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 ebay scams2003-03-12 16:38
by Flemming Funch

I almost fell for a Romanian scam on ebay. I could kind of use a recent Apple Powerbook, and my budget doesn't add up to buying a new one right now, so I was watching for good auction deals on ebay. And, unlike the rest of my family, I don't really shop on ebay much, so I'm not particularly a pro. A bunch of things weren't quite adding up, but I had for some reason decided to ignore it, until my wife looked at it and said it didn't look right. I didn't win the auction, but supposedly the winner had backed out and the seller was willing to sell it to me for several hundred less. I was just about to hit the button on a Western Union money transfer. I think what made me almost overlook the danger signals was that it was a person who wrote bad English, so it all sounded a bit fuzzy and ambiguous, and I guess I felt sorry for him. The ebay seller had a great rating and lots of positive feedback from previous customers. But the account was registered in Canada, and the item seemed to be in Spain. It was a very nice ad, which couldn't possibly have been written by the person I communicated with. But I would be safe because I'd not give him the control number for the Western Union transfer before after I've received the item and inspected it. Well, that's the way Western Union *should* work, but it doesn't. You can pick up money without any control number. When confronted with the inconsistencies in the whole story, the person at the other end wrote about problems with their account being hacked, so they're really sorry it doesn't add up, but hopefully it would be resolved soon, and really, in Spain Western Union was different, etc. And a couple of e-mails later, he was suddenly suggesting that I'd send the money to his poor cousin in Romania, as then I could send it password protected, which would make it really secure. Yeah, sure, I knew by then of course that there was really no computer. Apparently what happened was that a legitimate eBay user's account was hacked. Or, rather, there was a scam, of sending people fake e-mails, appearing to be from ebay, which tricked people into giving out their password. So, the scammer posted a couple of fake auctions in the account, until the legitimate user managed to get their account back. I exchanged some e-mails with that person too. It is a bit embarrassing that I almost fell for it, but at least that can serve as a warning for others. A bit of research on the web also showed me plenty of Romanian ebay scams, involving suggestions of such 'secure' western union payments, and plenty of suckers who fell for them.

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24 May 2003 @ 17:35 by Barry @ : ebay fraud
I recently bid on a Harley on ebay and it just about cost me $9500. The guy agreed to sell me the bike and ship it for free for 9500 even though the bidding was at $14,000. I questioned the guy who claimed he wanted a quick sale with no hassles. Yea right! I brought this to ebay's attention and while they pulled the add I rec'd no further communication. I have since rec'd three emails from the same scam artist trying to sell different bikes. I again informed ebay and the response shocked me. They suggested I use caution on ebay transactions. They pointed out another trade of mine that appeared fraudulent but the add is still current. Ebay is obviously aware of fraudulent items but does nothing to protect their legitamate ebay family. ASSHOLES!!!!  

2 Jun 2003 @ 09:43 by Christine @ : OMG I almost fell for this
Thank you so much for posting this story, I almost fell for this exact scam. I've used Ebay a couple times with great experiences. So I feel really bad, that I was almost taken here.  

5 Jun 2003 @ 07:04 by kellett @ : eBay Fraud
I have found over twenty of these in eBay laptop Dept. watch out for Buy Now sales. They say they are from the U.S. but when you ask the seller a question they are in SPain Italy Romania or Germany. and have seller histories inconsistant with the Hi tech items they are offering.
You can't check on their ID until you are actually involved in a transaction with them by eBay rules.
Newbies will be burned. eBay lets more on every day.  

28 Jun 2003 @ 09:25 by TIm @ : Ebay Fraud
There are a group of guys running a scam currently, They are watching things you bid on then emailing you saying they have that exact same item for some amazing price, Yet they know absoloutly nothing about what they are selling. Matter of fact just today I had a guy email me from London with this great offer on a Yamaha R1 motorcycle. He shaw I had bid on one and contacted me via email, said he would sell his 2002 model for $4500 dollars. Sounds Great all the other ones are going for around $8000. I asked him to send pics of the bike because I immediatly thought it was a scam. Sure enough he sends pics of a 1999 model. He assumed I didn't know the difference.Also he wanted me to send him $2000 right away. Just watch out for these types!!! And remeber the old saying if it sounds to good to be true, It probably is!!! Just my 2 cents  

16 Jul 2003 @ 01:39 by Brian @ : EBay faud (with escrow !)
In addition to being offered 7 seperate "identical" BMW R1150GS motorbikes since bidding on one on EBAY UK last week, the romanian scam "artists" have now added another weapon to their arsenal, three of them offered me "Escrow" to protect my investment. Unfortunately (for them) I chekced out the escrow they offered (www.escrow-line.com). I registered as the "queen" with address "the big house, Pall Mall etc. etc." just to see what happened. It all looked very legitimate until after creating a transaction, I received an email asking me to pay for my "Escrow" by forwarding a Western Union money order to an address in Romania...... Check out escrow-line.com, it looks very convincing at first glance !  

21 Jul 2003 @ 12:01 by heather @ : phone calls from ebay inc asking-
ok later today i got this call from private name and number ok and it was a he and had a really weird accent and asked me if my step mom was here because he was calling to find out were to send a home buisness kit from ebay ok but instead he kept asking me questions like how old am i he told me i had a pretty voice then he asked what are my hobbys and what my plans are for the future and then what i look like by then i felt very uncomfortable so i asked him why do you need to know this and thats when he said i had a pretty voice then i was freaked out the what i looked like and i hung up and was schacky and nervouse because theres alot of freaks out there and i'm scared so i looked in the phone book and dial a code to block him from calling again then traced but i don't want to call the telephone company so i'm e-mailing you this guy before i hung up asked me if i was shy and if i was scared!!!!!!!!! please figure out if ebay has telemarketers that sell home buisness kits please this isn't ajoke or any one i knew.................i'm only 17 yrs old
write back and find out asap.

23 Jul 2003 @ 06:35 by nathan elliott @ : ebay scam
I almost fell for this scam, i contacted escrow-line and inquired about the seller this was their response:

Dear nathanelliott1,

We know that "jkrumcher" is a good seller and the bike is good, not stolen, he sole over 5 bikes and 8 plasma screens with us , all transactions completed.
After you send payment to us we will authorise him to ship to you and you will receive the bike in 4 days and than will start the 10 days inspection period and if you accept it you must e-mail us and confirm all is ok and we will pay the seller.
If you don`t agree with the bike you must e-mail us at the end of the 10 days inspection period and tell us "i refuse the item" , than we will pay you back by Western Union in maximum 6 hours the full amount 4200 USD and you will ship the bike back by seller cost in maximum 48 hours.

We already sent you the payment form to our Romanian department, because the seller "jkrumcher" is in Romania now and will be here for more than 2 month.
Please keep us updated with your payment steps.

Thanks for choosing us!



Your questions:

please can you help. I have been contacted by someone online. I have very few details of who this person is but they are selling a motorcycle. I am very interested in purchasing from him. he wishes to use your company. Due to the value of the merchandise  

30 Jul 2003 @ 21:54 by Jamie @ : Apple Powerbook
What is with all these spain accounts? I have been almost tricked by them aswell. The WU thing is horrible.  

9 Aug 2003 @ 16:12 by ryan @ : scam
I was scammed by buying a computer from someone in Berlin Germany. Username daisybiff. Name was Mike Hans. Email was mikeml777@yahoo.com. Any info. let me know. He got me over 1,000dollars. I am an expert now.  

24 Aug 2003 @ 16:33 by Mark @ : Harley Davidson Scams.
Its nice to know in a sorry sort of way that there are other ppl out here noticing the scams on eBay. I have had several go arounds, just for sport I do engage, and at this point when you complain to eBay they only send you the typical form letter when responding to them. So I am sure you have seen them. They go like this: Must have bid approval before bidding or exercising the buy it now. Bikes ususally listed are way underpriced. Anyone ever hear of purchasing a 2003 two tone silver and black Ultra Classic with 450 miles for $9,800.00? HA! Any way when you ask to bid or buy the seller sends you an email that kinda has this format: Is from Europe or oversea's somewhere, has had bad experiences for past bidders, either has a family member needing a major organ transplant and needs the money to help, wants to buy a car, etc., they want Western Union, usually in 2 payments, will even suggest using a different receiver name till you get the bike (as if your gonna get the bike?) Upon the funds clearing they will ship the bike FedEx 3 day to your door for free, and if your not happy they will refund you the money. GOing on, I have tested some of them, amazing to what point they will go to convince you they are legit. Like the one that actually told me he was the legit seller and contacted the real seller I mentioned to him including the legit item listing (both bikes were on eBay at the same time right down to the NY inspection sticker on the front fork and the custom seat), saying he contacted him and told him he was a scam artist. Jeeze!~ Well it is nice to vent, regrefully I do not see an end to this on eBay, do you, let me know. Mark  

5 Sep 2003 @ 07:08 by Fred @ : More Harley Scams
Ebay obviously does not care. There are at least 6 bogus ads running now, all very easy to pick out, grossly underpriced, buy it now option, and bid pre approval required. THe set up is as Mark describes. They usually have English/American sounding names [i.e. Armstrong, Cook, Lafferty}, but English is obviously not their first language, but it is excellent in the ad.  

5 Sep 2003 @ 11:06 by RJ @ : Harley Scams
I'm seeing the Harley scam in action. Luckily I didn't take any monetary action, but the broken English, western union related emails are funny. eBay better move on this garbage or they'll loose some serious business. Don't mess with a Harley dude!.  

8 Sep 2003 @ 21:56 by Lisa Larsen @ : eBay Scams
I am an ebay employee and I will tell everyone out there to never buy anything from someone who offers it to sell it to you directly through them, not through ebay. Items bought directly from the seller cannot be traced and you're pretty much doomed.

There are many tips on how to protect yourself with any Internet transaction on ebay's help page located at:


Always check the sellers feedback. If they have low feedback (less than 100), don't buy high priced items from them. If they have high feedback, but they have been mostly been selling low priced items, don't buy any high priced items from them, as most likely their account has been hacked.

Also, never buy anything that does not show a "real" picture in the listing. By this, I mean a picture that did not come from the internet or an advertisement. Unless they show a real-life picture of the item, don't buy the item.

If anybody needs any more tips on bidding safely on ebay, e-mail me at bambino_@yahoo.com. Or if you're wanting to buy something but aren't sure if it's legitimate or not, e-mail me and I'll check it out for you and let you know.

It's unfortunate that so many bad people have figured out how to scam innocent bidders on ebay. We're doing our best to keep ebay safe. Just be careful and protect your hard-earned money!  

10 Sep 2003 @ 08:09 by Girl-Matrix @ : Is Lisa Kiddin'?
the response above proves everyones point...
either that is someone posing as an E-Bay representive (and sounded just like they do)
or that is an "actual" employee (funny they have a yahoo e-mail..but anyway..) and see how they don't listen...

I am an ebay employee and I will tell everyone out there to never buy anything from someone who offers it to sell it to you directly through them, not through ebay. Items bought directly from the seller cannot be traced and you're pretty much doomed.

HELLO... these items ARE LISTED on E-bay... what recourse do we have when E-bay won't even acknowlegde this!

Just ticked because just happened to me: didn't act on it though.

I just feel bad for the people who have had their e-mail/accounts hacked and the legit business's that are used as fronts...who now have bad names bcz of the low-lives.  

13 Sep 2003 @ 18:21 by Jay Brenner @ : Bike Scams from spain
I been looking to buy a R1 or R6 yamaha motorcycle for a while now. Recently I looked at the site cycletrader.com. I found some incredible deals on bikes but the people all seem to be in spain or the bikes in spain. The deals just seem to good to be true. The people seem to write me emails that make it sound like they don't speak very good english. I was wondering if anybody knows if the guys are scams or what. They seem ligit like they will use escrow companys which seem very safe are they? please help I just don't want to get scammed.  

15 Sep 2003 @ 06:37 by SNICKERS @ : EBAY / WESTERN UION SCAM

16 Sep 2003 @ 06:05 by SNICKERS @ : SCAMS

17 Sep 2003 @ 12:17 by Stan the Man @ : Romanian Scams
I checked into a 2000 Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa, priced at $3300, on Cycletrader.Com. The number on the ad had been disconnected, but there was an e-mail link. When I e-mailed, the seller responded that he still had the bike. The ad was for Shawnee, Kansas, but the guy gave me an international #? So I called the operator and she said it was from Romania. ? Through several correspondences, the seller told me he formerly resided in Kansas, but that he was in Romania on business, for at least 3 months, and that's where the bike was too. He also replied in a dialect worthy of a peasant, but his ad was articulate as if it had been written by a college professor. Out of amusement, I told him that I would not send payment via Western Union but instead, upon receipt of the motorcycle, would wire the money. Curiously enough, he has not replied to this last e-mail. If it sounds too good to be true.....  

17 Sep 2003 @ 12:20 by Stan the Man @ : Romanian Scams
I also alerted cycletrader via e-mail, and if anyone is curious or just wants to have a little fun, the persons e-mail was hollyest@yahoo.com. Don't tell him it's a scam...he'll get offended. If you want more details from myself, my e-mail is Stangin1@aol.com.  

23 Sep 2003 @ 08:53 by Jeff @ : Check this Scam Out
Here's one I hadn't heard about yet! I have my snowmobile listed for sale on a couple free sites, so some guy emails me wanting to purchase it. Didn't ask any questions, just said he would take it. Said his shipping agent would pick it up at my door, and send it to the UK. Sounded kinda funny to me, so I started asking questions. He emails me back saying he would be sending me back a check made out to me by one of his "Clients" for the amount of $7500. I am only asking $2500 for the sled! He tells me that I will need to take the additional amount and wire it via Western Union to the shipping agent. YEA RIGHT! I emailed him back and told him he was a scammer, still waiting for my response!  

23 Sep 2003 @ 20:25 by McField Bahk @ : Ebay R6 R1 scam
If anyone has ever recieved and E-mail stating that a person has a R6 or R1 for a cheap price save yourself the trouble and delete it. ITS A SCAM. No dumbass in their right mind would sell an R6 or R1 for that low of a price. These dumbasses should have the S*** smacked out of them.  

24 Sep 2003 @ 19:27 by woz @ : I found a scammer
for obvious reasons i wish to be anonymous
please read this email i sent to ebay



30 Sep 2003 @ 18:27 by Jim S. @ : Scam on plasma TV from SPAIN
I've beening looking for evidence this was a legit ebay sale, but it was too good to be true. After reading everyone here, there is no way I'll touch this. Get a load of these comments from the seller.
"This item its a brand new one,sealed in its original box and have a certificate for one year world warranty.This item its purchased from an auction organized by the custom here in Madrid,Spain-it is confiscated from the people who try to introduce them in the country without paying the taxes ,but don't worry its perfectly legal and I have all the papers.Package contains all the accessories that you need.Final price is $2200 USD.

I will pay for the shipping and insurance taxes via UPS express box.SHIPPMENT-will be made by UPS air from Spain.

I accept wire transfer.You can make the transfer right now to be sure that you are good buyer. Please go to Western Union office an make a wire transfer to your wife name or to your partener or any name you want (you will be safe nobody can receive the founds)but only my address. If you agree with my terms or you have any other questions please don't hesitate to mail them to me so that i can clarify them.

If you decide to buy my item when you make the transfer please tell to western union that the money is for a friend because if i receive the money for an auction i must pay aditional taxes in my country."

The more questions I ask the more vague he gets...
This just isn't right............  

1 Oct 2003 @ 19:33 by Ginger @ : Scam on 2003 Polaris 700 ATV
Oh good greif, at least the e-mails I have read so far are from people who did not end up scamed like we just did. Someone in Germany has 3500.00 of our hard earned dollars. We were first time buyers on E-bay and thought we were following the steps we needed (besides being suckered in by the "good deal"). We checked the buyers history, I went onto E-bay live chat to ask how people usually get payment for E-bay items and was told severals ways, including WIRE TRANSFER (WITH NO WARNING, MIND YOU). Now I will be the first to say there were red flags and in our zeal to get a good deal and our ignorance (sp?) of the on line shopping safeguards we ignored them. I tell you the seller was very good. Anyway, we too were told that by sending the wire transfer in my name, it would protect the money until we received the ATV and then we could change the name on the wire to the buyers name. We wired the money on Friday afternoon. When we called Saturday to see if the money was still there, because we were being bothered (I think that's called our intuition)it still was so we were beginning to doubt our concerns. Especially because the seller had e-mailed after we notified him that the money was sent and asked for the MTCN number from the wire transfer so he could verify the funds. This was obviously a tactic used to cause us to feel safe long enough for him to get the money. On Sunday morning my husband called Western Union and finally got a person on the phone who immediately transferred him to the fraud department. They tried to stop the transaction but it was too late. Ugggg....Losing the money was really hard but the most difficult thing for us is that it is still going on right before our eyes and we cannot seem to get anyone to do anything about it. We can only watch and know that other's are losing money as well. I have always tended to be a chicken when it comes to internet anything so will likely not purchase anything online again. I just can hardly stand that there is nothing that seems to be able to be done about it!!!!! PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL. I do not consider myself stupid, but I do feel very embarrassed that it happened to us. BE CAREFUL.  

2 Oct 2003 @ 18:14 by mike @ : Ebay fraud in Madrid, Spain
This is the email that I got requesting Western Union transfer

Hello,I want to tell something about this item:

This item its a brand new one,sealed in its original box and have a certificate for three years world warranty.This item its purchased from an auction organized by the custom here in Madrid,Spain-it is confiscated from the people who try to introduce them in the country without paying the taxes ,but don't worry its perfectly legal and I have all the papers.Package contains all the accessories that you need.
Final price is $950 USD.

I will pay for the shipping and insurance taxes via UPS express
box.SHIPPMENT-will be made by UPS
air from Spain.

I accept wire transfer.You can make the transfer right now to be sure that you are good buyer.
Please go to Western Union office an make a wire transfer to your wife name or to your partener or
any name you want (you will be safe nobody can receive the founds)but only my address.

Here is my name and on my address full:

Brian Navier





After you make the payment you will give me the information that I need for I can call at WU and
ask a agent if you make a transfer and if you have the money for this.

If the agent told me you make the transfer and I know you have the founds to pay me I will go imediately at UPS and I will send the item to your name and address.

You will receive the item in max 2 working days and you'll have 2 choise

--a) or you change the name of your wife in my name for I can receive the money(this is free you don't need to pay any fees)

--b)or you send the item back in max 2 days(only if you don't like it)and I will pay all the fees of return

The info that I need to check the transfer at WU is:

the full name and address of the sender

the full name and address of the receiver( my address)

the MTCN(is the number that you will receive when you make the payment)

the total amount

Also I need your full name and address for I can make the shipping(I will pay for this and for insurance)

The price for one pieces is only 950$

Please e-mail me asap with your decision because I have more buyers who are interested to buy my item.

If you agree with my terms or you have any other questions please don't hesitate to mail them to me so that i can clarify them.

If you decide to buy my item when you make the payment please tell to western union that the money is for a friend because if i receive the money for an auction i must pay aditional taxes in my country.

Best regards!  

6 Oct 2003 @ 05:48 by Mark @ : Harley Scam
First of all wanted to thank everyone.

This is still going on. Right now there is a Harley for about half price and he (Gary) wants a Western Union draft which made me suspicious (the price did as well).

He even had ebay confirm that he was a solid good ebayer and I should not worry.

Again thanks!!!  

7 Oct 2003 @ 19:09 by Gia Gould @ : scam on 2003 Ski-Doo MXZ
I have the exact same story as Ginger (a few responses back 10/1/03). I've found stories that this has been going on in Ebay Motors as far back as last November. I think it's high time that EBAY is held accountable!!! Maybe if EBAY broadcasted these stories instead of sweeping everything under the carpet there wouldn't be so many victims!!!! We lost $3000 on 10/2/03.  

9 Oct 2003 @ 10:17 by Scott Stifler @ : Harley Scams
I could not pass up the opportunity to comment on the myriad of stories concerning the eBay Harley Davidson scam. Out of pure curiosity, I started to investigate this and found that there are more scams on eBay motors that you can shake a stick at. I took one case particularly seriously. I saw an ad for a custom softail that was absolutely gorgeous so I shot this guy an email and requested to be put on the approved buyers list. I promptly got an email (one day) from this guy stating that the bike would be shipped from Germany, shipping and all fees paid for. Sounds good right? Well, I started to f*&% with this guy a bit and asked him to confirm the price of the bike and send me some more photos of the bike. He sends me some photos that immediately made me sit up in my chair. He said that the final selling price would be 6,800.00. However, I had seen this bike before so I went back to eBay motors and and scanned through all of the bikes. Oh my god!! The guy actually sent me photos of another bike that was listed for 19,800.00 and was located in Kansas!! So, I questioned him on it and he said that his brother-in-law lived in Kansas and he was in Berlin for a few months. Then he proceeded to tell me that he was the real seller and that I should not pay attention to "those people". Unreal. Since then I have come across many of the same scammers that will only use WU and tell you how to do it securely by using another name. Watch your back!! I always thought eBay was a reputable place to do business but seems that's not the case. Hogs rule but not at the expense of being duped1 OUT!  

