy and oblivious as they seem. Of course, if Barlow is correct about the *reason* for the bluff, then they *are* crazy.


1 Mar 2003 @ 13:40 by ming : Crazy
I think that, either way, they're crazy. But I suppose I'd prefer that they had a plan of deliberately acting crazy, compared with that they actually think it would be a good idea to use nuclear and chemical weapons to subdue any country that is accused of considering such things themselves.  

1 Mar 2003 @ 13:56 by sharie : Cheney's past three decades of slaughter
speaks volumes about what his intentions are. He was Secretary of Defense under/over Bush Sr. (remember the depleted uranium used on UN soldiers and the Iraqi people? Remember the $30 million he pocketed from the Gulf War slaughters?

Bush Jr. and Cheney stole public funds after appointing themselves our leaders, they gave Ben Laden (I make his name socially-acceptable) $40 million and then blamed him for the World Trade Center attacks (who really master-minded the murdering?) and then they appointed Kissinger (known for his pathological superiority complex and his mass murders) to the 9/11 task force, only to declared an ENDLESS war... they've made their intentions clear.

They're crazy because they believe the *theories* about economics and science that the Harvard and Yale *experts* have been touting as truth, which leads them to believe mass murder is the only solution to a world crumbling under the population explosion, food shortages, global warming, and technological capabilities in weaponry.

The madmen have been misled. There's another solution.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 21:43 by Amanda @ : JiFgQXLCTFk
I agree with Patricia. I am appalled that all the major piaerts are proposing to deny religious groups the freedom to act in accordance with their consciences.Everyone keeps going on about No place for discrimination as if the only type of discrimination at issue here is the discrimination against homosexuals. But equally serious or arguably more serious is the fact that all three major monotheistic faiths will be discriminated against by this badly-construxcted legislation.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 12:31 by Alex @ : LdywzSerNFasLUQJqWx
Can I firstly say that I have no poilitcal opinion on the liberals or any other party, but I do feel that Sir Ming has shown himself to have been a decent man not given a fair chance in politics simply because of his age. Sir Ming appeared to embody the epitomy of a man intent on public service, a quality not noted amongst too many other MPs. I think it was completely shameful that he could not voice an opinion about anything without his age being brought into the debate how can mp's and the media have behaved so shamefully?! I think that we would have been suitably outraged if an MPs race or gender was derided every time they stood to speak in the commons, but for some reason, age is regarded as fair game. This is a sad state of affairs in 2007.  

1 May 2016 @ 22:51 by Makendra @ : khWBJxwnfhGzYsWc
Have you ever been THAT into worship that you forgot you were THAT into worship? You stop playing your guitar, open your eyes and realize that the entire coagergntion is looking at you?All glory to Him…  

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