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Disconnectedness defines danger

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 Disconnectedness defines danger2003-03-06 23:59
by Flemming Funch

John Robb mentions an article "The Pentagon's New Map" by Thomas Barnett, a military strategist from the U.S. Naval War College. It purportedly explains "why we're going to war, and why we'll keep going to war". But what is interesting about it is that it is based on a fairly lucid analysis of how it is *disconnection* that gives birth to the dangers of terrorism and rogue states, etc. Which I fully agree with. It is the fact that some nations and some groups of people are disconnected from the rest of us, that is likely to lead to them feeling disadvantaged and resentful, to the degree that they're likely to strike back. If we were all intertwined in a unified globalized structure, in terms of economics, communication, technology, democracy, etc., there would be no basis for war. So that would be the target.

So far so good. But to a hammer everything is a nail. To Mr. Barnett, being a military strategist, the means of getting there is by going to war. That begins to sound rather insane. Achieve a unified, open, prosperous, global democracy by going to war against anybody who isn't going along with the globalization thing. But I wouldn't be too surprised if that is actually the strategy the people who're running Bush are pursuing. Bomb any country that doesn't have McDonalds franchises. It has hardly anything to do with whether those countries are a military threat to the United States. It has all to do with whether they're willing to play by our rules or not. Which involves giving multi-national corporations free reign, and refraining from acting as an independent state. There's a certain twisted logic there.

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7 Mar 2003 @ 01:53 by maxtobin : very twisted logic ideed
We pray that sanity may strike where least expected!! Just like the hammer!!
Stay away from MacDonalds or would that be the safest place?? Good luck with the impeachment process or will that have to wait until after the crazed dance in the sand pit?  

7 Mar 2003 @ 08:32 by dcaark : Why can't we make progress?
Ming, I basically agree with your conclusions here, but I have a sincere question. I have worked for twenty + years on developing a concept that would give us the opportunity to ("If we were all intertwined in a unified globalized structure, in terms of economics, communication, technology, democracy, etc., there would be no basis for war. So that would be the target") work together to create just such a globalized structure. I have had very little success in attracting participants in a ongoing dialog relative to this type concept and I am not sure what to do next other that just keep trying. You have had great success creating this Internet community and I would appreciate any suggestions you could pass along that might help attract people to this concept for an exchange of ideas.  

7 Mar 2003 @ 10:16 by ming : Making Progress
Well, let's talk more David. I think part of it is a balance between surfing the waves of what people want and like, while remaining steadfast in what you're bringing into the world. I've had many failures, where things didn't come together the way I expected. Expectations and assumptions about HOW it will have to come together are often not useful. I might know sort of WHAT has to materialize, but I would probably have to admit I don't know HOW and I don't know what it will look like, and I don't know WHO will do it.  

7 Mar 2003 @ 18:25 by dcaark : I hope we can.
Thanks Ming, I have be doing a great deal of surfing the waves and I have been pretty stedfast in this effort for twenty years. There have been many recognized failures along the way with adjustments to attempt to correct those failures.

I believe my present problems stem primarily from a failure to fully define the concept in a brief and exciting manner. THE ARK concept contains most aspects that most people in this membership (and others) seem to be searching for. Personal financial security for all, a more balanced economy that can easily include all people, the opportunity to correct many of our present problems by building communities and neutralizing the wealth and power now held by the big capitalist corporations and the opportunity to replace the political schemes and corruptions that are now so prevalent.

In four years of trying to find and interest people through the internet, I have only been able to involve the active participation and dialog from a handful of people. This concept could so easily come to life and thrive through the efforts of probably as few as two or three dozen people. I am not sure what to do next except just keep on trying everything I can to attract the right people. I will be sixty years old in three months and I don't have the energy or the creative skills I had twenty years ago. I keep hoping that I will find someone who does and can understand the deeper aspects of this concept and add some of their own ideas to help it take life. I am 100 percent confident that some day this concept will become a reality, maybe after I am out of the way, because I haven't seen anything else that comes close to matching its' potential for curing the world problems.

I have documented a great deal of material that hopefully will be helful to anyone who decides now or later to take up this effort. I will be happy to share any and all of that material with anyone who has the heart and desire to carry on. Thanks for your considerate response and all that you have done and are continuing to do to help us find one another in our search for potential ways to create a new and better civilization.  

8 Mar 2003 @ 13:19 by ming : The ARK
Yeah, I think the matter of defining it in a brief and exciting manner is essential. It has to be both clear and compelling to really move. People nowadays are so busy, so embroiled in their own stuff, that few people have the energy to do an extensive study of what something is, unless they've already made up their mind.  

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