10 Oct 2003 @ 11:42 by Monte Miller @ : Yamaha Tyros Keyboard Scam on eBay
I was amazed to see the scams being described on these pages as being so prevalent on eBay. Mine is virtually the same story, but with a Yamaha Tyros keyboard and with almost comic overtones. The Tyros is the best arranger workstation on the market and sells for about $3,000 from reputable internet dealers or music stores. So when I saw one auction (purportedly out of the US) that had no bidders but a $1,200 Buy It Now price, and another auction (purportedly out of England) with no bidders and a $.01 initial bid, both for brand new keyboards, I was suspicious. These keyboards would easily sell new on eBay for $2,200-$2,600 and used for $1,600-$2,400. So the $1,200 Buy It Now price was ridiculously low and would have been eaten up in a second if the auctions were legitimate. I noticed that both of these auctions were "restricted," meaning that the seller had to "pre-approve" bidders. So I e-mailed the sellers and asked to be added to their bidder lists. What I got in return were e-mails that, when I read them, sounded exactly like the Russian mob would sound in a TV show -- really bad broken English. Of course the product descriptions were written by a pro in perfect English. Both explained how they were in Spain (sound familiar?) and had bought out the inventory of a defunct store. Of course they had been ripped off so many times on eBay (how can a seller be ripped off?) that they had to have me prove I was a viable buyer by pre-paying for the keyboard by wire (the old Western Union trick). I needed to send the $1,200 Buy It Now price, then I would be added to the bidder list, then I would click on Buy It Now, and then I would "win" the auction. Incredibly, I would receive the keyboard from Spain in four days and they would pay the shipping charges. The other seller simply told me he had a good offer, but if I made a better offer he would sell it to me. I told him I would pay $1,200, just to see how he responded. I immediately contacted eBay and by the next day both auctions had disappeared, along with any record of them having ever existed. When I told one of the sellers that I wanted to move ahead with the auction but that her auction had vanished, she told me the ludicrous story of how one eBayer had sent her so many e-mails that her mailbox got full so she had to cancel her own auction. Yeah, right. But if I wired her $1,200, she would repost the auction (thanks a lot!), then I could click Buy It Now and then I would "win" the auction. When I told the other seller that I wanted to bid on his auction, but that the auction no longer existed, he told me the equally ludicrous story that when I told him I wanted to buy the keyboard, he cancelled the auction just for me. I'm not exactly sure how he expected me to "win" the auction if there was no longer an auction to win. I feel really bad for the people who were taken in this scam. I wish eBay would do something to prevent it.  

10 Oct 2003 @ 13:18 by Nikki @ : Harley Scam's on Ebay
THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! This very morning I almost fell for the same scam, as a matter of fact I was almost about to make arrangments to pay the creep when my husband and I did some digging of our own and found this website. The wording in his email was almost exact to those mentioned here. I guess when something sounds to good to be true, even on Ebay, it usually is. If it wasn't for this site, we would have been out a lot of money.

Just for reference, he was selling a HD Softail Deuce 2002, custom finish. His asking price...just $8500, but agreed to sell to me for $5000. All shipping and other costs included. He claimed that he just moved to Hamburg Germany as he had just got married, and would no longer be able to ride it. His english was poor, and although it seemed to good to be true, his past history and easy going pleasent attitude in the email made me feel better. The same exact instructions as were listed above regarding changing the reciever name etc. It's appaulling to me that there are people out there who are willing to do this to innocent people. Anyway, I just wanted to add my two cents and again thank all those who posted here. Without all of you, I'd be $5000 poorer with nothing to show for it. This site isn't that easy to find, I only wish that scams like this were reported more for the general public to see.  

11 Oct 2003 @ 12:27 by Rosa Angela Viola-Santos @ : CELLPHONES-really cheap!!
i got an email from RUIU CONSTATIN DANIEL OF Luceafarului 4,R.VALCEA,VALCEA,ROMANIA.The deal was great we emailed each other for 4 hours until we closed the deal.it's in a UPS package and after 2 hours or more an email from UPS came to me,the exact one that UPS has. i am not into this and no one even bothered to warned me so i pursue with the Western Union payment then i fill up the form and send it, and then Shit!!! while you are clicking on the send button it goes to his cgi.wish.net/cgi-bin/mailform.cgi and now i'm here still dreaming of this traumatic experience.Pls help me to pray for his soul to be saved from the fire of inferno.  

15 Oct 2003 @ 03:35 by Marlon Ang @ : CELLPHONES CHEAP!!!
i think i'm about to be a victim of a scam originating from dragasani, valcea, romania. also from ebay and the phones he was offering were really cheap. after reading what everyone is writing here, i'm thankful i took the time to look around and i also would like to thank everyone here who took their time to write their own stories. if you want to ask me any questions feel free to do so.  

16 Oct 2003 @ 20:34 by Kris @ : They not only scam...but worse...
My mother recieved a phone call yesterday about a Western Union transfer that was supposed to occur from her credit card to some other bank...problem was...it wasn't her card. Turns out these scam artists stole her identity, took over her Ebay account and under her name sold one of these scam motorcycles (which of course looks great because of her feedback), took out credit card in her name, took over her aol account, and who knows what else.
I'm attempting to gather some evidence...basically by playing a "dumb girl" who really wants to buy the bike for her boyfriend to see what kind of information I can get from him.
If anyone has had direct contact with people who are either
-going by the email address heweby78_ik@yahoo.com or other similar account names (she had managed to get into her email and saw on her buddy list a bunch of other similar yahoo names with _ik on them)
-Supposedly located in Milan ..usually at an address that if you try to find on a map...it doesn't exist.
-Going by a very American name (on their email-- aka Jim Martin) but speaking poor english and then giving you a different name when you are supposed to send the money...funny this guy goes by Jim Martin but his "real" name is Cornel Tinca

if youd'd like to email me any information you have that would be great...i'll add it to what I have so far.  

18 Oct 2003 @ 16:33 by Mike Carroll @ : Scams
These scams are so out of control, even yahoo auctions are filled with these foreign scammers.  

21 Oct 2003 @ 18:44 by jason @ : this one seems fake too. same as harley

22 Oct 2003 @ 12:55 by MIke Simonds @ : I fell for the same thing
on a computer! a dell 300m for $ 400.00. I am an idiot!! I wish I could kick my own ass  

28 Oct 2003 @ 09:48 by Mark @ : Harley Scam
I have read these emails and am proud of those of you who did not fall for these "deals". I have recently been messing with these people studying the angle. I have found them all to have old accounts with lots of feedback. In many they are a buyer and if they were a seller it is a small piddley item. I did however see one where he appears to have sold many cars and motorcycles. Bull. Don't really know how they are pulling that one off. I received email pictures of a Harley in Italy, being sold by the wife of an injured husband. In the picture you could see the american street signs in the background. All of the emails are clearly written by a true con man. Hope ebay will work to put an end to all of this.  

3 Nov 2003 @ 00:43 by Ron @ : Romania
After being hit on by a seller in Romania after I bid on an ebay item, I have researched Romanian scammers on the internet as much as I could. I have been hit on several times in the past including the letter from ebay (actually a scammer, and not from ebay) requesting my ebay username and password in order to update my account or else I would not be able to use it. Bullcrap. First off purchasing online items are a risk at best. Educating urself to the tactics used, and knowing the web site u use, inside and out will save a lot of money from scammers. Look up on the web "scammers" "auction scams" or anything pretaining to scamming. There is a vast amount of info there. The reason I knew that password request from ebay was a scam was because I have a good knowlage of ebays rules and regs. and they never ask for ur user name or password. Why should they. They already have it. These guys are doing this to get access to ur account so that they can scam others while pretending to be u. Just take the time to read through them. The scammers password request appeared idenentical to ebays page. Dont let looks fool you. I could create a page that looked like ebays in less than five mins.
Back to this Romanian scammer. After biding on a spa/hottub on ebay I recieved a letter from him stating he has the identical one that i can have at one hell of a price. $450 US dollars plus he will pay all the S&H. WOW!!! Ok this is an instant give away. Damn what a deal!! a brand new, unused hottub with 32 jets and sits 6 people. about a $5,000 unit. So whats that mean. Simple. You get all excited, make the deal with him, wire the money using western union as he requested, and then sit back and feel really dumb, because ya just been scamed.
I checked with UPS for the shipping amount for the hottub from Romania to the US. It was 3 times higher than the asking price. I questioned the seller about it and he replyed that his company has a special deal with UPS. Bullshit. They dont make special deals like that. What I have learned is not to buy it on line if u have to pay by western union, an unknown escrow service, or other way unless it is C.O.D. This is for out of country items or from anyone, where it just dont seem to be right or is just such a great deal that it seems to good to be true. I told this Romanian guy that, and he said that he has to have $300 up front and then I can pay the other $150 after It is delivered. Yep. He wants it sent western union. Oh by the way. when I told him I was having a big party and I need it asap He said it would be at my house in 48 hours. Yea right. Im lucky if I can get anything from 2 states over in two days through UPS or any carriers liitle own from Romania. Ok Im done. Just a word from someone that has been hit on several times. Dont buy from overseas. Buy local to your area if possible, remember u get what u pay for, if u get it at all. So if it is a really great deal, like an unbeliveable deal, then u can belive that it most likey is a scam.
Well I am going to play with this romanian with a couple of more letters, copy, paste all of it on a email to ebay, even though It is doughtfull they will do anything about it. Well I have to send a email To my Romanian seller telling him the money is on the way and offer him the golden state bridge for 50 bucks.  

7 Nov 2003 @ 08:20 by ST @ : Romanian cell phone scams
Reading all these comments is very disheartening. You'd think that when you do business with someone, that they'd hold up their end of the bargain. My stupid ass has been scammed twice. I first bid on an Ericsson Z600 phone and was outbid. Then I get an email from rnaran@luxmail.co.uk with user name "Danice Marshall" claiming to sell it for $200. Of course I was elated. I had always gotten great deals off Ebay and never been victimized. So just like everyone elses case, I send $200 Western Union, after being denied COD or escrow. Never received the phone. $200 doesn't hurt so bad, but I hated to be frauded. Now this new one has me pissed. I felt seeing this auction on Ebay for Ericsson cell phones multiple times and this person, with the email addresses of palm3dele@yahoo.com and mmcellphones13@yahoo.com, was genuine. Of course I was a bit skeptical, so I didnt ask on the offer for a while. But I wanted the new Ericsson z1010 real bad, so I contacted the person again. I checked the feedback on Ebay and it was 100%, all positive. Once again, trusting this Ebayer, I sent $430 and never heard back from him. I swear I hate Romanians and if you hear me completely dismantling one on the news for no apparent reason, this is why. I buy and sell on Ebay all the time and I would never cheat anyone out of their hard earned money. The contacts of these Romanian fucks are posted below. Lesson learned the hard way.

1st Romanian Fuck
Popica lonel Catalin
Street: Calea lui Traian
City: Calimanesti
Zip: 1000
Country: Romania
email: rnaran@luxmail.co.uk email name "Danice Marshall"

2nd Romanian Fuck

ZIP: 1000
he goes by the name of MMcell Phones
email address: mmcellphones13@yahoo.com  

8 Nov 2003 @ 20:35 by Tricia @ : atv scams
All I can say is thank-God for intuition. I also almost fell for a scam involving purchasing an atv at an unheard of price from ITALY. Something felt odd so I did some checking with ebay and Western Union. Of course it said not to wire money so I e-mailed the seller and told them that ebay said this and that they also asked to report anyone who asked for payment in this method. After I e-mailed this, of course I received no reply, and almost immediately, the ads were removed from the web-site. Three times this week alone, people from "Italy" were trying to sell atv's super cheap. How can ebay let this continue? I am so lucky that I am a grouchy sinic, and let my untrusting side (also the smart side in this case) get the best of me by doing research. I hope that others read this. These scamming A#@ H##$S have got to be stopped!!  

12 Nov 2003 @ 09:04 by Dale Rebarchick @ : Harley Scam
How about a 2002 Harley Road King for $6200 or a 2003 Harley fatboy for $8,999. Being old and cautious is paying off for me. I saw the adds on ebay also and beong a harley rider for over 30 years I was intrigued. Yes, must pay with Wester Union, No ebay third party holdings. Be shipped free. I have been dancing through it all and am starting to have some fun. My latest request is supply a VIN and fax a copy of the title. I have also requested a recent picture of the bike with a current newspaper showing the date, and my final clencher is "after you have meet these conditions, restore the add on ebay, preapprove me to bid on it and ebay will be the third party holding co. and I will be the $75 to ebay to perform the service". Guess what kiddies, NO TAKERS. As the man said earlier "cover your ass" the market in Europe is just a demanding for harleys as in the US. Priceses are just as hi. Thanks to this adventure I have a new Electra Glide Ultra in my future from my local Harley dealer.  

15 Nov 2003 @ 09:52 by leroy williams @ : look out
im afraid now these scammers are using dummy escrow companys ,recently im high bidder on 2003 fatboy real cheap ,that scared me but he wouldnt use my escrow co. wanted me to use his so far i havent done it waiting on copy of title have yall ever used Smart-Deal.net they give a address in washington but yellow pages never haerd of them ps this was on yahoo this week leroy  

22 Nov 2003 @ 12:26 by jhony @ : FRAUD
i never use paypa or cod .i lose in this way over 10000usd.never trust paypal, just western union or money gram.the biger scammer:OCHIOSU  

23 Nov 2003 @ 08:02 by Robert D. True @ : scammed for 1000.00
Hello...yes I got scammed for 1000.00. It was with ebay and debnden had a 2002 snowmobile buy it now feature for 1800.00. Yes too good to be true. He was from Milan, Italy and had me go through Western Union. His english was not that good either. I put the Western Union transfer going to my girlfriend thinking nobody could pick it up except for her. Wrong, Western Union does not practice very good security measures. As well as I have sent ebay numerous messages with no response. I am going to take both of them to court. I am pulling my account off of ebay and will not purchase any more items from them. Watch out everyone because between ebay and western union they are allowing the scammers to continue.  

10 Dec 2003 @ 09:29 by Brian @ : Romanian?Spanish scam
how the hell canu get a market price mobile phone of AUD 1400 for only a lame AUD 480??Some morons fall for it seriously and i was one of the morons.i got into email communications with these criminals and started giving me romanian address and asking to deposit the money thru western union/moneygram? western union/ebay get ur damn acts together and start busting this scam network?
and how on earth can u get a sonyericsson p900 for 480 bucks at current market?? u must be a FOOL to fall for them!!!!  

18 Dec 2003 @ 07:40 by Animurl @ : Ebay's advice on scams
... set up a spam filter!

And to steal the scammer's time: tell the that a colleague of yours will come to their house and pick up the article after inspection :-)  

19 Dec 2003 @ 23:29 by Matt Huter @ : I fell for this as well
Just this past week I fell for this scam. Everything happened the exact same way. Does anyone know how they receive the money from Western Union. I'm trying to find a way to go after them for my money I lost. They must either be accepting fake IDs or the "seller" must be impersonating the buyer to change the transfer to the fake "seller"  

24 Dec 2003 @ 17:39 by Gary @ : Another Romanian in need of a smack
I feel honored to be amongst those who either got scammed or saved themselves at the last moment. Just before Xmas I was selling a Nokia 6310i on eBay. The winning bid was a chap in Middletown NY. He made it clear that it was for a Xmas present in Romania and arranged for his Canadian cousin to pay the Paypal and the money was paid in. I sent the phone off to Timisoara, Romania and the money was then "reversed" by Paypal. Paypal didn't bother telling me about this for 5 days.

A check on his US address, showed that it belonged to an elderly, respectable couple. His e-mail address showed as a disguised address form hotmail, as did his Canadian cousin's e-mail.

The word from the Embassy in Romania is that this is far from uncommon and the Romanian police want a personal appearance by anyone making a complaint. They told me that one guy who lost a lot more than me, actually make the trip, only to find the criminal let off with a fine and then tell the court that he couldn't refund the money because he had spent it.

It strikes me that Romanians are becoming the Nigerians of Europe.  

22 Jan 2004 @ 18:54 by joe Intrieri @ : help
does anyone know how to get your money back if you got scamed on e-bay?  

29 Jan 2004 @ 22:25 by John @ : I GOT THE ATV SCREWED BLUES
Well, I must admit my loss to the tune of $2225 to somebody in Danmark for a 2003 Yamaha YZF 450! The guy was soo convincing, but I am the stupid one for falling for it! AARRGGG
His name was Michael Leaning, email address laamaisondumaaxi@yahoo.dk, and was useing the ebay name of gingerronnie61. I spoke with a rep at Western Union today and they told me they have had hundreds of calls about the same thing and eBay is doing nothing about it!!! These people are useing other peoples profiles with perfect feedbacks and getting away with it. I was told to write the Attorney General and tell him to get off his butt and do something about this.  

31 Jan 2004 @ 06:08 by Ray @ : nokia 6600's
Thanks for your advice, we nearly sent off our hard earned cash to a guy in romania who had promised us 15 nokia 6600's, we thought it was a great deal and were about to send the money off via moneygram until we read your comment. Thanks  

5 Feb 2004 @ 15:55 by Jack @ : Another Ebay HD scam
Just want to express my thanks to all the people who shared their experience online. I was all worked up over a 'Too good to be true' deal on a Harley on Ebay. In typical fashion, the seller is overseas and needs the money quickly to pay off debts. The WU instructions were verbatim to the postings here. For example, the whole 'switching of the name' thing, and the deal with paying additional taxes on sales items. Watch out for scammers, and shop wisely.

10 Feb 2004 @ 19:27 by Muie @ : My money!!!!

11 Feb 2004 @ 07:32 by Jon @ : ATV Scam
I am sorry to admit. I got scammed last week. It was for a 2003 Polaris Sportsman 600 4x4. Seller so convincing. Westernunion transfer. Lost $3000  

12 Feb 2004 @ 12:04 by Alex @ : Romanian cell phone scam!!!!!!!!!
I was interested in buying brand new Sony Ericson phone P900 for $320, which they cost $1000 in the store. He wrote me an email after the auction has ended and say "because you didn't have time to bid i will offer you a great deal 2 phone for $640 and one free phone, plus Free shipping worldwide." I was very interested until all my friends said that it's a scam. Then i wanted to check his address which he gave me to transfer the money to:
ZIP CODE: 245700
On the internet and i found this site which i am glad. NEVER believe these people, nobody wants to lose hard earned cash. And if you check their rating you will see that they only buy stuff for $1-5 to raise their reputation. And they always reply after the auction ends. I have tried to convience him to make an auction on ebay so i could bid, so that we are making the deal thru ebay, but no he doesn't do that. Anyways I don't want to talk and talk but don't believe sellers from other countries. Thank you for making such a website.
And the guys name is Carlos Valiente (that is what is showen with his email, But a different name is used at the western union address)
his email sonikseller@yahoo.co.nz
and his ebay nickname is shibaiun.

13 Feb 2004 @ 12:47 by Tom Smith @ : shelby scam
I also was close to being scammed trying to buy a 1968 shelby convertable for $28,000. What a deal!First came the sob story how his wife just died,then came the phone problem (no contact)then came the WESTERN UNION $3000 DEPOSIT!Gave his name as leon fred weston,staying in england with his son.I also tried contacting ebay to give them heads up on this as it was happening.what a joke after spending an hour to e-mail them I also called and tried to tell them to do something and all i got was Thanks for calling we'll report it to our security department.So those of you who got suckered in call EBAY and say "THANKS FOR THE HELP" I tried People  

22 Feb 2004 @ 22:06 by John Maynard @ : hayabusa scam
These people's alias's are not always men, some women are being introduced and are extremely convincing. I have a Margaret Shenefelt, mshen14@msn.com , thats doing a great job drying to screw me out of my hard earned cash here. Beware, its too good to be true. Margaret Shenfelt is probably a 23 year old guy, perhaps computer science major studying abroad in the Netherlands. You might be paying for his cocaine habit this month. Save a little longer, buy it legit, your gonna have to save even longer if you spend 3k purchasing nothing.  

23 Feb 2004 @ 22:30 by SugetiPula @ : Money
Sa va trag la muie de prosti,dati-va in pula mea.Ce pula mea mai plangeti atat dupa bani in pula aveti ogramada.Ce pula mea faceti voi cu laptopuri noi motoare la preturi mici.Ducetiva la magazine si cumparati...

Sa ma pis pe mamele voastre  

24 Feb 2004 @ 16:53 by DonL. @ : Shelby Scam
Just fired a email off to Tom Smith The owner of the Shelby is now in Bulgaria,Ya Right. I am wondering exacly how Paypal can reverse a payment (from an earlier entry that caught my eye)  

1 Mar 2004 @ 22:38 by Ivan D @ : Powerbook 17"
I needed a computer. So, at a certain moment I decided to try out a new "toy": ebay. Ofcourse the first thing I noticed were the cheep offers for the 17" Powerbooks from Apple. While I was bidding on a fair deal, I got several emails from people offering similar items. One of them was a powerbook 17" for 800€ (from an ebay user). Although I noticed a lot of mistakes in the logic of the seller, I was dreged into the new "game" and fell for this temptation. The final culprit of my loss was the good old Western Union. Apparently the scam guys can take the money without showing an id, although in the bank where I used the western union service they told me that it was impossible to get the money without a valid identification. I'm trying to find out how this could hapen.
And after all, I was lucky: I've only lost 800€ and I'm sure if I haden't fallen for this offer I had lost more money because of other scam.
The sellers name, as indicated in the email, was: ben eduard and his email was bengreeneduard@yahoo.com  

3 Mar 2004 @ 02:41 by cid @ : shame on you
my wife were scammed by two different romanian please be aware of the name KEV KEV, POWERSELLER, DODU MIHAELA those are the names the use in their internet transactions i hope the go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

3 Mar 2004 @ 02:45 by dave @ : fuck you stupid romanians

9 Mar 2004 @ 09:17 by Jeff @ : ATV
Thomas Garrett is a scam also,hope he sleeps well at night.Some day he will pay.  

10 Mar 2004 @ 19:39 by Jake @ : Down with ebay scammers!
This is good to see so many people are not being taken by these jackasses! But unfortunately many newbies are probably being taken for a ride, but I have found a good way of stopping these goons but it requires the help of every honest ebayer. When you see one of these false adds - and you will always know they are false because they will be selling something way below a realistic price - simply click on the "contact seller to request approval for the buy it now ability". As soon as you do, the seller will pull the ad off of ebay and send you an email, this confirms that they are scamming. Give large gaps of time between responding to their e-mails just to keep these suckers holding on by a thread. Then eventually let them know that their number is up and that they have been had and that you knew about their phony bologna all the time! This is a very minor fix to stopping these guys from posting ads on ebay but what you are actually doing is preventing a newbie from jumping into the trap!!! Got me? ;-)


13 Mar 2004 @ 07:58 by Ed @ : Ebay scams
I was selling some expensive tools on Ebay. The winner emailed me a week later and said my tools were on ebay again. Sure enough some new user from Porto Portugal was running my ad. 0 feedback registered in Canada but tools in Portugal. I emailed him for pictures and he sent me pictures I took of my tools. Fortunatly I kept in contact with the buyer and we completed the transaction. Also all these auction have hidden bidders so you cant contact them to warn them. I got so angry I was thinking of taking a vacation in Portugal just to make sure he knew who he was messing with. He is definitly not a stand up guy. of course he would only take western union wire transfer. My tools have been relisted at least 5 times in the last few months, at least that ive seen. Bummer is 1 of those times I didnt catch it in time to have it removed by ebay. and someone won. These were Drywall taping tools I used to use. and whoever won them probably busted there ass for that money. And ended up getting burned by a thief.  

16 Mar 2004 @ 19:01 by NO_SCAMS @ : Another almost scammed
This is the reply from an inquiry about a motorcycle on Cycletrader.com
Thank you for your interest. The bike is still available.First of all i must tell you that i am currently located in Canada.This is my personal bike registred in my name . I have an US clean/clear title for this bike.The bike is in perfect condition , never been dropped or in an accident , don't have any scratches and without mechanical problems.I must sell this bike because i am too old for ride it...I am 53 years old and i have few health problems(i am deaf because an work accident).My phone number listed with my cycletrader ad will not work because i use an relay service to make calls. Let me know your number and i will call you if you are really interested about this bike.If you make the deal with me,the vehicle will be shipped to you like a gift with " No commercial value" inscription on it and you will not have to pay any duty's. All the shipping , handling , insurance and delivery costs will be paid from here and are included in the listed price.f you are really interested about this bike just contact me by e-mail or by phone. I wish you all the best for You and Your Family! God Bless You!
Thank you!
The same bike is listed on Ebay with a United States location and I emailed that person as well. Here is that response:

I will sell it for 4300$ including shipping to your location.Like you see in the pictures the bike is in excellent condition.

Curently i`m in Italy with some bussines and i will stay here abouth 2 months.The bike is in PA and is ready to ship.I will pay all the shipping taxes and insurance.

If you want to start the deal you will have to wire me first 1200$ to my full name and address via Western Union.After you make the payment the bike will be shipped to you and you will receive it in 2 days.

You will receive with the bike the title and a contract of sale on your name.

Reply me ASAP.


So now I guess they up and moved to Italy for a few months. What a SCAM.

Just be careful when buying online and it looks too good to be true!  

16 Mar 2004 @ 22:58 by A.E.O @ : IS THIS A SCAM OR WHAT

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in purchasing my bike.I know that are numerous
offers on eBay and I'm glad that you choose to contact me regarding your
willingness to purchase.

I have restricted the bidding because I have had some problems with bidders
who offer me a price that is much greater than the retail price.They only
want to conjure away the competition.You can check my auction record for

First of all I must inform you that currently I'm in Athens,Greece and I
have to let you know that the bike is here with me .I am the first owner of
the bike.

You will receive your bike in 4-5 working days by FedEx at your home
address.It is insured in case of damage and it take 4-5 days to be delivered
at your DOOR.I will send you the bike with all the papers
(warranty,insurance etc ...) .

No damages, no scratches or dents,never touched the ground, no hidden
defects, the engine doesn't smoke, runs and sounds awesome, the engine has
never been repaired or something like that, never been into accidents and it
is as advertised. The bike is an US model with US specs ( the speedomeeter
is in miles), comes with all the documents you need to register the bike
(manual still sealed, clear title in my hand, bill of sale signed by me)
still under warranty.

I recently moved here and was going to register it here but changed my mind
because I don't have the time to enjoy it anymore and I decide it to sell
it. I didn't paid for Greece import taxes and if I keep the bike like that I
was going to lose it and its better to ship it where it belongs, that means
US. Time is really an issue and we have to move fast.

Final price is $ 7000 US (this price includes the shipping and insurance)
and if you agree with this price we can start to complete the transaction.

Price is good cause if I pay taxes here and sell it here would get the same
price if I sell it in US from here. The bike will be shipped from Greece.
You will not have to pay additional taxes cause the bike is registered in
US, just only the price for it.

Waiting for your email,



21 Mar 2004 @ 13:53 by tom @ : atv scam
seller is atv1seller@yahoo.com sent me everything from wrong atv size info to a fake DHL shipping email to a fake escrow.com site i played along for weeks forwarding all mail CHECK ALL INFO THAT YOU ARE GIVEN TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED
but ebay or all others should be able to set a standerd for sellers and buyers  

27 Mar 2004 @ 21:33 by Scammmmmm @ : Stop these scams!!!
I am a scammer and I want a stop to this eBay thing, I am sick and tired of scamming people .... I dont like to do this but I am beeing obligated to scam people, in real life I am an honest person ...
.... eBay ... please put an end to all this fraud that is going on here ... I am begging you. If this whole eBay thing doesent stop I will get in big trouble.  

5 Apr 2004 @ 11:57 by fintanohalloran@eircom.net @ : more romanians
Well I just backed out in time. As with one of the others above I figured the deal was just too good. Story with me is that I was interested in an computer on ebay. I bid on it but finally was beaten out of the bidding. Depressed and dejected I suddenly get an email from this Romanian claiming that they have the exact article at a much better price with free shipping. I added up the cost of the unit and shipping anf figured there must be something wrong. So if you ever run into espero_sell@yahoo.com, Name: Elena ilie
Street: Com Stanesti Nr.1
City: Ramnicu valcea
ZipCode: 1000
Country: Romania
please feel free to run her down on your Harley Davidson  

5 Apr 2004 @ 13:27 by Gary Bax @ : dodgy dealings
I'm glad i came across this page, there is currently a susuki haybusa for sale on ebay for £2200, the english does not translate very well and his e-mail is states that he has married a polish woman and moved out there, and yes Western Union is where the transfer of money is to take place.
rings alarm bells dont you think!  

9 Apr 2004 @ 08:49 by Bill @ : ebay scams
I found this 1963 corvette on ebay for $11,500. I don't know how much this scammer knows about cars like this, but you can't even find a corvette like that that needs to be restored for less than $20,000. He says that he will ship the corvette, in perfect condition, once he receives the payment in cash through western union. What he did was offer the car at a low price but said that only bidders who were put on his pre-approved bidders list could bid on it. Once i emailed him, the car was suddenly off ebay and he was ready to make me a deal. There was also a 57 chevy with the same deal, so watch out.  

11 Apr 2004 @ 06:07 by a Romanian girl @ : Scams
Hy , I'm from Romania , RM. Valcea exactly. I'm not using Ebay or doing scams , but i know some guys that are. There is only on solution for you European guys : DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM ROMANIA !!! (especialy from Rm. Valcea and trough Western Union) . There is a network of scamers , helped by hackers, that steal people's accounts and use them for scams . Of course , Ebay doesn't care (For example , Romania -wich is a country- has been put up for sale for 99 mil $ , and it took 2 days and lots of complaints until Ebay erased the sale )... Don't hate us romanians because most of us are hard working onest people , but not all... I would like a VW Pasat (like almost all the scamers have) but i can't aford it (around 20.000$) ....

Try to stay smart , don't buy from Romania ...  

13 Apr 2004 @ 13:32 by Ven @ : Yamaha YZF R1
I was looking to buy a motorcycle, and so I bid on a yamaha yzf r1. I hardly knew wut these went for, and compared to other auctions a 2001 with 1200 miles for 4500$ seemed really good. Then teh auction disappears and I get an email from him saying that he will sell it to me. I was new to ebay and never knew of such scams. So I decide to ask for some help at supersportbikes.com and they told me how all of this was a scam and not to even touch the bike. Ever since then Ive been getting emails about buying a motorcycle. Ebay really needs to clean up the shit in its system. I feel sorry for all those who los tmoney. Atleast I saved myself from doing so.
Important things to look out for while buying motorcycles
WU,Free Shipping, No Vin Number, Description of item stating not a single scratch even though 3 years old..LOL, and most of all is rockbottom prices. May all the scammers end up in hell !.  

19 Apr 2004 @ 01:35 by Lucky Ebayer @ : Ericsson P900
I was bidding on a batch of 20 Ericsson P900 mobile phones and I asked for a buy now price. I was offered an very good price. The buyer asked me to send the money by Western Union to Romanania , the name of the account was DODU MIHAELA, I had an uneasy feeling , so i searched the web for this name. I found you webpage and I think it defenatively saved me a lot of money. Thank you for doing this, hopefully it saves a few more unsuspecting ebayers.

I saw the warning posted on the 3 March 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to the person who posted the warning.

Thank you Thank you  

23 Apr 2004 @ 07:11 by Silas @ : another close one p900's cheap
I just backed out of a deal for 15 p900's from Italy, He had quick emails but only answered the questions he wanted to answer. I talked to Western Union which is the only company these people do business through and they told me that he was on their scammer list. If anyone ever has a person they believe is a scammer just call them and ask about the person and the address. Also make a complaint to them and at least the person will probably get caught next time. They check all transactions over $1000 but not necessarily for those under that. The guys name is Cirstian Viorel Florin out of Verona, Italy. email Edeals4you@yahoo Watch out for him. I think I found another scam for the same offer from Romania. Silvia2000@yahoo.com Both contacted me during ebay auctions for the phones.  

24 Apr 2004 @ 04:58 by nokia 6600 from romania @ : avoid western union payments
avoud this scammer

> you must deposit the money without the mtcn # and
> after you will receive the phones you must give me
> the
> mtcn # so i can pick up the money ok?
> so go and deposit the money and reply me with the
> scanned paper from western union without the mtcn #
> thank`s

dracea radu sellercar@gsm-buy.com
> > > > > > > First Name: Alexandru Radu
> > > > > > > Last Name: Dracea
> > > > > > > Adress: Regele Carol
> > > > > > > City: Dragasani
> > > > > > > State: Valcea
> > > > > > > Zipp/Code: 0900
> > > > > > > Country: Romania

28 Apr 2004 @ 05:52 by Mondor @ : Mondor save you all of you stupid idiot
I am am from Romania too, and I don't like stupid like you Americans people.


30 Apr 2004 @ 02:43 by theafterburner @ : Fake sellers from Romania

Just dont waste time wit those cheap offers on bikes etc. I mean these romanians or whosoever trying to get off these scams are so bloody stupid and dumb to the core..i mean selling a 1999 R1 in the guise of a 2002...with a fake image doc converted title deed and some VIN pic of another bike. Come on guys u cant get a decent bike for the price of lingere...ha ha ha ha hah......Im from India and i came across this on sportsbikenet.com the bike is so cheap at $2700....i warned the dude to bugger off and we all know wont be able to cheat anyone not even a kid off his dime. So for all you guys who jerk off seeing a good bike cheap please just stay away form these nitwits... when u come across someone who says 50% upfront to shgip anything ask them to go fuck the eiffel tower and not to waste er time off trying to cheat.

This is to all Scammers: "I saw some romanian say that Americans are stupid etc, just because someone doesnt buy ur fake scam end up being stupid!! gimme a break" all u friggin critters are crap and dont know how to make a living and ure better off faking vampires rather than fake products out of nothing at least the former is original. U critters are dumb trying to cheat people all over the world....ure stupid. Unfortunately u have to find some one in ur own goddamn country equally insipid to buy the offer from u- so that suits the math eh as u cant ever find anyone from the saner world who will buy ur scam"


Seller profile: BEWARE
Name: Cosmin
Yahoo Id's: purciboy, dany_
Location: valcea, Romania  

2 May 2004 @ 12:53 by :) @ : rechinu
rechinu is a fucking scamer ..he stolen all my money and ....my wife  

7 May 2004 @ 06:47 by Raven @ : I think i was just scammed and fell for
I've bought on Ebay for quite some time now, and I think that I was just scammed.. I feel Really stupid, but I am still waiting to see what happens.
I was shopping around for a motorola v600 and came across one with a buy it now deal.. so I tried to check it all out, which seemed normal. Now I see that the user name is not found on Aol, and He never sent me back a confirmation number for the phone. I just lost 300.00 and I feel really stupid can anyone help me figure out how to fight this..???
This was this assholes information ..

LammyBraha: Here
are the details that you need for the money transfer:

First name: Octavian Nicusor
Last: Coman
Adres :Str. Pictor N.Grigorescu Nr.3
zipp code: 135500  

12 May 2004 @ 07:52 by Mark A. Bolokofsky @ : Scam by Ocatvian Nicusor Coman, others
Hello, everyone.

I see all the posts, and I too was ALMOST victim of fraud on eBay. I, like everyone else did not finish the item online, because they took it down. I was alos sent the same exact email from a Romanian named Cornel Moraru, with similiar fake details, and also a fake company named BB Mobilez, not on eBay, but trying to screw me none the less. I have sent the following email to eBay, and I plan on following up, as well as being honest in what the email says:


I am sick of all the crap I have read about eBay not doing anything about users who's name has been overtaken. At first I found it hard to believe. C'mon, I said, how can eBay possibly let that happen? Then, I almost totally got screwed on eBay. No, I did not win the auction, because it was taken down right when I emailed them. And no, you don't "legally" have to do anything about purchases that are made off of eBay. I have heard that same crap on all the pages I have visited, and forum boards I have read. If you go right now and type into your own search "Nokia 6230," you will get a couple of "featured" auctions that are for 25 phones for an unrealistic price. I admit, I was an idiot, and almost went through with it, but I was lucky enough to see some people who got screwed by the same people, and were not lucky enough to avoid losing alot of money. It is for them I am sending this email.

I have been doing my research on eBay, and have discovered that ebay, in the 2003 Q4 earnings claim, have broken the $1 BILLION mark. Congradulations. The same people you are amking this money off of, are the same people you seem to be ignoring.

This is the only warning you will recieve. If you continue to do nothing, and claim that it is not your responsibility, bad things will happen to eBay. Very bad things. I can assure you, that if you continue on this course, I will do everything I can to make sure ebay sinks.

This is not an email to threaten eBay in any way. I mean no disrespect, or harm, but I find it hard to swallow that a company that has made $1.21 BILLION will not stop this fraud. Please, do what you know is right and fix this problem. It cannot be something that is overlooked.

I appreciate your time in sorting out this this matter.


Mark Bolokofsky  

12 May 2004 @ 07:53 by Mark A. Bolokofsky @ : Forgot email address
My email address is markbolo@bolo.biz, if you need to contact me.  

17 May 2004 @ 10:08 by JOHN @ : Harley scam
I was on ebay and i saw this add for a Fatboy 2004 and i got intrested
so i asked the seller why the bike was at a so low price and this is the answer i got back..

Hello there,

Before any bidding takes place you must know that I am currently in Athens,Greece where me and my partner (Clark Stevens)
supplied capital for the purchase of a bankrupt stores stock.
The store profile was selling bikes and the tip was given to me by a friend of mine that lives near
the store and he announced us that the manager has financial problems and he intends to sell all stock and
close the store.
Now we are trying to sell the remaining stock.
I decided that is best to list the bike at ebay as we hear that people are looking for these kinds of vehicles.

Here in Greece these bike are not wanted.

1.The bike come with needed registration documents and would be no problem for the buyer to log-book
and drive them anywhere

There will be no problem to get clearances/approvals for use

Will be sent all owner manuals, keys and other accesories.

These are made for european market.

2.Shipping will be made from our location in Athena and the bikes will be sent with FedEx
For you will be no other money to pay except for the price.

If you want I will contact ebay and they assure you about this deal

Waiting for your e-mail to confirm that we are on for the deal

Thank you!

This really suck  

20 May 2004 @ 18:32 by MrMak @ : I've won, but look at the payment method

I don't trust this guy, he hasn't been chasing me up for the money and I am very dubious about him.

What does everyone else think?


21 May 2004 @ 15:47 by Spitfire @ : Octavian Nicusor Coman
Raven - I bought the exact same phone from the same person - paid for it last Fri was told I'd have by Tues. Guess what no phone, no tracking number. Got screwed - I keep emailing them with threats but nothing works. Anybody else beware  

22 May 2004 @ 01:52 by WILDRIDER @ : SUZUKI GSXR-1000 POSSIBLE SCAM

25 May 2004 @ 20:20 by Basca ilie necunoscutu @ : Sa ma sugeti
de tata asta e...saavem putina speranta sa vina MT-urile de 5.000$

Bafta tata la toata lumea si cine scoate primu sa declare aici la lumea buna o salata de beof.  

26 May 2004 @ 04:49 by leon @ : SCAMMMERRR
MY NAME IS Balosul plin de lovele (for USA full of $$$$$$$$$)

26 May 2004 @ 23:03 by Travis @ : ebay phone scam
I almost lost 1000.00 dollars for the deal of the years. And as you read on and on throughout this web site you will also see like I did; all these a$% h### are from somewhere in Europe. I all started out when I broke my cell phone and decided to go on ebay to find a new one. Keep in mind I have had very good luck on ebay util now. So; I am searching through listings on ebay and find the deal that is "to good to be true". (25 new nokia6600 in the box waiting for me). So I email this guy and he is very convencing in his own way but with poor grammer skills and still stump to his level. He wants 2000.00 for 25 phones which would sell for about 9000.00 in the states. So you can see why I wanted them. He tells me the only way to get them is to sent the money through "Western Union". Did not know this was a red flag till I found this site. Anyway, I told him that I was not going to front that kind of money; so we agreed on 600.00 and when I got the phones I would send the rest. Sounds great right. I mean who wouldn't like to get 9000.00 worth of phones and only have to put up 600.00 dollars. Well we both agreed that I would WU the money the next morning and when I gave him conformation he would ship the package. I did my part and later that day while I was at work he contacted me by phone to tell me the line was to long at UPS and that he would ship them the next day. That was the first RED Flag for me. When I got home I tried to pull up the auctions that should of still been going and could not find them. So I pulled up the seller they were using and the seller was suspended. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER RIGHT ABOUT NOW. So I try calling the number he called me on earlier. NO ANSWER. Not surprised are you. Now I am getting pissed. So I email the guy and wait for several hours with out a response. THIS WAS THE FINAL STRAW. I went with my gutt instinct and call Western Union and by the grace of god he had not picked up the money yet. I cancelled the transfer and I only lost the 45.00 transfer fee. I can't tell you how lucky I am after reading about all these scams on ebay and how they still continue today. EVERYONE KNOW THIS I WILL BE GOING TO THE LOCAL TV STATION TOMORROW BECAUSE I HAVE FREINDS DOWN THEIR AND I AM BRINGING THIS TO THEIR ATTENTION. There will be an investigation on this. EBAY WON'T SWEEP THIS SHIT UNDER THE CARPET ANYMORE. Just for shits and giggles the name of some of the scams artist are going by are as follows.
IN Slantina Romania Zip: 0500


I really feel for those who where suckered in to these traps and I hope some my friends will be able to shed some light on this. If you want you can email me at camptrak1@sbcglobal.net Thanks for you time Travis

26 May 2004 @ 23:07 by Travis @ : ebay phone scam
I almost lost 1000.00 dollars for the deal of the year. And as you read on and on throughout this web site you will also see like I did; all these a$% h### are from somewhere in Europe. It all started out when I broke my cell phone and decided to go on ebay to find a new one. Keep in mind I have had very good luck on ebay until now. So; I am searching through listings on ebay and find the deal that is "to good to be true". (25 new nokia6600 in the box waiting for me). So I email this guy and he is very convencing in his own way but with poor grammer skills and still I stump to his level. He wants 2000.00 for 25 phones which would sell for about 9000.00 in the states. So you can see why I wanted them. He tells me the only way to get them is to sent the money through "Western Union". Did not know this was a red flag till I found this site. Anyway, I told him that I was not going to front that kind of money; so we agreed on 600.00 and when I got the phones I would send the rest. Sounds great right. I mean who wouldn't like to get 9000.00 worth of phones and only have to put up 600.00 dollars. Well we both agreed that I would WU the money the next morning and when I gave him conformation he would ship the package. I did my part and later that day while I was at work he contacted me by phone to tell me the line was to long at UPS and that he would ship them the next day. That was the first RED Flag for me. When I got home I tried to pull up the auctions that should of still been going and could not find them. So I pulled up the seller they were using and the seller was suspended. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER RIGHT ABOUT NOW. So I try calling the number he called me on earlier. NO ANSWER. Not surprised are you. Now I am getting pissed. So I email the guy and wait for several hours with out a response. THIS WAS THE FINAL STRAW. I went with my gutt instinct and call Western Union and by the grace of god he had not picked up the money yet. I cancelled the transfer and I only lost the 45.00 transfer fee. I can't tell you how lucky I am after reading about all these scams on ebay and how they still continue today. EVERYONE KNOW THIS I WILL BE GOING TO THE LOCAL TV STATION TOMORROW BECAUSE I HAVE FREINDS DOWN THEIR AND I AM BRINGING THIS TO THEIR ATTENTION. There will be an investigation on this. EBAY WON'T SWEEP THIS SHIT UNDER THE CARPET ANYMORE. Just for shits and giggles the name of some of the scams artist are going by are as follows.
IN Slantina Romania Zip: 0500


I really feel for those who where suckered in to these traps and I hope some my friends will be able to shed some light on this. If you want you can email me at camptrak1@sbcglobal.net Thanks for you time Travis

27 May 2004 @ 00:05 by WILDRIDER @ : Ebay Motorcyle Scams

29 May 2004 @ 04:49 by SMARTASS @ : :)))
Hahahaha :) What can i say .. i just scam 2 ppl this week for $9500.Yes i have http://www.escrow.com 100% but under other link :P
Lets make money :)

Traiasca toti romanasii :))  

31 May 2004 @ 22:47 by WILDRIDER @ : New message board

1 Jun 2004 @ 06:30 by cecil dunbar @ : fraud on internet -- mobile phones
Want to loose your money. Send funds by Western Union to strangers.
Western Union is used by most scams/frauds .YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY.  

1 Jun 2004 @ 13:25 by tate23 @ : Italian scammer
Right now, I am exchanging emails with a potential scammer. He offered me a toshiba laptop for $500. He sent me an email via ebay cuz he saw me bidding for the same item. I don't really trust people in internet mostly dealing with international transactions. So what I did is.. read the whole details below :

First email I received from the scammer :

Dear euryana,

Dear customer, We saw you'r bid for the "Toshiba 5105-s607" and we would like to make you an offer. I want to inform you that I have one like this one and I was wondering if you want to buy it . If you are interested please advice us so we could make you an offer. My address: dodobeatrice@yahoo.com We are looking forward to hear from you. Kind Regards!

Thank you,
My answer: Hi this is Euryana. How much would you offer me? yes I bid for the same item.

His reply :Hello,please tell me the model if you want.I have a store here... Best regards...
bid for this item in Ebay Toshiba 5105-s607.
How much is your offer? please let me know soon.

his reply:
Hi there !the best price is 500US$ including the all shipping taxes !it is brand new in original box with all the accesories and warranty 2 year !Thank`s and reply me ASAP !
Regards !
Hello there,
Is that the same item I bid in Ebay?
Please give me the full specifications of the item.
How are we going to arrange the payment? Do you
have a yahoo messenger?
his reply :

Hi there,
here are the specs:
Pentium 4 processor 1.7 GHz
512MB PC2100 DDR (main memory) built-in with slots for two more SODIMM memory chips(up to 1 GB of main memory)
40 GB Hard Drive (now 5400 rpm speed)
15.0 inch TFT active matrix screen capable of up to 1600x1200 resolution (UGA!)
GeForce4 440 Go Chipset with 32 DDR MB of memory
Harman/Kardon stereo speakers with subwoofer
Headphone, microphone, and line-in ports
Built-In DVD/CD-RW drive I believe it is 8X DVD and CD-RW is 8x/4x/24x
External USB floppy provided with notebook
Integrated V.90 56k modem and 10/100 Ethernet port
Integrated SmartMedia and Secure Digital/MultiMedia Card slots
3 USB ports
1 i.link port (IEEE 1394 or Firewire port)
2 PC Card slots
Fast Infrared Port
S/PDIF port
Video Out port
Separate mini-LCD with CD player controls
Panel to add equipment for Wi-Fi connection
I will ship using FedEx.The payment is done by Wes! tern Union because is fast and easy to use.Thanks.

Holy cow! why would someone offer me this kind of laptop while the retail price of this in the market is almost 2thousand. I sense something fishy, so am playing games with him. Right now he won't give me the tracking # and sent me a scan version of unbelievable fedex stamp. He keep insisting that I should send the money via Western union. Damn, am not stupid to trust him lols!

So those you will encounter this in the future. Please be very careful, i posted this cuz as a warning. I've got more than 15 emails from him but it would be long if i'll copy and paste it here.

Have a good day everyone!  

5 Jun 2004 @ 01:10 by AM @ : Master scammers from ROMANIA: Nokia 6600
OMG! I was searching on google for "dragasani dialling code" for cross checking a number a guy sent... and THANK GOD, i came across this before it was too late! I was abt to call him to fix his payment...!

YES... a guy i found on ebay, YES he asked to be contacted only by email and not directly by ebay, YES he wanted payment ONLY by Western Union! I AM IN SHOCK! I was in touch with TWO guys from DRAGASANI, ROMANIA for the past week... with whom i almost fixed a deal for cell phones, NOKIA 6600 in bulk.

BOTH EVEN SENT ME A SCANNED RECIEPT FROM UPS with all details: sender, SHIP TO, bar codes etc etc and YES, he HID the tracking number from me. He said "i will give you the tracking number once you make payment". One wierd thing these guys said were: without tracking number, you can not receive your package! I ALMOST BELIEVED THEM, made calls to UPS in my city to check as well! LOLLLLLLL... i feel like laughing at myself now, for what a moron i've (almost) been!

Below are details of TWO such scammers:

first name: ILIE
last name: GRIGOROIU
address: DR.STATESCU #4
zip: 245700
country: ROMANIA
phone: 0040 788 287678
email: phones_sale01@yahoo.com

phone: 0040 788 524897
email: florinake999@yahoo.com

It's SAD that such a thing has been going on for such a long time that too on a MAJOR scale! And ebay... or any major organisation has done nothing to stop it. I was ALMOST tricked, i don't know how many honest and innocent buyers are being fooled by these @#$*&^$#@#%&!


7 Jun 2004 @ 17:15 by J @ : Possible car scam
I received thia email from a person claiming to have a 69 shelby gt 500 for sale for $9000.00.. Should be valued at over $50,000. Here is the email reply from the seller that was not using ebay for the auction but rather a private email address poster on an ebaymotors auction page. I think that this is a scam be careful...

Hello there,
Thank you for your interest in purchasing my item .
First of all I must inform you that currently I'm in Portugal and the
machine is here with me .My faher, who died two keeks ago was the first
owner of the car.
The machine is in great condition ,only 21900 miles on it,no damage,no
scratches or dents, no hidden defects,keept in our own garage.
The machine is an US model with US specs,it passed the test
emissions and comes with all the documents you need to register the
It has a clear title and it can be registerd into your name.
I recently ordered a new car from a dealer down here and i
need the cash in the next few days to pay for it.
The price I hope to obtain is $9,000 USD (this price includes the
shipping and insurance) and if you agree with this price we can start to
complete the transaction. I have to tell you that I have other serious
offers that I
have to consider and I will make a decision regarding this sale function of
time of payment and price.
i will shipp the car using KLM 5-7 air days delivery, and i will cover all
We can make this COD, but if you want to keep the car for you,
then you have to make a down deposit with 3,000 USD.
So email me back if you ae intersted and you have the cash.
The car will be shipped from Portugal and i will cover the shipping
costs and insurance.You will not have to pay additional taxes,just only the
price for it.
Let me know!  

8 Jun 2004 @ 14:10 by CB @ : ebay scam on new Handspring Treo 600
This is a recent scam that I just found about. It is for a new Handspring Treo 600 for $290. The only cathc, you have to send money to Romania. Here is a copy of the emails sent back and forth:

First I want to tell you that my phones are brand new, unopened box
all accessories included and also an international warranty.
The invoice will come at the same time with the package.
My price is the best you could get: 290$/unit, including the
shipping and insurance taxes. We will pay them because the package
will be delivered from Europe.As delivery service we use UPS2days air service or overnight (with insurance and
15 days return policy), because it's the faster. And if you will have
a quick payment, we must also have a quick delivery. So that's why we
use as a payment method Western Union money transfer, the fastest and
also very secure way of sending money.
The phones work using any network, any mobile provider it is totally
So, if you agree with my terms I'm sure that we can close the deal as soon as possible.
Waiting your quick answer right now,

My name is Octavian Nicusor Coman and i represent a small but seriouss company from Dambovita, Romania,but i'm from USA
In order to end this deal in good terms i am going to
tell you some
things that i want to follow:
1.It is better for you to know that the items are
brand new ,they have
never been opened, have international warranty
provided by the factory
and come with all accesories that you need.
2. SHIPPMENT ---this is a thing about you shouldn't
worry about
because i belive that it is my responasability to
deliver it to your home.We
can do it in 2 way in each of them i am going to pay
for all charges:
-UPS overnighted
-FedEX overnighted
It will take one day and a half for the package to arrive to
you.The shipping
costs will be paid by me and i will also pay for the
insurance in case of
any damage happens during the handling and shipping,so
i will be
protected in case off damages and you too.
3.THE WAY TO PAY -----As a payment method we have
WesternUnion's services because they always served our
interests in a professional
manner and helped us gain buyers. We consider
promptitude a vital
condition on the modern e-Commerce markets and a
guarantee of quality. To
arrange the transfer, you must go in person to a
Western Union office and
send the money from your name and address to my name
and adrress .Here
are the details that you need for the money transfer:
First name:Octavian Nicusor
Adres:Str. Pictor N.Grigorescu Nr.3
zipp code: 135500

Please be carrefull with my first and last name.
For sending the money you must find an western union agent location and send the money from there
because western union don't send the money online in Romania
After that you will recive an confirmation number and
i want you to send me the folowing details :
-the sender name
-the sender address
-the amount
-MTCN (money transfer control number)
4. REFOUND-----After the package arrives you have an
7 days period in
which you can send the package back for an full and NO
refound,but you will pay for the shipping and
handlling back to me.
5.TAXES---There may be some customs duties for you to
pay, but if you
wish we can avoid them (if any):
ME--i have to declare the phone as a gift for you and in this way you will pay NO costum fees and you will receive the item very fast.
YOU--have to declare at Western Union that you send the money to a friend in Romania that need this money, in this way when our deal
will be finished and i get the money from W.U. without problems.
Please let me know when you can make the payment and afther this i will start the delivery process.
I hope you agree my terms and we will close this deal
I look forward hearing from you.

Don't fall for these scams. Hope this helps others.  

8 Jun 2004 @ 16:33 by S23 @ : EBAY SCAM: Octavian Nicusor Coman
I almost paid this guy today. But I did a google search for his name first.
Thank God for this site!
The emails I got were dientical, word for word, as the one posted by CB.

The auction was for a Motorola V80. HIs auction disappeared from one day to the next. Then he sent me a different item number for the same phone under a different username.

I have reported the scam to EBAY and to the user who's name is being used for this scam.

As for the scammers, I guess I just have to beleive in karma.  

8 Jun 2004 @ 17:40 by Daiq @ : Octavian Nicusor Coman
I just filed an Internet Fraud Report on this guy because I paid him $299US for a V600. I felt like a fool at first but now I'm just angry. It's easy to get screwed by these people. I've started emailing people selling more than 1 v600, when I get an email Identical to Coman's I then email every person in the bid history about the scam (I emailed ebay but they said they tell their user's not to use Western Union and that's good enough). I'm also po'd at Western Union - they've known about the Romanian scams for over a year and won't even so much as post a warning sign in the window or at the counter. I've created a detailed email about the scamming system and sent it to everybody I know. Hopefully I can prevent one person from being screwed like I was.  

9 Jun 2004 @ 12:43 by GIZMO120021 @ : Ive been SCAMMED
I tried looking foe any thing about these scams on yahoo and found nothing. I then do the deal and find shit loads of people that where scammed please if anybody can help here the persons info:
1name: MARITA
adress: str. Cuza Voda
city: Corabia
zip: 0875
country: Romania  

10 Jun 2004 @ 03:40 by Arthur Simanjuntak @ : anyone know about these guys ????
Anyone know about these guys : finish24@aol.com, utrendz@yahoo.com ?
Anyone ever make business with him/them?

Thanks for the information  

10 Jun 2004 @ 15:28 by That Bitch Almost Got Me @ : Motorola V80 Scam
Several things threw me off, this dude is in romania with a ebay id of lori_bill (figured he'd have a russian type ebay id) and the ebay id says they're in the us. The phone is $200 less than what everyone else was selling it for and last he said the phone had 24 MB memory when in fact it only has 5 MB. He didn't want me to bid on the item. No paypal usage because of bullshit excuse. Then I visited this site after i did a google search on his name.

Here is the aol conversation: My name has been changed to hide my identity.

Layer3 Switching: Inquiry about the Motorola V80 phone.
OctavNC: yes
Layer3 Switching: I'm Tommy. I had a few questions about the unit.
Layer3 Switching: Does it support video playback/recording? Which network does it work on?
OctavNC: Ok i'm Octavian Nicusor Coman
OctavNC: yes support video playback/recording
OctavNC: The phones work using any network, any mobile provider it is totally unlocked
Layer3 Switching: Does it accept a sim card?
OctavNC: yes of course
Layer3 Switching: ok thats what I wanted to know. Will bid now.
OctavNC: no you can buy directlly from me
Layer3 Switching: How many do u have?
OctavNC: i have 5 units
Layer3 Switching: how do we do this?
Layer3 Switching: how should we do this
OctavNC: you want one unit or more than one
Layer3 Switching: just one
OctavNC: ok
Layer3 Switching: How much memory does this unit have?
OctavNC: 24 MB
Layer3 Switching: Damn thats alot. Any speakerphone?
Layer3 Switching: do u have a site or anything?
OctavNC: no yet
OctavNC: but my mans work on it
Layer3 Switching: thats cool
Layer3 Switching: how will this transaction go down?
OctavNC: My price is the best you could get: 280$/unit, including the
shipping and insurance taxes. We will pay them because the package
will be delivered from Europe
Layer3 Switching: I was shocked at how many people had the phone for 400 and even as high as 830
Layer3 Switching: the price seems a little too low if ya know what i mean
Layer3 Switching: Shows you're not greedy
OctavNC: As delivery service we use UPS2days air service or overnight (with insurance and
15 days return policy), because it's the faster. And if you will have
a quick payment, we must also have a quick delivery
OctavNC: So that's why we
use as a payment method Western Union money transfer, the fastest and
also very secure way of sending money
OctavNC: i'm Excellent seller, good in communications and easy to work with me ...
OctavNC: please look at my feedback profile ..i have over 130 positive feedback and i don't want to dissapoint you...I I am not a scam artist, and the last thing I want to do is rob you
Layer3 Switching: do u accept paypal by any chance?
OctavNC: no PayPal because the withdraw limit
is 500USD per week. I cant use paypal because it said im over my limitand
i dont want to sound stupid but i dont understand why i cant use
paypal they only gave me a 2000.oo dollar limit for mounth my credit card has way more
than that on it
Layer3 Switching: I understand
Layer3 Switching: Can I get all of your info to send you payment
OctavNC: yes of course
OctavNC: here is the payment detail :
First name:Octavian Nicusor
Adres:Str. Pictor N.Grigorescu Nr.3
zipp code: 135500
Layer3 Switching: im in America, how will the exchange rate work?
OctavNC: I can declare the phone as a gift for you and in this way you will pay NO costum fees and you will receive the item very fast
Layer3 Switching: ok
OctavNC: ok then please let me know when we close the deal
Layer3 Switching: i get paid tomorrow. I can send it out tomorrow
OctavNC: as soon i will have the payment confirmation i will send you the phone
OctavNC: ok then we will close the deal tomorrow
Layer3 Switching: western union right
Layer3 Switching: how will u know the payment is there?
OctavNC: you will give me the MTCN #
Layer3 Switching: this is the addr right?
Layer3 Switching: Str. Pictor N.Grigorescu Nr.3
Layer3 Switching: Octavian Nicusor Coman
OctavNC: YES
OctavNC: If you want you can send the money now by phone
OctavNC: please let me know
OctavNC: you just call to western union
OctavNC: you are there ?
Layer3 Switching: cool
OctavNC: You can declare to Western Union that you are sending the money to a friend in Romania that way when our deal I can get the money from W.U. without problems.
Layer3 Switching: http://ming.tv/flemming2.php/_v10/__list_comments/
Layer3 Switching: 2004-06-08 Daiq: Octavian Nicusor Coman
I just filed an Internet Fraud Report on this guy because I paid him $299US for a V600. I felt like a fool at first but now I'm just angry. It's easy to get screwed by these people. I've started email..
Layer3 Switching: almost got me
OctavNC: i don't know anything
OctavNC: i will shipp the phone first
Layer3 Switching: 21 May 2004 @ 15:47 by Spitfire : Octavian Nicusor Coman
Raven - I bought the exact same phone from the same person - paid for it last Fri was told I'd have by Tues. Guess what no phone, no tracking number. Got screwed - I keep emailing them with threats but nothing works. Anybody else beware

Layer3 Switching: people are smearing your name
OctavNC: i think that my partener give them my adrress and don;t send them anything
OctavNC: i really don't know anything
Layer3 Switching: r u willing to send the phone first?
OctavNC: yes of course that
OctavNC: after i you will receive the phone you will make the payment
OctavNC: agree?
OctavNC: and you will see that i'm a hones person
Layer3 Switching: yes sir
Layer3 Switching: i have no reason to beat anyone out of their money
OctavNC: i understand
OctavNC: just give me your full name and adrress
OctavNC: and i wil shipp the phone first thing in the morning
Layer3 Switching: Get a pen
Layer3 Switching: or copy and paste
OctavNC: yes
Layer3 Switching: Stanley Thornes
Layer3 Switching: 1919 Boulevard De Province Apt 141
Layer3 Switching: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Layer3 Switching: 70816
OctavNC: ok thank you
OctavNC: you will receive the phone in one day and a half
Layer3 Switching: you will receive payment in two days
OctavNC: ok
OctavNC: i will let you know all the info you need
Layer3 Switching: ok
Layer3 Switching: sucks they are smearing your good name on the internet
Layer3 Switching: if all goes well i will vouch for you
OctavNC: ok thank you very much
Layer3 Switching: cool
Layer3 Switching: look forward to the phone and i look for forward to making u happy with 300usd payment  

10 Jun 2004 @ 17:51 by MikeOne @ : Scam on Mobile.de USED CARS
I have just sent an email for a Audi allroad look here the car http://es.mobile.de/cgi-bin/da.pl?id=11111111138901003 as you can see 5.500€ isnt cheap "IS A BARGAIN" , but a bargain for this guys XDDDD, this is a SCAM, i have just asked their with others names and emails that i have and all replys was the same, they agree to send you the car but for been sure that you have the money, you must pay with western union and take out the 10 digit CODE (they say if they dont see the code cant take the money), when they see that you have payed then send the car to you by DHL, you can return back in 10 days if you dont agree.

I'm spanish, and i have read that many people here has received emails from Spain, i think that this is not a Spanish trouble, this is a European trouble, please dont beliabe all that people say to you, maybe can find a bargain, but first ask to western union if anybody can take the money without known the code, and which warranties gives western union on that, as you can suppose, they will not give you warranties, THEN NOT PAY.

Notify to police as soon as possible.

Dont beliabe in Gnomos if you are above 10 years old ;-)  

10 Jun 2004 @ 18:56 by Octavian Nicusor Coman @ : I'M NOT A SCAMER

10 Jun 2004 @ 19:30 by Daiq/Spitfire19 @ : What BS COMAN
Until I get my money back from you I won't believe a damn thing you say. I told you when you screwed me I'd make business hard for you and now you're regreting it. I may have been stupid but I'm not silent. Keep trying to screw people buddy and you'll get yours I promise.  

10 Jun 2004 @ 21:29 by WILDRIDER 10-20-LIFE @ : octavian coman

11 Jun 2004 @ 12:27 by Premierbeast2k @ : Another Romanian Scam
I had sent a request for pictures of an electronic drum set that I saw listed on E-Bay (Canadian) and was sent them. Then the listing disappeard, as well as the sellers ID. So I e-mailed to see if the item was still available and was told that it was and that he'd removed the listing because he'd had an offer and the other guy renigged. So I asked him what he wanted for it and when told $1600 I was jazzed (they sell on E-Bay for over twice that). When I tell him the price is acceptable, he gives me a story about being in Romania and that he used his brother in Canada's account because Romania doesnt have E-Bay. Then he gives me his address and wants the money sent Western Union and he'd immediately ship the set UPS. I sent back saying that I considered that too high a risk and he responded that he'd take half, ship the set and trust me to send the rest when it arrived. I actually was outside of the WU office when I decided to hold off. I contacted the Romanian Toursism office and the man there said to beware of anything internet related coming out of Romania and took the information that the man gave me (including a copy of his Romanian ID card (which had several of the ID numbers whited out). He told me that he has a friend in the city this guy is from that would inspect the merchandise as well as witness the shipment for me. I've e-mailed the aledged seller with that offer but surprisingly I haven't heard back. Stay tuned...  

12 Jun 2004 @ 01:56 by WILDRIDER @ : GROUP

   Join Internet Scam Busters

 MSN Groups


14 Jun 2004 @ 13:15 by antiscam @ : my advice
my advice name him and shame him on this site. give all details: address, email etc..  

17 Jun 2004 @ 08:09 by Un_hacker @ : Sunt cei mai tare hackerii din Romania!!
Ce pot sa zic decat ca noi cei din romania suntem cei mai tari pe eBay si nimeni nu poate sa ne faca ceva!!!!!!!
FAceti ce mai puteti acuj cat mai e timp pentru ca stiu din surse sigure ca o sa avem in Romania cel mai mare atac importiva noastra a hackerilor as ca sa aveti mare grijestiu din serse sigure!!!!!!!!!!1
Aveti grija si fiti cu ochii in patru ca stiu eu ce spun dar tot nu au ce sa ne faca dupa ce eu vam spus sa nu va faceti griji!!
Impreuna suntem de neinvins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

17 Jun 2004 @ 08:11 by Un_Hacker @ : Sunt de acord cu tine gobone sant niste
prostii asa ca o sa le faem noi de cap  

20 Jun 2004 @ 20:33 by Z @ : ebay scams
Has anyone heard of the ebay auctions where you buy information that will allow you to access a website which will get you a cell phone after you pay an additional 40 dollars. When you get the information they tell you that you are on a list to get the cell phone within the next few months and if you auction off the same information you will be bumped up in priority to recieve your cell phone. Any reply will help.  

21 Jun 2004 @ 13:29 by AM77 @ : ROMANIAN SCAMMERS, GO TO HELL!
Thank god for this site! I hope the following keywords when typed on a search engine get innocent buyers HERE and we save them from being cheated by Romanian shit.


25 Jun 2004 @ 01:23 by WILDRIDER @ : SCAMMERS

28 Jun 2004 @ 23:59 by Nathan @ : 1969 camaro scam
They almost got me. I found this cherry 69' camaro on ebay. This guy in the UK wanted $9k buy it now. He said that his brother had recently been killed in a motor cycle accident and he was selling his things. So I emailed him and guess what he wanted me to use western union, 3k upfront the rest due on delivery, shipping free. After calling WU and almost making the transfer, the Wu rep mentioned all of the recent scams. So I did some research and checked the web for the address he gave me, it ended up being a youth center in London. When questioning the seller about it, he dodged the question. And after reading the entries on this site, there are so many similar cases. This site saved me $3000.00, thank you!!! P.S. Glad to be writing thank you instead of Fuck you!!  

30 Jun 2004 @ 16:50 by Tony Deehr @ : DO NOT BUY SEA DOO FROM Ginvrtor
There is a guy by the name of Ginvrtor selling a SEA DOO personal watercraft on ebay. He wanted me to use the western union thing again. I have his address etc. What should I do to report him?  

4 Jul 2004 @ 18:00 by WILDRIDER @ : SEA DOO

18 Jul 2004 @ 01:25 by Almost But Didnt get us! @ : "Michael Linden"
Beware of these sellers!!!!
"Michael Linden" #2484770194 - 2002 Suzuki GSX-R 1300 HayabusaItem location: Athens
Greece Ships to: Canada, Europe, United States

"Samuel Mundi"
#2484680009 - Ducati : Supersport : TESTASTRETTA
28 Agiou Konstantinou Street
Athens 10437

22 Jul 2004 @ 18:01 by Luis @ : I got scammed and i am pissed!!!!
This is the email i got from this asshole after sendig sending emails 2 each other about a Sony Erriccson P900 going for 50us dollars which usually cost about 700 dollars.. I really could have done something with that money 2.

Yes the phone will come in original box with all standards accessories including charger, battery, headset... have one year international warranty.

My payment details are:

First name: Aspritoiu
Last name: Adrian Constantin
Address: Dr. Seteanu Nr 7
City: Dragasani
State: Valcea
Zipcode: 0900
country: Romania

Please try to send me the payment results when you have made the payment ( MTCN and the senders full name and address)
thank you.

I sent him my money, and i have no phone.. They must PAY!!  

22 Jul 2004 @ 18:38 by Scott @ : ebay scam
I had a very similar story to Nathans (above). I contacted an ebayer regarding a 1967 Shelby GT500 which they had advertised for buy it now of $8600. I thought for sure it was a misprint and they meant $86000 but they emailed me back saying it was their brothers in Paris who was recently killed in a motorcycle accident and they needed to sell all his stuff asap so they could get back to the US. I asked for a phone number and they said they couldnt accept long distance phone calls which was my first clue. Then they wanted $3000 Western Union wire transfer and they would pay the shipping. I asked for thier US home address and havent heard back from them. This story is almost exactly what happened to another person who posted a story a couple days ago. Someone needs to make wire transfers more secure. I did not get scammed but I will admit I was close.  

23 Jul 2004 @ 11:53 by Brian @ : 2 More Scams
I found an AWESOME '71 Road Runner 440 six pack for a Buy it now of 9k. It is a 50k car. So I e-mailed to see what was wrong with it and they quickly took the car off of e-bay and told me the car would be mine by sending the wesern Union money. The e-mail was as follows;
As I've told you,in order to proceed with the deal i need a deposit of
3000USD.The payment must be done using a money order service.
I prefer money order because in this way i will ship the car in the same day
you make the payment.
As I've said my grandfather lived in Italy and now i arrived here to take
care of his funerals and to solve his problems here and i want to get back
home asap.
You will arrange payment through western union.You receive and inspect the
machine you have to send me the rest of the money.
The inspection period for it is 3 days.

It was followed by this.....
Here is my name and address you need for the western union transfer:
First name: Guido
Last name: Ovalle
Address: Via Del Corso 14 c
City: Livorno
Country: Italy

If you agree with these terms,let me know and i will be more than glad to
start to complete the transaction with you.
Thank you and I hope that you will have the pleasure to drive this machine.

Then I found a 70 Plymouth Superbird 440, a $100,000 car, and the buy it now was 15k. Again, I e-mailed to see if it was a mistake and the item was taken off of e-bay and this is what I got...

I want to sell my Plymouth Road Runner at the price ($15000) you see on my action, for moment I didn't stabilished any terms, I want to see first wath offert I have, the car was boughted from USA and now is here with me in Bulgaria. It have low miles, I will shipp it back in USA with the same shipping company I used (Cargo Logistic International Inc.)

It was followed by this....
Here is my full name and adress you need for the Western Union deposit:

Name: Susan Baron
Address: 64B General Toshev str.
City: Sofia
Zip Code: 1680

Now email me your shipping adress.

I did not fall for these scams and I have forwarded the messeages to the Authorities and E-Bay security.  

26 Jul 2004 @ 16:58 by GaBoNe @ : hmmm
astia cred ca vor sa mai fie arsi odata.....sugemar de pula de boshiti.....sa suga pula mea...  

27 Jul 2004 @ 13:46 by h hedin @ : gave away $2800, how stupid am I !!!!!!!
My first time ever on eBay a come upon a great deal for a 1 year old 50" plasma tv. Contacted the seller and we agreed on $2800. Gave him my details and recived an email from eBay Trust and Safety (NOT!!!!!!) that guarenteed and insured and gave me instuctions how to pay the seller in the UK. Heard of Western Union, anyone? I paid the money and they´ve been collected and still no plasma tv 7 days later. And for some strange reason the seller is now not returning any of my emails (hmmm).
This person´s username on eBay was stpetejack and he presented himself as John Hubler from Canterburry, Kent, UK in his contacts with me. Since this transaction I´ve also recived emails from what has turned out to be romanians that offers me really great deals on 63" plasma tv´s. Do they all know eachother? Hey, here´s another succer why don´t you have a go aswell!
So that was my first and last time on eBay unless someone can convince me that there are some honest dealings going on at all.
this lesson really cost me. Be warned all you trusting people out there!  

28 Jul 2004 @ 00:16 by HATE SCAMMERS @ : SCAMMERS

28 Jul 2004 @ 11:19 by jeff @ : atv scams

28 Jul 2004 @ 12:35 by dan @ : Scammed?
Hey has anyone heard of scammers going by:
Country: ROMANIA
Zip: 0900
E-mail: impressions102@yahoo.com

Please send me some feedback as soon as anyone can, it is important.  

29 Jul 2004 @ 00:27 by Bob @ : Ebay Scams
My God, the same scam has been going on for over a year and people are still being taken in. Just shows you what greed will do. I'm dealing with scammer now. I'm in the UK and he's in France, give me a postal address in Paris but doesn't check out. I said I would meet him to pick up the items but hey he's too busy. Has suggested that I use WesterUnion but have the name and address of the receiver different from his until I get the items that way it's secure. Then change the name and address to his. Yeh right!
if anyone has problems with a London or UK address. Email me and I'll check it out. Get a telephone number from them as well.

We also need to force Ebay to protect its customers; they've made enough money out of us to do something about it.

If it's too good to be true then its a scam.  

29 Jul 2004 @ 21:33 by Your Well Wisher @ : EBay Scam Item: YAMAHA TYROS KEYBOARD
This romanian rat duped eBay by easily posting somebody else's item
(see subject line) as his own, scammed highest bidder using ZipLip.COM
(another third rate email security/archieving company, i guess)
tools, by sending fake/forged eBay-like, with return addr as eBay,
email that authorized Western Union money transfer. The bidder
never got the item or heard from this romanion/british s.o.b.
So, you do not send money transfer outside usa or you will
regret life long. Sad that eBay simply posted his item with
once used eBay-item-number that is supposed to be unique and
scam proof.  

2 Aug 2004 @ 14:58 by Y2K @ : EBAY = SCAM
What is up with all these people getting scammed?? I just got scammed last night. I wish I found this website earlier. Damn it. I learned my lesson the hard way. All of us should totally try to track these guys. Find their IP Address or something. Get a hacker. Send them a virus. This is ridiculous. Why isn't anyone able to stop these fools??  

2 Aug 2004 @ 15:58 by Jack @ : Cell Phone, legit or sacammer??
Hello I was going to buy about 5000 dlls worth of phones from 2 diferent people,
One is BB molilez and the other is a Woman in Lagoos Nigeria, Sandra Hatrup "phone house inc stores" the 2 want me to send the money western union, so i thick this might be a scam, if you know of these people do tell...  

3 Aug 2004 @ 15:32 by Rob @ : SCAM ALERT
I WAS JUST SCAMED BY AN INDIVIDUAL THAT GOES BY THE ALIAS OF JEAN LEANARD@london.com. I was promised a phone in 48 hours intead I received excuse after excuse. Bottom line is if someone is not willing to meet you, talk to you and only takes a money orders as payment stay away from that deal. There is no way you will ever get your money back. Be aware as you place a bid on e-bay if you get contacted by someone outside the auction offering you the same item for less (SCAM)

These are the scamers that took my money,feel free to send them a nasty virus.

8 Aug 2004 @ 06:46 by Mike S. @ : Ebay scam
I was recently looking for a Kubota tractor and found a great one with the individual showing Colorado as where it was. I looked at the previous ratings and it showed 100% in 142 transactions , but were all another totally different category altogether. It showed nice pictures in the ad and stated to write to another specific and different email. It turns out that the tractor is in France and is virtually brand new and available for only a small fraction of it's worth. There would also be free shipping to Florida, etc, etc. The only payment acceptable would be Western Union and upon deposit the tractor would be shipped. I agreed initially and then backed off after reading the scam info. I may have missed a great deal, but this followed too many of the patterns I have been reading about.  

9 Aug 2004 @ 08:04 by Brian Lim @ : Ebay Scam From The Romanian Fucker
Just now, really really right now, i am exchanging email with this fucker in romania. The complete info she or he gave me is
Zipp/Code: 245700
Country: ROMANIA
This fucker said he/she's from virginia USA? The fuckers english is so bad and he/she came from the states? hehehehe I knew that the fucker is a scam the minute he/she gave me a very low price for a SONY ERICCSON P910... for just only USD130! bwahahaha fucker! By the way, look how the fucking romanian spell zip code.... ZIPP/CODE??? hehehehehe  

9 Aug 2004 @ 12:17 by Mike. @ : Romanian Fucker.
Nokia 6260 for USD 160. Sent cash via western union and got scammed. Haha.

>From: Cecil Ramsey
>To: "Mike ."
>Subject: Re:
>Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 19:45:27 -0700 (PDT)
>Hello, i shipped your package yesterday. Please message me on my cellphone
>number and notify me when you will make the payment (you must made it via
>Western Union). My information are:
>Last Name: ILIN
>Address: BLD DACIA NR 197
>State: DOLJ 1100
>Country: ROMANIA
>Cellphone: +40726997143
>I attached to this e-mail your invoice and the label of the package with
>the tracking number covered. I will gave you the tracking after you notify
>me that you make the payment. And when you message me tell me when you will
>be online too.
>Best Regards.  

9 Aug 2004 @ 13:48 by Yonnko Gantchev @ : Almost got burned
Hi, i almost got burned $300 for a Nokia 9500 Communicator. Since i don't have access to my mail account at work i'll post the e-mails we exchanged when i get back home. For now here are the details he gave me to send him a WU payment:
First Name: Marian
Last Name: Stefan
Address: Sergent Major Dorobantu Constantin Nr 1
City: Slatina
State: Old
Zip: 0500
Country: Romania

The e-mail was something like sylvesttre_little@yahoo.com

9 Aug 2004 @ 18:11 by Yonko Gantchev @ : Almost got burned
Yonko Gantchev wrote:Hi,
As promised here is the full e-mail exchange:

Me: What will be the probable end price of the auction? And will you ship to Bulgaria?
Best regards,

Rom. guy: how many phones do you want to buy?

Me: Just one

Rom. guy: 300 USD for one!!!!

Me: We are talking about a brand new, never opened Nokia 9500 Communicator, transport excluded, 1 pcs., right?
If I order more would there be a discount, and how much?

Rom. guy: of course all my phones are brand new , never opened, the price includ shipping taxes.
if you buy more then 1 you will get a great discount!

Me: Where are you located, if it is close i might pick it up cause i travel a lot. That's the reason that makes me want to buy this phone?

Rom. guy: `m from Romania, but now i`m in Australia.
you have to pay me via western union i will ship you the pack via UPS, because it`s the fastest and in 2 days will be there in your country!

Me: I'm going to be as frank as possible. I would really like to purchase either the 6230 or the 9500... and the price seems a bit low. Can you tell me why is it so low and if everything is allright what sort of guarantees can you give me that this is not a fraud. No offence meant.
Best regards
P.S. What is the price of the 6230 shipping incl.?

Rom. guy: hey, i give you my word that you will get your phone(s), i don`t want to go to jail for some money, i have a fammilly, would you let your fammilly on the street for some money?
let`s make deals not shitt`s ok?

Me: Alright, I'll get back to you on Sunday or Monday.

Rom. guy: ok, i`ll wait for you

Me: Can you give me your info. If there are no waiting lines at the banks i'll probably manage to send the money today.

Rom. guy: ok,
First Name : Marian
Last Name : Stefan
Address : Sergent Major Dorobantu Constantin Nr 1
City : Slatina
State : Olt
Zipp : 0500
Country : Romania

Go and make the transfer ok?
Also i need your info too, so i can start preparing the pack.

Best Slobozi Regards

Me: First Name: Yonko
Last Name: Gantchev
Address: 20A, Sveti Georgi Str., 1st floor, ap. 2
City: Ruse
State: Ruse
Zip: 7012
Country: Bulgaria

The price is 300 USD shipping incl.?

Roim. guy:Hello,

Yes,300 USD with shipping and handling taxes included.
What is the time there?
Best Slobozi Regads,

Me: The time as in: weather or time zone
The weather is fine - sunny.
The time is almost 2 pm

Ok. I'm sending th 300$

Rom: guy: I will your e-mail after you make the payment!

Best Slobozi Regards,

Rom. guy: Hello,

Ok, go and make the transfer, here is the western union office where you can make the transfer, chose :
Western Union Agent locations/Addresses Phone Numbers BULGARIAN POST BANK
(The bastard even dug the closest WU agents for me, not that i did not know them - Mr. Quick click and Slow thinking i guess - this is where he started sounding wayyyyyy tooooo desparate, so i decided to tease him a bit more)

Me: Relax, no need to rush me. I know all this info. I LIVE in the city after all. I'm off.

Rom. guy: Ok,

I will wait for you!

Best Slobozi Regards,

Me: There's way too many people at the bank right now. I'll try in an hour. By the way, how will you ship the package. Will it be insured, for how much will the insurance be. I want it to be insured if you understand me.

Rom. guy: Ok, i will wait for you.
I wil ship the phone via UPS ok? because is the fastest and will be in your city in maxim 2 days.
After i check the transfer i will go and send you the phone and call you to give you all info you need to check and pick up you phone ok?
Give me your phone number ok?

Best Slobozi Regards,

Me: Hello,

The phone will be ship from Romania ok??? (where is that guy - Australia or Romania)


Yonko Gantchev wrote:
Ok, where from Australia will you ship?
My phone number is
Country code: +359
Cell cervice prefix: 88
number: 7259507
So you'd have to dial: +359887259507

Me: Ah, ok. But it will be insured, right?

Rom. guy: Of course it will be insured.

Rom. guy: hey what did you do? did you amke the transfer?
Needless to say i DID NOT "amke" the trasnsfer ;) Just saved me some trouble.  

9 Aug 2004 @ 18:15 by Yonko Gantchev @ : Almost got burned
This is the email of this piece of ****: sylvestre little  

9 Aug 2004 @ 18:18 by Yonko Gantchev @ : Almost got burned
sylvestre little: syllvesttre@yahoo.com

Sorry, forgot to erase the signs  

10 Aug 2004 @ 05:12 by Donbala @ : Almost got burned
Here's a cell phone scam:

marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
hello sir
Me :
hi there
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
you contact me at the phone nokia 9500
Me :
yes I did.
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
you want to buy this phone?

Me :
I would be, if it's available.
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
yes it is
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
how much you offer for this phone?

Me :
I haven't looked into the price yet.
Me :
Is there a figure that you're looking at?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
i want to sell this phone
Me :
yes ofcourse..
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
you want to buy?
Me :
yes.. but I'm also cost conscious
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
how much you offer for this phone?
Me :
well, I've been looking into the 150 ball park phones
Me :
and came across this one
Me :
that's my upper limit
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
the payment is via western union
Me :
and why is that?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
As a payment method we have chosen WesternUnion's services because
they always served our interests in a professional manner and helped us
gain buyers. We consider promptitude a vital condition on the modern
eCommerce markets and a guarantee of quality
Me :
let me ask you this.
Me :
the phone is not available in the N/A market yet.
Me :
so where is this from?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
the phone is brand new in Europe
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
in international la boxes
Me :
and being shipped in the US?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
yes shipping in US
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
shipping included
Me :
ok..any issues Canada?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
Me :
Me :
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
i call my boss sir
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
Me :
Me :
just a few details on the phone..
Me :
is this a new in a box deal? if so what's in it?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
the phone is brand new in Europe in original boxes
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
work in all network
Me :
ok..any details on what's in the box. As in hand free set, extra battery, etc
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
all accessories included in price of phone
Me :
so, is there a hand free set included?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
Me :
I'm just getting more details on it
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
no problem sir
Me :
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
you buy this phone?

Me :
my next question is the shipping to Toronto, Canada
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
yes i shipp in Canada
Me :
ok.and who handles the shipping cost?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
shipping included
Me :
alrgith sounds good to me.
Me :
just a quick question in regards to the Western Union
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
Me :
it's rather an unsual tactic.
Me :
You have had many posting on ebay..unless you handle this on behalf of "others"
Me :
I personally have not used WU on ebay.
Me :
any comment on that?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
As a payment method we have chosen WesternUnion's services because
they always served our interests in a professional manner and helped us
gain buyers. We consider promptitude a vital condition on the modern
eCommerce markets and a guarantee of quality
Me :
I understand this..it's a good cut'n paste.
Me :
I'm not trying to play hard ball.
Me :
just curious on the payment details.
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
i understend you
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
As soon as we agree upon the trasaction terms I will make the S&H
arrangements and schedule a pickup with UPS
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
You will receive your
package in 3 working days at most. We ship all packages having written
on them "display unit, no comercial value" or as a gift so you don't
have to pay any additional taxes like customs or dutys.

Me :
ok got it.
Me :
Me :
what would be the next step..
Me :
to complete the deal?
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
you send me your full information to makre reservation for you to UPS
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
i give you my full information for the payment
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
when the payment is done and you give me the MTCN (money,transfer,control,numeber) and i verify the payment i will give you the traking number and scaned paper from UPS


marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
i need to call my boss
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
to ask if sell you this phone for 150 USD
Me :
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
in 5 minutes i will tell you
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
sir you want to buy this phone for 200 USD shipping included
Me :
Me :
that would cost be 300 canadian $$
Me :
I'll buy this if you're willing to come down to 150 USD..which would be 225 CDN$$ for me.
Me :
speak to your boss and see what you can do for me.
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
Me :
I can/will refer you to other people
Me :
upon a sucessful deal with me.
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
ok sir 150 USD
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
if ypu promiss you buy more phone for me
Me :
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
when you make the payment?

Me :
give me the details

Cojocaru Marian Dumitru
Aleea Rozelor Nr.9

marius_puiut@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
give me your full information to make reservation for you to UPS


11 Aug 2004 @ 21:06 by A$W_Sefu banilor @ : fratilor , suntem number pe chestia asta
hey fucking shit's
i just want to tell you something
you fucking bastards because of you stupid dick shit's i have made a fortune
fucking ass holes your comments made me even stronger and more willing to fucking rob you off all your money and everything i wold find, americans, germans, french , italyan , chinese it dosen't matters we will fucking get you all
how's this english for you , is it good for you
fucking shit's ,
i will steel from your mothers graves
you will not have peace in the grave when you die because of me
fucking ass holes eat shit
gabone , frate si voi toti hecarii adevaraty din romania , nu ascultati ce zic unii suntem cei mai buni ,
si fara suparare dragasani e nr one ,
nu-i asa gabone
hai noroc tata  

11 Aug 2004 @ 23:58 by Jamie Lee @ : ATV scam from france
Hey, latest from france. My husband and I were looking for a sweet deal on atv's on ebay. It seems that in France, they must get atv's for cheap so we started emailing all the sellers. Like always, free shipping, requested western union. For some reason my husband started researching "buying and selling atv's online". We came across this sight and many more about foriegn sales that needed to be quick and discreet. One guy said he needed our money to buy a house for his wife. He was selling his polaris 700, 2004 for 3,000 bucks. I don't know what kind of house you can buy w/ $3,000 dollars. They all wrote in bad english, they knew a friend in fed-ex or ups, and their atv couldn't be registered in france. Honestly, who ships an 800#, 1/2 price, brand new, never used atv from france to California for FREE???? Yea, it sounded too good to be true...and we wanted it. What freaked us out is that as soon as we got the emails from the seller, the ad dropped from ebay. Convienent, huh?  

17 Aug 2004 @ 19:26 by kate @ : tractor scam
my partner saw a tractor for sale on ebay- was interested in it and contacted the seller about it. The next day the tractor had been taken off ebay so he contacted the buyer to find out if it was still for sale. After a few days of emails back and forth finding out about the tractor and what we had to do to buy it, the man (Phillip Mayers) gained our trust with comments like "Hello,
My name is Phillip Mayers and i am glad about your interest in hearing details about my mower.It has only 15 hours on it and the mower's deck is 60 ".Since november 2003 i am located in where i tried to develop a business down here in Athens,Greece but unfortunately the things didn't work the way i expected.
I bought this tractor from US and it's in perfect condition as you can tell by the condition in the pictures It has all the services done.The mower was never crushed,droped,is in the same condition as it was when I bought it - even better!.
I had made this decision to sell the tractor faster only for $3400 USD,shipping included. I even decided to support all the shipping charges in order to make a smooth deal for this mower. I will use FedEx International Freight for shipping, so you will be able to receive it in 3-4 working days (depending on your exact location). The tractor will be crated, will have an insurance and will be delivered at your door without you beeing charged one penny more. As soon as I have your firm decision that you want to buy, I will take the mower to FedEx and pay all the taxes for the shipping including the insurance and the custom fees.

Let me know if you want to deal so we can discuss the payment terms.
Warm Regards,Phil" also this when we were a little dubious about something..
There is nothing to be worried about this deal.I have a wonderfull child and a gorgeous wife, I won't risk all that, my career, my freedom and my future for anything in the world!You can count on that! After i have received the confirmation of payment from you and in 12 hours you don't have a tracking number from Fedex you will go and get your money back from Western Union.I need only time to get the mower ready for you and go to Fedex.If you don't have a Fedex tracking number in 12 hours you get you money back.After you have the tracking number you can call Fedex and ask them.I have stopped the auction cause I got a very good deal from a buyer ,but he got back to me and said he can't make the purchase doe to some unexpected family expenses.I'll wait you decision as ý have to make mine and sell the mower.

I hope you are a serious buyer.

We transferred £1800 via western union last week, we received emails after untill the day he was going to ship it out and now nothing- I have sent vaious emails to no avail- I have checked with Western Union and the money has been collected. We both feel absolute fools and don't know what the next step is to get this bastard- he called himself "phils_coins" on ebay and had a god track record (supposedly) but not for selling tractors eh?!  

18 Aug 2004 @ 06:38 by tanner @ : Another Romania Scammer using eBay
Beware of GEANA PETRE IULIAN. His cell (and i verified) is +40726602048 and he claims his address is REGELE CAROL STREET, DRAGASANI, ROMANIA 0900. He uses asgad99@hotmail.com and pattlove_22@yahoo.com. His IP was tracking to the US as well!?

Initially he wanted US$350 for a Nokia 9500 then said $AUD350, dropping quickly to $AUD330 if i gave an immediate decision. After I indicated that I was not comfortable paying all upfront he proposed $AUD165 upfront and then $AUD165 upon delivery. Not surprisingly he wanted to use Western Union and when I stated that instead that we use UPS Exchange Collect, he cracked the shits. Dickhead!

For those out there who are looking for a Nokia 9500 (like I still am) don't be fooled by those who are offering them for ridiculous prices. They cost about $US1000 retail and there is currently a world shortage in supply to cope with demand. We don't even have them here in Australia yet!

So in short, here's a few wise suggestions for those out there with little experience using eBay:
- scammers use other ppls eBay user to post products that link only to their email claiming they cannot be contacted through eBay... it's bullshit! Sadly, those who have built-up quality reputations have been fooled by spoof emails that have really robbed them of their user and password. Any person with a good eBay reputation claiming he can't be contacted directly has had his user stolen
- Don't trust Romanians... period!
- IP trace any email if you really want to risk it (arin.net & ripe.net)
- Ask yourself, "Is the price too good to be true?"
- demand to use UPS Exchange Collect, if they are ligit then they won't mind, if they're not they crack the shits

best of luck


23 Aug 2004 @ 04:02 by joe @ : Jetski- Sounds Like a Scam

I will be sending the jet from Marseille, France. The jet has around 10
hours of normal use (only in fresh water). I have cancelled my auction for a
"hot" buyer but he is not returning my emails anymore. From my point of view
the deal with him is OFF. If you have cash ready then the jet is yours.

I will not accept COD because of bad past experience with non-paying buyers.
It is a large shipment and I can't afford it sent back on my expense if you
don't show up at the pick-up point or you don't have the entire amount for
the bike now.

To complete this transaction I will need your shipping address (including
your phone number) to prepare the shipping forms. You will have to find the
nearest Western Union office, or I can help you find the nearest office
(send me your home address) and make a wire transfer on my name and address.
After you make the wire transfer, please email me the tracking number of the
transfer so I can check if the funds are there.
Here are my details for the transfer:

First name: Kevin
Last name: Capel
Street: 46 Bd Charles Livon
City: Marseille
ZIP: 13284

After I will receive your confirmation I will start the shipment and you
will receive the jet in 5 working days. You will cover for the wire transfer
fee (which is aprox. 3-4%) and I will cover for the shipping, insurance and
handling charges.

Please advise, Kevin

>To: bondbreyer@msn.com
>Subject: Re: Question about Postage for item #2487727200 - 2003 SEADOO XP
>Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004
>I am very interested in the
>Can you please tell me how many hours are on the Jetski.
>If you still have the Jets for sale let me know.
>If you are shipping from France, is there anyway to pay COD or bank wire
>receipt (that is with a good faith deposit).
>Thank You

>In a message dated 8/22/2004 10:44:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>bondbreyer@msn.com writes:
>I have for sale a 2003 SEADOO GTX 4TEC SUPERCHARGED for $3,900 US, a 2003
>SEADOO GTI LE for $3,500 US and a 2003 SEADOO XP DI for $3,500 US (the
>includes shipment and insurance charges). We bought them in order to make a
>showroom, but life had another plan for us.
>My wife was promoted but we had to move to France and we do not have time
>use them anymore. Besides, there are a lot of things which have priority
>now, so, these jets have to go. These are US jets and we can`t sell them
>localy. Also we did not pay the duties yet for bringing them in France and
>if we resell them back to US there will be no more duties to be paid. Now
>have our money stuck with these jets so the low prices are for a fast cash
>They are in perfect condition with very low miles, no dents or scratches,
>babied as to be displayed in a showroom. They have always been garage kept,
>and are in showroom condition. All the jets come with clean and clear
>Please tell me which one you want, and I'll get back to you asap. If you
>interested in two or all of them I can offer you a good discount (10%-25%)
>from the total amount.
>We will not accept loan buyers or financing because time is a real issue
>Thank you for your understanding,

27 Aug 2004 @ 01:54 by Arianna @ : Sony Ericsson S700
I "bought" something form ebay and I wished I had seen this page before I did it, because I got scammed and actually the person I did from marius_puiut@yahoo.com is talked about here... He asked me for the payment through western union, and, since the person I was getting the phone for had seen the page, and liked the price, I didn't even think I could get scammed. I'm really mad, I didn't hear from the guy after he got the money and it's been almost 2 weeks. My friend found this page and well, I really wished we would've read it before.
If you have any advice on what I could do (if there's actually enything I could do) PLEASE let me know!!!!. Thanks!  

29 Aug 2004 @ 05:48 by Christopher Jensen @ : Mateusi Florin = Scammer!
Yes, I too was scammed. I was browsing cell phones on eBay and I had decided I was interested in an Ericsson P910. I found an auction for the same phone, just an older model which had already ended with out a winner. I contacted the seller to ask if he would be willing to sell the phone for $100USD (a really good deal). He responded to my request and over the next several emails we agreed on terms. He said $100 USD was a fair price and I didnt think anything of it since a newer model was just released. Mateusi Florin asked that I Western Union him $100 USD and he would overnight the phone to me the next day. I was a bit skeptical but since he had so much positive feedback on eBay, plus provided me with his telephone number and address, I went through with it. Two days later, no cell phone. We called and he took our name and promised to send the UPS tracking # after we got off the phone with him. I never got the tracking number. Feeling quite frustrated I called back only to be hung up on. This has been going on for nearly a week now. Ive called many times, sent many emails, and left countless voicemails. No phone, no refund. Do not buy from this man! He will take your money and run. I have no intentions of letting this go. He will wish he never scammed me. Maybe Mateusi should try to make an honest living and stop stealing our hard earned cash. Theives go to hell.

Name: Mateusi Florin
Street: 1 Mai
City: Dragasani
State: Valcea
Country: Romania
Zip: 0900
Mobile #: +40741310758
Email: Florinake999@yahoo.com
eBay Account: y2j469 (but I suspect it to be a stolen account)  

30 Aug 2004 @ 20:50 by Noah @ : THANKS MINK
HOLY CRAP DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm very stupid and this e-mail has saved me a LOT of money!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the advice mink!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Sep 2004 @ 14:30 by Mark @ : ebay harley scam
Don't be tempted, I was. '02 Harley Fat Boy Custom $6000.00 - too good to be true. Here is a reply after I asked the seller a question. The ad listed the item in Mt. Ida, AR, no payment instructions, and a message to contact the seller asap to be put on a preferred buyer list.
Re: Question for item #2488583183 - Harley-Davidson : Softail : Fat Boy
Date: 8/31/2004 3:20:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Fred Lidman
I received your email regarding my Bike.
First you have to know bidding is restricted since I am carefull with my auction,so noone will press the button until I have the assurance that he will buy it.
The bike is in perfect condition,with no scarches on it,no dammage.The price for the bike with shipping included, is $6,000.
All the manuals and the original documents are in English.It is
made for US market and has US specs on it (speedometer in milles.The buyer will receive this along with all papers and recipts that he needs
to register it in his name.
He will receive the TITLE,keys,owner manual...
It has a Clear Title and it is in Showroom Condition.
The bike is in London, United Kingdom and it will be shipped from here on my expence so,please REPLY WITH YOUR NAME AND SHIPPING ADDRESS IN YOUR NEXT EMAIL.
Shipping will be done via FedEx and it w ill take no more then 6 days.I have a friend at fedex who will manage me a low price shipping and I assumed that it is from me to pay for shipping it.When I will shipp it,I will declare it as a gift so that you will pay no cusoms when you will receive it and for this it will be delivered directly to your address.

To see the Bike click on the link : http://www.geocities.com/probikers2003/HarleyDavidsonFatBoy.html

Also, I have to let you know that I want a proof that you have all the money availble for this deal as I will shipp it in the same day or next day morning ,after you proove to me that you are the real buyer.

It looks very tempting but after I requested a Phone # to contact seller with no reply. then the listing dropped off of ebay. I then read some of the posting here and thought what an idiot I am. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

The most important thing in all my activity here is that I am affiliated at eBay Square Trade , I have a a purchase protection account for 10000$ and I assume you know what this means.So,the finacial part of this deal wil! l be manage by them.
Let me know if this is ok with you,so t hat we can move forward with this deal!

1 Sep 2004 @ 22:37 by kakat gheorhe @ : sa va fut
bagavas pula in gat mi-ati bagat numele aici mrrrrrrr sugeti pula ma sunt mai rapid ca aerul nu puneti voi mana pe mine  

2 Sep 2004 @ 08:38 by alle @ : sony ericsson p910 scam!!!
bloody hell!!!! Just got scammed AUD$200.00 by scammer named Mircea Buruleanu!!! I was going to send another $450.00!!!! Luckily for this website, I managed to save it!!!
Fucking hell!! Hope he goes to hell!! Bastard Romanians (the bad ones only esp scammers).  

3 Sep 2004 @ 03:05 by Mr Clark @ : Auto Scam from Europe
Legit looking user with lots of positive feedback (can you say hacked user?) and pictures of a VERY nice completely restored 1966 Corvette... I mean SWEET looking car... Buy it now price? $120.00 Ok, so I'm thinkin typo... nobody gives away cars this nice, but still, I'm interested in the car... but there's a catch. You have to be "pre-qualified"... so I email and ask how. An email comes back with the same funny details I've been reading here and a story about how this guy's dad died and left him this car ( in Greece ) But there's no item reference # on the email and the car has DISAPPEARED from Ebay listing. He wants a $4000 deposit ( I guess there's no other cost ) and he'll ship free anywhere in the world. If I'm ok with this email and he'll give me where to wire the funds ( hairs on the back of my neck now standing straight up ) Ahhhhhh, hmmmmmm.... let me think about it... NO!  

3 Sep 2004 @ 06:40 by chris @ : motorola razr v3
hello everyone
i put a bid on ebay for a cell phone when i went back to check on it the phone was gone. i was pissed. then i checked my email and found that this guy emailed me and i asked him how much was shipping and the usual question. Well after emailing him back and forth for about a day i went to the western union and sent him 300dollers when i got home i hoped back on ebay and looked up motorola razr v3 cell phone and i saw a auction for 10000 dollers so i had to check it out and in that auction there was a warning about Romanian scaming people so i calle western union (18003256000 option 2 then press 0 and an operator will asist you) and cancelled the transfer. i was really lucky thanks to that ebayer who put up that notice. well i DIDN'T stop emailing him i fucked him around for another day. I finally blew it when i wrote ok letts use the escrow account and i have not heard back from him if i do i will upload some of the funnest programs on his computer. I am a united states marine. After reading all these coments i think we need to start the global war on scammers not terrism ohhhhhhhhhh hell lets just do both no fuck it lets nukum till they glow and shootem in the dark
Semper Fi
(always faithfull)  

3 Sep 2004 @ 12:16 by comatru @ : fraud
All the persons frauded by romanians please send me a message
i can help u  

3 Sep 2004 @ 23:51 by daucusabia @ : bha cacati cu ochi
sa ne sugeti de pula ma fraierilor...tot prosti o sa ramaneti.daca nu eram noi romanii nu ati mai fi avansat din epoca primitiva.voi munciti pe 2000$ pe luna shi noi avem salariu de 2 milioane pe luna.
sa va tragem la muie.
HAI BAIETII PE EI!!!!shi sa le trage in continuare la muian

10 Sep 2004 @ 05:21 by Anita @ : Ebay mobile phone scam
Like many others on this site I was scammed by a guy who was selling Nokia mobile phones. The wording of his email was the same as a few of the others posted on this site.

His name is Minh Gunier, or Minh Nguyen and he went by the ebay name of bayterm. Email address was mtmt88880@yahoo.com.
After I sent an email back to him advising that I was going to have this investigated by the police, he sent me an email supposedly from ebay requesting my user name and password for both ebay and hotmail. I can only assume he wanted to delete any information I have on him. I have taken this up with the police and have received information from Western Union about the transaction at his end.


You think the world is a big place - but thanks to the same technology that helps you scam us, we are now able to track you down. At this very moment, the police are getting security camera images of my scammers visit to Western Union and he will be tracked down. Hell hath no fury like a ripped off westerner!!!  

11 Sep 2004 @ 17:10 by tpage @ : TREO 600 scam......ROMANIA
Don't fuck with them. They got me for $270 on a Treo 600. Be on the look out for e-mails similar to these. The guy goes by the name of


First I want to tell you that my phones are brand new, unopened box
all listed accessories included and also an international warranty.
The invoice will come at the same time with the package.
My buy it now price is the best you could get: 270usd/unit, including the
shipping and insurance taxes. We will pay them because the package
will be delivered from Europe.
As delivery service we use UPS2days air service (with insurance and
15 days return policy), because it's the faster. And if you will have
a quick payment, we must also have a quick delivery. So that's why we
use as a payment method Western Union money transfer, the fastest and
also very secure way of sending money.
The phones work using any network, any mobile provider.
So, if you agree with my terms I'm sure
that we can close the deal as soon as possible.
Waiting your quick answer right now,

yes in 2 days after payment is confirmed
All you have to do is to find a western union agent and wire the money.Please go on
and find the closest agent from your location so you can wire the money.
The information you need is:
FIRST NAME: Mihail Alin
LAST NAME: Gheorghescu
ADDRESS:st 24 ianuarie nr 5
Zip: 0300
Mail me asap after the trasfer is made so I can begin the delivery.
Please send me the info i need to make the delivery.


14 Sep 2004 @ 17:25 by Eli Baum @ : fbi
Over a year ago I was scammed by someone in Spain. I was nieve, what can I say. Anyway, I contacted the fbi computer fraud department. I was told that there had to be at least 100,000 dollars stolen in order to open an overseas investigation. Well, reading these comments, I'd say there is 100,000 usd of scammed money here and more happening everyday. If anyone is willing, get to me and lets see if we can open a case. To any scammers who get your kicks off robbing people remember this, what goes around comes around. So when horrible things happen in your life, curl up with your cash and know you did it to yourself.  

15 Sep 2004 @ 19:27 by steve @ : attempted scam on imac g5
I have been exchanging email with id: antycry@aol.com
it reads identical to that above.
I'd love to get this person and no money has changed hands yet.
What can be done? I seem to have them waiting for me to decide to go forward with the transaction (yeah right?)  

16 Sep 2004 @ 08:20 by sonikseller@yahoo.co.nz @ : scammers
Fuck you assholes.What we`ve done around the ears was because the Romanian Econimia is shit.if we have had your salarys or money we had never been scamming on ebay but makeing fraud to you suckers is kind`a makeing justice.  

16 Sep 2004 @ 16:03 by tbrown @ : ROMANIAN ARE NO GOOD
Thank for the nice comment sonikseller@yahoo.co.nz. Very well put. But to sum it all up all romanians stink. There ugly, the scammers, and did I mention they stink. The police is on you all ass. So stop all of your wampering. Please be advised that after you all are arrested you will be shipped to the US where you will have of the freedom in the world and a someone is going to make you there bitch. Sincerely, mr. Brown  

17 Sep 2004 @ 03:44 by Kelli @ : Harleys bought out of US
Can anyone tell me if they ever bought a Harley Davidson from a country other than the U S and been scammed, I see alot of people on here that have cought them selfs from being scammed, but has anyone sent money threw western union for a bike and never recieved it...Thanks for your help  

19 Sep 2004 @ 13:55 by nick @ : ROMANIAN SCAMS
well, over 2 years ago, i fell for one of the scams....never expected to hear from anyone again, until......I received a registered return receipt mail from the romanian govt asking me to be present at none other than the trial for the person whom i sent money to. This letter came 4 days ago, so who knows, maybe they'll start to crack down on this stuff. btw, i sent 700 bucks. -nick out. if anyone would like further info, contact me a nmcclure@neo.tamu.edu  

22 Sep 2004 @ 05:52 by savebydabell @ : Sony Ericsson P910 Scam
I had the same experience with the Romanian guy, he offered me SE p910 for $500 for 2 of them. He wanted me to send payment thru Western Union with the following info...Adrian Alexander Munteanu, Prundeni #45, Romania 0911. He replied on every single one of my emails regarding the purchase of two phones. I also ask for his number so I can verify that it was a legit number, it was a phone alright, nothin' but busy signal. I checked where Prundeni was, and I couldn't find it in Romania, so that raised my red flag. I emailed him asking where exactly was he located, he replied pretty frustrated, he said he was born there. I mentioned I called the number and no one answered, the last email that I sent him was returned due to failure delivery. Thank goodness, I listened to my instincts. Now, I'm very vigilant on things that I bid on. Buyer Beware!!!!!!  

22 Sep 2004 @ 09:34 by D @ : Scam - IMAC - G5.
Hi, I to have almost been scammed by this Adrian Alexander Munteanu, Prundeni #45, Romania 0911 - AKA Antycry@aol.com

After the initial email about transfere via western Union. I asked him to use Pay Pal or money brokers.... his response today:

i'm Excellent seller, good in communications and easy to work with me ...
i don't want to dissapoint you...I I am not a scam artist, and the last thing I want to do is rob you.
I am a very honest man honest in every aspect of my life and like to believe that we have a mutual trust.look i live by the rules ...money to me is nothing in life it the trust that it count ,
If you try to scam somebody in life, later on life will scam you back.
I promise, you won't be dissapointed. I am a man of my word.You can count on me.About our deal I assume we are 2 mature persons who want to make a fair deal.
I understand you are alittle concerned from this point of view but this is not the case.I am a very good ebayer with a very good rating and my interest is to have very good deals on ebay so
i can have in the future good deals.If i will make with you a good deal,you will recommend ! ! me ,maybe ,to your friends or to other persons.For me it is very important to have permanent deals on ebay,
any negatiVe deal will not make good to me.More,i will provide 15 days money back warranty,i mean ,if in 15 days you will change your mind you will resend the item to me on my expenses.I think this is more than fair.
But i need to provide me the payment confirmation, prior to shipping in order to make the shippment.I hope you can understad me and also,i hope we can finalize this deal in the best manner.
You will have my personal quarentee you will receive the item immediately without questions... i promise.
i keep my word in every part of this deal..
mail me asap
My response:
????, That is fine, But If I am to transfer monies, I will need some sort of secure way of transferring monies to you and as part of that I would want some sort of identification details.

As this would be done outside of Ebay, it would be on a complete trust basis. for that I would need something mort rock solid about who you are. Can you provide this using something like pay pal, or moneyborkers.

Sorry to sound un-trusting. we are talking about a lot of money and I have seen the reviews on Ebay about you. I just need some additional re-assurance.

An alternative is to re-list one of the items on Ebay and then i'll happily hit buy it now and send monies via what ever format you choose.

I really want to make a deal here. but you have to help me feel more secure.
His response:
i am sorry but i this are my rules
i will only shipp after payment is made trough western union
My final response:
Sorry, No deal then.

I then found this page doing a search on Google with the words 'Antycry@aol.com '

Be vigilant people.... you can always use search engines to probe into people.

NEVER do money transferes without using a secure site that uses passport or other from of guarantees such as moneybrokers or PayPal.  

22 Sep 2004 @ 18:15 by Butter Cup @ : P910 Cell phone
I want to know if it is fraud.
NAME: Mihai Nicolae
STREET: 1 decembrie 1918
ZIP: 0300

This is what is the seller said First:sir i accept payment by Western Union in CASH(no accept action payment or bidpay)
This is the second thing the seller said:
NAME: Mihai Nicolae
STREET: 1 decembrie 1918
ZIP: 0300
This is the third thing the seller said:Dear Sir,
i'm American ,i live in America but right now i'm gone in a business trip to Europe,thats way i
have 2 adress for the moment.
and if you whant to buy something from me you must send the money here in Europe,
You will make the payment by Money Order(Western Union)in cash and after i send you the item by
UPS Express from here...,
the item will be in your hands in 2 working days after you make the payment.
I wait your reply very soon
Best Regards!!!
This is the forth thing the seller said:
Dear Sir,
only escrow service that i can accept is this: www.escrow-business-safe.org
If you are agree whit this service please let me know...
This is the fifth thing the seller said:
ok sir, i wait your reply whit your user ID from the escrow

I wasn't secure doing business with western union so i asked if the seller would use the esrow as our payment method, and the seller agreeded. But he insisted to use www.escrow-business-safe.org, and i am currently in trasaction with the seller.


23 Sep 2004 @ 16:36 by Biggie @ : Ebay Sport bike scams ...
This is the email I recieved from the scammers:

These bikes retail over $10,000.00

To good to be true ....

We have for sale a 2004 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (yellow/black color scheme) for $3,000 US, a 2004 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (blue/white color scheme) for $3,100 US, a 2004 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 (blue/white color scheme) for $3,200 US and a 2004 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R (silver/purple color scheme)for $3,400 US (the price includes shipment and insurance charges). We bought them in order to make a showroom, but life had another plan for us.

My wife is from United Kingdom and we have decided to move here. Besides, there are a lot of things which have priority now, so, these bikes have to go. These are US bikes and we can`t sell them localy. Also we did not pay the duties yet for bringing them in UK and if we resell them back to US there will be no more duties to be paid. Now we have our money stuck with these bikes so the low prices are for a fast cash deal.

They are in perfect condition with very low miles, no dents or scratches, haven't been dropped or laid down, babied as to be displayed in a showroom. They have always been garage kept and are in showroom condition. They don`t need any repairs or paint work. All the bikes come with clean and clear titles.

Please tell me which one you want, and I'll get back to you asap. If you are interested in two or all of them I can offer you a good discount (10%-25%) from the total amount for a package deal. We will not accept loan buyers or financing because time is a real issue for us. Thank you for understanding.

Our moto: Under promise & Over achieve,
Ann & Ray  

23 Sep 2004 @ 19:17 by nomkull @ : what's this
i donot understand what you mean by scamer so i need your reply now  

24 Sep 2004 @ 05:40 by aaron @ : harley scam
thank god for this site. i was just about to send money. i thought i would just do a little search first. thank you everbody who has shared their experiences on this site. i hope people will catch on and shut these losers out  

27 Sep 2004 @ 20:12 by M.Florin @ : I'M NOT A SCAMMER

28 Sep 2004 @ 22:01 by DRITT @ : INFINITI FX45 SCAM ON EBAY

29 Sep 2004 @ 16:52 by notgonnabescammed @ : screw with the scammer
I had an idea. Why don't we spread the word to everyone we can about the scammers and in our spare time go to the ads and click on ask seller a question. Do it over and over and over and just type in something like screw you! If enough people do this we could litter their email boxes with trash email and make it harder for them. It seems like right now most of their mail is from prospective suckers or suckers complaining about their loss. What if hundreds or thousands of us started sending them trash mail over and over in our spare time. At least then they would have to sift thru their mail to find the suckers! I don't know it was just an idea....  

1 Oct 2004 @ 05:32 by Greg @ : Harley Scam
This is a true story, it happened to me TODAY!
I am a producer for a major TV network and have busted many scam artists over the years but never thought one was good enough to bust me. Yesterday, I went to eBay to buy a Harley and saw one that was beautiful, and only $7500... Skeptical, I e-mailed the seller THROUGH e-Bay... and received assurance that all was ok, he wrote me very descriptive notes on the bike with great pix and all that stuff. Shipping free, blah blah. Using ebay's mediator "Square -Trade" the sale (all of a sudden the bike was in Italy) looked and felt fine...I got an answer to all my questions and was told that Square trade would hold the money until I got the bike. The e-mails led me to sites with the e-bay logo and square-trade logo as well (these turned out to be FAKES (I am keeping this short) Cut to today... (he got me this far) I am standing on line with almost $8000 in my hand at Western Union, form filled out and ready to hand the money to the woman to send to what I believe to be Square Trade... when I got this sick feeling that something just wasn't right. I said sorry to the woman and went back to my office and typed the key words: Harley, scam and eBay into the search engine and to my shock, there were cases all over the place of people caught in the exact same scam. When I mailed ebay this info they sent me a FORM letter (they must get a ton of scams) BEWARE of this... I got lucky!  

9 Oct 2004 @ 02:51 by Steven @ : A Litle Scam Payback
I was almost scammed when some guy sent me fake western union emails and i almost fell for it but didnt. The guy even sent me a fedex account number touse to ship it to him in africa. I was so pissed about him trying to scam me. Me and all my friends took a shit in a box and i then used his fedex account number to fedex it to him. I know it is gross but i wish i could be there to see his face when he opens the box.  

12 Oct 2004 @ 19:59 by HAcker @ : asta este fratilor
daca ei vor sa trimita bani noi ce sa le facem??????noi ne facem datoria de romani cuvinciosi ce suntem shi......$$$$$$$$vin,.....shi curg......shi facem avere....:)))))))))))  

17 Oct 2004 @ 17:34 by Frank @ : scams and lawsuits
After reading all of these scams about ebay and western union why cant a class action lawsuit be filed against them?It is apparent that ebay needs to have a failsafe site for auction items.They cant be allowed to sit back and not be responsible for the scams on thier website.If anyone knows of a current lawsuit against these giants ,let me know. I would be glad to put my name to it.  

20 Oct 2004 @ 19:12 by Nita @ : Ebay scam
I was just ripped off this past week. A 2001 Yamaha R6 was posted on ebay. The guy had the Ask A Seller question box on the actual page of the listing. I sent a message about the bike. He emailed me back the same day telling me that him and his wife were getting a divorce and he needed to get rid of the bike. He was in Greece right now...he was originally from Australia, supposedly. He told me that ebay had the bike b/c he was in Greece. I emailed him about the total cost and it was $2000, too good to pass up, now I know that it was too good to be true. I sent him my address and name and once I did this then he would contact ebay and they would email me about it. I got an invoice from ebay the next day telling me that I can send through Western Union and they would hold the funds until I received the bike and was satisfied. This was a spoofed email. Well, I had purchased stuff off ebay before and I trusted the whole process, so I sent the money the same day. I had a feeling that something wasn't right, but figured that I wouldn't do that so why would someone else. VERY Naïve. Anyway, as soon as I sent the money I had the feeling of going and getting the money back, but I just thought I just got scared b/c it was so much money. I faxed the WU transaction stuff to the fax# provided, b/c I was supposed to be faxing that to ebay. The guy even emailed me back telling me that ebay had contacted him and told him that I needed to refax b/c something didn't go through right. So I refaxed. I was so taken b/c I was too trusting. The guy even sent me a false shipping report. The guy emailed me telling me to email him back to let him know if I get the bike and if I'm going to keep it. Awwww, I was such a dumbass. But right after I sent the money I had emailed ebay asking about the transaction to see how long it would take. They emailed me back 2 days later telling me that the email I received was a spoof and that the person's userid had been hijacked and not to send them any money....I had already sent the money. I wish I would of emailed them before I sent the money. I was just wanting a good deal and didn't use my common sense and intuition. Just watch out.  

24 Oct 2004 @ 09:13 by Fagito2000 @ : PayPal
Guys I have one question, if anyone can please help me. People say that PayPal is a safe way of internet transactions and since evth we see happening around I have been considering to get a PayPal account. What is stopping me and making me doubt is that I have of course to give my credit card details and with all the hucking things happening around I am scared that it is as unsafe as WU.

Any feedback and experience will be appreciated.  

24 Oct 2004 @ 09:32 by Alex @ : Almost fell for it
I also have one almost very bad experience. Becaise of everything happening around I always try to make my internet buying transactions from local auction websites so i can pick up the product myself from the seller. I know of course that this is limited, as it stops me of bidding internationally. The reason why is because few months ago i was looking to buy a laptop. I got different offers from people who saw me bidding something in Ebay, offering me the same product for REDICILOUS low price. So one time i almost go for it and i also found myself ready to go to WU to send the money....the guy assured me that if i dont send him the transaction No. it was impossible for him to get the money....until i did a little research in WU sites (right before i was on my way to send the money) and i read that WU can not assure all their branches around the world will ask for that number....that made me change my mind at last minute....and also that all those offers are from people that they are in anotehr country at the moment...what a coinsidence! So then i decided to look in a local auction site and there i found a laptop with the specifications i wanted. I called the guy, we agreed on evth and a day after i was standing outside his house (with a friend of mine for safety reasons). The guy was indeed a normal honest businessman who wanted to sell his laptop. He let us try and test evth on the laptop, so I left with a very good laptop and very much satisfied.....the idea only that i could have fall for the fraud of these guys in Ebay makes me nautious....i work hard for my money like everyone and i dont have the luxury to throw big amounts in the "trash". Someone should finally take some legal measurements against such frauds towards Ebay and WU.  

26 Oct 2004 @ 02:39 by Scammedperson28 @ : Almost was damned, saved by this site
I was hit by scammer Mitre Manuel for ordering a lot of nokia 6600 phones. I paid him via Western Union $900 and fell across this site 30 min later. I saw his name and the exact address he had used and I immediatly called westen union fraud department to cancel. I got my money (not $70 FEE) back and reported this fucker. I wish there was more I could do like call his local police or something. If I could scam him back I would. Maybe I should give a suprise visit to his address. the email he used was zun518@hotmail.com.
if anyone has any ideas on how we can plan revenge on these guys, I would love to see it posted here. I would support and fund plans.  

31 Oct 2004 @ 20:22 by Amanda @ : I was scammed!!!
Hello. Oct. 27, 2004 I was scammed. I wanted to get a laptop for my college. I bidded on some laptops. I had 3 different people e-mailing me with good deals. One was way to good to be true. It was a laptop worth over 1,000. I got an e-mail saying they have the same laptop in the item number they would sell me cheaper. They gave me an e-mail address to e-mail them at. I e-mailed them and offered a price he said he would sell it for that. The ebay user name the e-mail came from was in the US. He told me he was in Italy. He wanted the money sent western union. I said will you accept paypal he said no he has got ripped off by it to many times. I said well I don't want to get ripped off. He said I could put it under a family member or friends name so I knew it would be safe. He said give him the MTCN number so he could make sure the money is there. I thought it would be safe under a family members name. So, I said okay you got a deal. He said he would send a tracking number and when I got the package I could change the name to his. I went and sent the money western union, I checked and checked that night the money was still there. The next morning the money was gone. I e-mailed and no answer. My husband e-mailed the other 2 and told them he knew they were scammers, and they haven't e-mailed me back. So, the 28th I called western union customer service. They said do you know what you done was illegal? I was like what, no I didn't know that. They said they would send me a receipt of the transaction. I called lawyers one told me it wasn't illegal. Another said go after western union. That scammer actually went in there with a fake ID and got the money. I was so pissed, and couldn't sleep well at all.
Has anyone took their case to court? If so have you got your money back. At this moment I am looking for a lawyer to take the guy to court or western union or both. I am waiting to get a lawyer and see if they think I should go after one or both. I am very unhappy. I lost over 600 dollars. I totally drained my account. I wish I saw this site first and I wouldn't of sent the money. I thought it would be safe under my husband's name. I was so wrong. If anyone has done anything about it let me know I would like to know if I can win the case or if I will just lose more money in court costs. I think I should win. He signed my husband's name which is an offence, he had a fake id, which is another offence, he didn't send the laptop which is another offence, and I think he broke into someone's ebay account which is another offence. Western Union really needs some sort of security. I would love to hear if anyone got their money back so I know if I have a chance or not. Thank You, Amanda. I feel like a fool, but I don't want to let western union and that scammer get off free.  

11 Nov 2004 @ 22:21 by pathik @ : SPAIN FRAUD - ELECTRONICS
has anyone been scammed from this website... www.python-electronics.com or know anyone that has or anythign at all... please help me, i am a 18 year old college student who lost 1320, and am soon in deep poop... please help me... any emailes.. from";
... anything? thanks, help!  

12 Nov 2004 @ 05:46 by Scam Catcher @ : Can we catch the scammer from Romania
I was wondering if anyone has been able to catch these Romanian scammers. I have one that I have been dealing with for a couple months now. He keeps trying to convince me to do a WU transfer and I keep asking him tough questions. The latest is that he has sent me a US address to send money to. Is there any way we can get the police to nab him if he is operating in USA.
I would love to figure out how to get these suckers!  

17 Nov 2004 @ 17:45 by DWILL @ : Phone Scam
It is funny I read a lot of comments yesterday and the romanian guy tells me the same thing here is the example.....

From : TE ARESTEZ!!!!
Sent : Wednesday, November 17, 2004 11:30 AM
To : not important
Subject : Re: Question for item #6341167920 - Motorola razR v3

| | | Inbox

hello there

The total amount for 1 unit including shipping and handeling
taxes is 300$.

We`ll use WesternUnion for payment and UPS next day air express for shippment.You`ll receive the
package in 48 hours.Once i have the payment confirmation i will shipp the package
imediately.Please go at your nearest WesternUnion office and transfer the money on my name and adress below and
e-mail me the payment confirmation:
last name: TUNDUC
adress: PROCOPOAIA#14
zipp: 0977
country: ROMANIA
I`ll wait for the payment confirmation also your full name and adress so i can be
able to shipp the package


17 Nov 2004 @ 19:04 by Blue @ : Sa ne sugeti de pula
Ba .. iti vine sa iti dai cu barda-n coaie cand ii vezi asa prosti.Astia cred ca datele de le dam noi is alea reale si se iau dupa ele sa faca investigari si pula mea de prosti.Nu au nici cea mai mica idee de ce folosim noi.Fratilor din Valcea sa traiti si la mai mare ca de la voi au mai invatat si altii meserie.Sunteti nebuni rau de tot ma jur,voi nu mai folositi mah gaini? voi trimiteti direct pe Valcea,sunteti nebuni ma jur.Sunt inca incepator dar sincer am un respect aparte pentru voi de acolo din Valcea.Hai toate cele bune si la mai mare. P.S. Poate isi dau seama prostii ca am Ip de Mexic :) Hahaha oricum la ei nu cred ca s-a inventat proaxele.  

27 Nov 2004 @ 09:20 by Jerry @ : car scam in progress
Ive got one that they are trying to get me on. Its a newer model corvette selling for 14K but should be more like 25K. Heres what she wrote:
My name is Linda and i own this Corvette.
Now... about the car, is in prefect condition as you can see in the pics, no problems at all, no rust, dents or scratches. Always garage keept, never seen snow and few times in bad wether like rain, as far as i know. I didn't used it often, never raced it and at almost 70k miles imagine that the car is like new.
The title is clean, no leins, no accident reported. You can check the carfax to see that is true.
The car is in the posesion of DAS Freight Cargo. The fees for shipping are less then $2k but i will require half of them. The price for the car is $13500 usd plus half of the shipping. The shipping costs are already payed by me. I just need an address for shipping and the name of the next owner. The shipping will last less then 5 days in any region of Usa.
My husband is from Greece and we are getting married here and i must buy a house in the shortest time. I'm located in Greece, Athena... because my future husband is from here. I'm looking to have a deal asap with no delayes, so i'll make a deal only with you if you have the money ready to buy my car, be sure of that.
As i told you i want to make a safe and fast deal for both of us, that's why i propose to use Money Gram (www.moneygram.com), in this way the fees will be small and we can avoid the custom fees. Be sure, before you e-mail me back, that you have the money in hand for the car. Don't waiste my time as i wont waiste yours.
E-mail me back only if you accept all my terms...!

God Bless America!!!

And heres a later email this hoe sent too:
Here is how you need to do.
Because of the fact that i am not in Us i prefer it shipped. i need to see where and to who the car goes and this is the way i am going to make this.
You must have the money in hand and go at a money gram office. complete a send money form to greece, athens on my name so i can check the funds. After you make the transfer scan the receipt from money gram and email it to me so i can see that you wired the money. as soon as see that i am going to shipp the car. in few days the deal is done. may i advise you to o like that. when you send the money you shouldn't tell them that you are sending the money for something that you will buy so we can avoid the custom/import fees. You can say that you are sending the money at a relative of yours or something. You will send the money on another name then mine so you can be sure i wont get your money till you want to. You will change it after you receive the car and inspect it. Because the amount is big, even too big, you should make two wire transfers... can you handle that?
get back to me that time

Now what I did then was email her from another one of my emails...right now Im just hoping she or he already has their hopes up real high. Im telling them I want to send it all soon so I can get my new car. If I were them I would have spent that money in my head long ago! I have done this before with Supras and Rx7's and they all use the same ploy. I just keep it going cuz they are nothing but lazy trash fukers that dont want to work anyway. They will get what they dish out...someday. The law will eventually catch up to them. They are like gypsys...trash that thinks stealing is ok to do...trash mentality, retarded lazy fuks, not good to society, no skilled dumbfuks.....yeah i mispell fuck on purpose to those scammers that want to make a big deal of it. You scammers cant get me and I willingly give out my info all the time and beg your lazy asses to hack me or steal my identity or steal from me..come to my house and meet a good friend...Im the guy thats waiting to kill you.  

30 Nov 2004 @ 16:38 by dont blame EBAY for your stupidity @ : it's your own fault
EBAY should at the very least have a warning on their homepage of the scams going on but ultimately it is you and you alone who is responsible for how you pay someone for merchandise. My father told me when I was a kid that " if it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't true " and I have always remembered that. People in their rush to save a few bucks end up loosing money. If you want or need something that is worth 1000.00 and you see it for 200.00 a warning should go off in your mind. It is either stolen or a scam. It's common sense people. Don't blame EBAY for your ignorance. If you pay for something outside of paypal you have no recourse it's that simple. It's not that I don't feel sympathetic for the suckers on the internet I just think they should not blame anyone but themselves. EBAY recommends that you pay for merchandise through PAYPAL and there is a good reason for that. There will always be gullible people and scammers in this world don't let yourself be the gullible one.  

7 Dec 2004 @ 23:39 by Kami Brooks @ : EBAY scam
Okay, found this page cause am looking for ag equipment. Saw several ads for brand new equipment at a fraction of the price. All are from Canada location, most require pre-approval email and I get response saying equip is in Germany, Spain, you name it (all 'approved pay pal countries')... Okay, here is my gripe with Ebay... The seller of high priced items gets protection against loss through some seller protection program, but the buyer doesn't? This is bull shit! If they can protect the seller who is shipping, why can't they protect the buyer beyond $200 or $1000.

So, I know I'm not supposed to buy off-site from their sellers, but as it stands I would not bid on an item unless its sitting in front of me... and if I've just traveled 300 miles to look at a $10,000 tractor... do you think I'm gonna run home to place the bid... Until they provide buyer protection they can kiss my donkey! It would not take anything for them to hold funds in escrow until they item is received and approved! They're a scammer's paradise!

Not only that, in some ad's i've seen the WELL KNOWN Nigerian scam posted as a question to the seller... how much of a filter would it take to recognize that crap?

I AM LOOKING FOR the address to forward these to for legal action... if anyone knows of who's prosecuting this (e.g. I think FTC is doing the Nigerian scams)

Best of luck to anyone trying to sell on Ebay these days.  

10 Dec 2004 @ 20:08 by I'm no fool no siree! @ : dont buy a tractor from germany!
If you drive 300 miles to look at a tractor by all means buy it outside of ebay! If you are looking at the tractor and you like it then pay cash to the seller and drive home with it. There would be no reason at that point to run home and pay through paypal. The seller would save a few dollars on ebay fees and paypal fees and might even give you a better price. The point is don't buy anything bigger than a breadbox outside of the USA and dont pay for anything outside of paypal anywhere unless of course you are staring at the seller and the product. Any ad that states free shipping on a large item outside of the USA should be a big red flag for anyone interested in buying said item. and one more thing NEVER EVER PAY FOR ANYTHING WITH WESTERN UNION!!!!!!!even if they tell you to put your wife or someone elses name on the wire because they will get your money and you will get a hard lesson in life.  

12 Dec 2004 @ 01:13 by ZmoToceL @ : Ba da prosti sunt astia
Sa moara mama daca astia nu sunt prosti cu spume!! ce dracu se mai plang atat dupa ce au fost fututi de bani chiar cred ca nu se mai poate intampla???? :)) si oricum dears americans (specialitatea casei) puteti sa scrieti voi mesaje cate va tine tastatura ca prosti tot sunt sa ne faca fericiti. and by the way don't use paypal please the safe way is WESTERN UNION!!!! Always will be the safest. ;) Sa ne traiasca prostii si sa aveti mailurile pline cu MTCN!! BAFTA  

14 Dec 2004 @ 14:14 by Peter @ : Global AirCargo
Hi, I was told I won the highest bid for a brand new O2 XDA II for SGD 600. Was told to transfer money to a guy in Romania through Western Union. He even gave me a tracking number to a web site: http://www.aircargointernational.com to confirm that my item has been shipped and is on the way. Funny thing is when I search the Internet, there's an identical website but with different address: http://www.internationalexpressromshipp.com But when I keyed the tracking number it said it is an invalid number. I emailed the company about the 2 addresses any they replied they have changed the adddress and confirm my item is on the way and is in good working condition with all accessories included. How would the company know this. Pse advise? Any one encounter this too?  

15 Dec 2004 @ 03:28 by Peter @ : Fake web site confirmed
I've fpound the true web company called National Air Cargo. The Global Air Cargo is a close imitation of this comapny. So don't deal with this guy if he try to sell U things cheaply at Yahoo Auction and asked U to transfer money through Western Union at Romania. His details are:
Name : Constantinescu Marius Dan
Street: str. Manzelor nr. 2 A
Country : Romania
City : Craiova
Zip Code : 1100

Lucky for me I double check by surfing the NET and didn't pay him. Beware and be Warned.  

16 Dec 2004 @ 02:32 by Eileen @ : Nigerian scam?
I received an e-mail from e-bay offering to set me up with a storefront ...14 day free trial. Needless to say being unemployed I thought this might be a way to make a few dollars while I looked for a job. I spent days cutting and pasting all of these items on Bidville,Auction.com, and e-bay. After a week of no results in sales..then I get several e-mails from lillianjones, pd_ben,kerry coolstore, fra84n20,ericwong,mendi0072005@fastermail.com, all of them wanting merchandise sent to Algeria. All of them wanting me to send the merchandise first and then they will send payment thru Western Union. They sent me checks (2) one for $2,500 and one for $5,000...more than the merchandise cost. one for $5000 is from James Candy/HWY 291/One Mile Falls,Washington and still has not cleared my bank, and the other one for $2,500 was from Texas (etowardic) and it was listed among my deposits with my bank as available on Fri.... then on Tuesday I tried to order the equipment for them and discovered that the payment did not go thru because my bank has put a hold on my account...they will not tell me why and I keep waiting for a phone call from my bank as to the reason. The really bad part is that I just sent out my bill payments Monday and now the bank will tell me nothing and I may have overdrafts of over $350.00 for the checks that I mailed out. Has anyone had this experience? I have a feeling this is some sort of scam...just wish the bank would let me know what is happening. Thanks  

18 Dec 2004 @ 00:45 by cashewBAD @ : ZmoToceL , ai dreptate
ba sa-mi bag pula, da proasta e lumea asta....Muiue alora care sau intepat, si alora de o saa se intepe...Sunt din Valcea, cei mai tari hackeri sunt din vl.Nu aveti ce le face!!!!  

23 Dec 2004 @ 16:37 by Tzaparu @ : Muie voua
Asa e bah.Sunteti nishte prosti.Ce poola mea tot sariti cu gura , va dati mari ca sunteti tzapitzi, sunteti nishte prosti.Mai prosti ca americanii nu am vazut in viata mea.Suntem o tara saraca shi imi pare bine ca avem de unde fura.Craciun Fericit !!! si sa ne trimite-ti mai multe MT-uri.

Bafta !!!  

23 Dec 2004 @ 16:42 by Tzaparu @ : Ceva tare
apropo de Mt-uri noi putem sa le scoatem fara orice.Doar adresa voastra ne trebuie .Putetzi sa p[un eti voi shi parola shi ce poola mea vreti ca tot va luam banii.In primul rand noi nu va bagam mana in buzunar , voi ne trimitetzi banii.
Asa ca muie shi va astept shi dupa craciun .....

Bafat coaieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Rm. VALCEA CEL MAI TARE ORAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

23 Dec 2004 @ 16:43 by xxxlllyyyzzz @ : Sa va moara pisica
Ba... catre toti fratii care ii rupem... sa le dam sa zaca in poola mea cu cc-urile goale si conturile noastre pline...
Sa moara fratii lor la pirnaie, sa ne pupe inelele si sa ne intrebe cit e ceasul la rolexurile nostre ba sa le dau la muie sa ma suga de pula mortii mamii lor.
Sa va traiasca mata.  

23 Dec 2004 @ 16:45 by xxxlllyyyzzz @ : uitai
Traiasca Valcea
Sa vatraisaca mata  

10 Jan 2005 @ 20:17 by neo @ : z
i understand that you were scammed, by you don`t have to call all the Romanians scammers. Some of them are really cute guys.. take me for example.. you don`t have to blaim all Romanians!
shi dak nu va convine, mai duce`ti`va shi in phoola mea!  

10 Jan 2005 @ 20:33 by Anonymus @ : All americans are bad people
Dear americans, how can the romanians work to earn their living, when the most of them who scammed you are only 16-17 yrs. old?think at that too, maybe you could invite them there, to US and see what they can do, here any kid would do anything just to have money, I even saw 12-13 yrs old kids making scam.My opinion is that it is your fault if you got scamed by a kid, and beleive me, there is no scammer in Romania elderer than 23-24 yrz old. Bye  

10 Jan 2005 @ 22:42 by police @ : ce mama dreaq
TERRA / Europe / Romania / Ramnicu Valcea / BIG SCAM / BMW Z4  

11 Jan 2005 @ 02:49 by scamer @ : Valcea is the best!!!!
La Valcea sau facut si se vor mai face cei mai multi bani!!!traiasca americanii Traiacsa Westen Union!!!!We love your money!!!h3h3h3h3h3  

11 Jan 2005 @ 17:12 by UnU.SmeKeR @ : Muie ma fraierilor :)))
Bai americani prosti nu intelegeti k nu aveti ce sa le faceti valcenilor ?! Io nu ma ocup k asa ceva dar cunosc multi din valcea si sunt tari rau de tot ... voi kiar dak v`ati dat seama tot o sa va luatzi teapa k suntem oameni k cap si calculati ! Altceva ce sa va mai zik ... hackerilor din valcea : tineti`o tot asa sa se faca orasu plin de BMW`uri , Audi , Mercedes si tot asa ! Traiasca toti hakerii din valcea k`s cei mai tari si cei mai calculati in afaceri ... ma refer la dat tzapa :))) !

English version for stupid americans :

Hey stupid americans don't you understand that you can do nothing to us romanians !? I'm not a scammer because it's not my business but I know many hackers from valcea and they are too good and bad ;) ! Even though if you figured out the scammers lies you will still get burned to your fucking pockets , you all are too stupid because we are calculated people with a great intelligence for you americans ! something else ... I don't know what to say ... to hackers from Valcea : keep it up and fill in the town with bmw`s mercedes, audi and much more luxury cars ... Long live to all hackers from Valcea because they are the best in business ... I'm refering at scamming :))  

12 Jan 2005 @ 09:27 by mata @ : atzi luat tzeapa
hehehe ba muilor triste nu va mai kkti pe voi acum ca daca ati luat` in mana nu ai va scoatetzi banii!!!!eu acum 5 minute am luat mt` de 1000 si ala asteapta sa fac shippingu`.iar ati luat tzeapa!:)))))))
Hai Valcea si muie la tzapari  

12 Jan 2005 @ 14:17 by Under-Cover @ : Okidoki e bine asa Keep it strong
Is not my fault that you americans have Western Union ofices everywhere. To tell you something: " My father have a drive linces of taxi that is his job. Do you know haw much is his salary ?? around 200$ per mounth .. what you can do with that money and he works 12 even 14 hours per day. So what do we have to do .. to steel money from you .. maybe is not gently but is necesary for us. Sorry if you have been scam from a scam but think twice because if you havent heard of us you maybe can lose twice or more money .. in our walets so have some respect for us too. Please is not easy to work14 - 15 hours per day to ... make 1500$ - 4500$ per mounth on scaming ... i just want to buy my home and to have 20000$ my money .. and i will stop to scam people

All my respect for your money and your work .. .but you have to lose some times this is the life do not be angry
Thank you for reading my mesage

Have healthy beacause .. .is more valuable than anything  

16 Jan 2005 @ 13:58 by GigiFenta @ : Ba muisti suntetzi bah
Ba sa va trag la muie ma .. ori suntetzi cu noi ori suntetzi cu prostii astia de americani .. pula mea .. luatzi-va si voi sagetzi in alte tzari :) .. cum am eu ..si pula mea .. hai zbye ;)  

31 Jan 2005 @ 20:17 by omida @ : cel mai tare hacker de la dragasani
sa imi bag pula in gura voastra ca sant cel mai tare si rup tot pe dragasani sant jupan ma doare in pula de voi si va iau banii la greu dragasanu e cel mai tare impreunna cu baietii de la Valcea .am rupt amazonu in 2 sa va bag pula in gura de straini prostii ce santeti hhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo futuva-n gura de prostii  

4 Feb 2005 @ 06:27 by yo @ : heyhey
Hey...DOn't you guys think that those bad people are in ROMANIA?  

12 Feb 2005 @ 00:19 by ANONOMOUS @ : ROMAN EMPIRE

12 Feb 2005 @ 19:48 by American Man @ : Sumbag Romanian Scammers
Not every American is as dumb as you think. Most Americans see though your scams. You are an unethical lot of trash.
You may not get caught for your scams, but you will pay for them. You will burn in hell for your deeds.  

5 Mar 2005 @ 09:58 by Roumanoi gamieste @ : scams
Guys i dont understand why people keep on going for transactions with Western Union and under the above conditions. I mean it has been proven for years now these cases are a SCAM! Do you really STILL believe you can buy a product for 1/10 of the real price or even less. It has been a long time i stopped even responding to their e-mails. I only bid in local auctions of my country, so i visit the seller, try the product and pay in person and i never ever had a problem like that. What is more sercure than that and you can still get very good offers! So stop getting fooled by scammers all over the world that follow the same old little "poem". DO it locally and pay a little more because it is a real bid than loosing your whole money.  

20 Mar 2005 @ 23:02 by VSoricel @ : Suge`on cur americane
Intotdeuna Dragasani a fost pe primul lok si valcea au fost pe primul lok!
Hey American,Germany,Australian,Italian,etc they are so stupid!
Mr. Hacked eBay , Amazon etc..... afla lumea.... :))) :P

20 Mar 2005 @ 23:05 by VSoricel @ : eBay Fraud
Hey stupid americans right now i`m in eBay and i`m hacking some people!
Yuuuupyyy Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram , Escrow the always methods has been use from me!

All my best!  

4 Apr 2005 @ 14:23 by uN$Bo$$ @ : Traiasca Valcea
ce ziceti fratilor, astia nu au ce face decat sa planga aici pe pula asta de forum, oricum Valcea e si o sa fie ce mai tare oras, si cu cei ma tari baietzi, pe zi ce trece apare cate ceva nou, si o masina de tare in Valcea, asta e gainilor, o sa ne pupati inelele in continuoare, o sa va zboare paraii din mufa de fiecare data cand ne ziceti HELLO SIR !!! :))))) Sugeti`ne si la mai multe mt`uri, bafta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

5 Apr 2005 @ 11:13 by mogamo lattamma III @ : dont worry scammers...
I work for iterpol. I can let you know if the police are on to you.
just send me $1,000,000 in cash via dhl and I will email you if you appear on our wanted list.
this is very good faith. i need the money for my grannies eye operation.  

9 Apr 2005 @ 16:32 by Alesce Pipescu Not @ : Scamming Idiots of Dragasani
16 Jan 2005 @ 14:00 by GigiFenta @ : pula mea
Hey dudes .. don't fuck with romanian peoples ..buy from us and don't forget .. ROMANIA RULEZ .. fucking stupid americans ;)

Hey "Gigi"!
I was in your fucking email accounts this week. You're the stupid one, asshole.
Your scams are a laugh. You are a worthless piece of shit.

We have SEVERAL HUNDRED scam busters chasing your dumb criminal asses around in Italy, Spain, the UK and yes, even in your totally corrupt shithole called, Dragasani.
Haven't you noticed more and more arrests lately?


Your auctions are a joke to most Americans now. What are you going to do when you can't scam anymore? You're too lazy to get real jobs and your asses are fat from sitting and doing nothing.

You dumb-fuck Romos oughta realize that WE AMERICANS ALWAYS WIN!!!!!

We are on to you and we are shutting your accounts down. We will always be there watching you and hacking you.

We all know why "Dracula" is a Romanian myth: it's based on how you lazy asshole gypsies sleep all day and suck blood all night.

But in the end, GOD will take care of you.  

14 Apr 2005 @ 20:47 by pusca poumbei @ : sa va dau la muie de americani !
dragasanu` e cel mai tere shi nu avetzi ce sa ne fgacetzi.
suntem pe primu` lok shi orcum va dam la muie shi la luam totzi banii!
traiasca hakereala.......pana in 2030:))))))))))))) ca at fac nunta!!!!!!  

14 Apr 2005 @ 20:50 by pusca @ : traiasca dracea mondialu de la bucuresti
traiasca dracea mondialu de la bucuresti impreuna cu titzi baietzi din brigada lui shi totzi hakerii din dragasani!!!
bravo fratii mei!!!!!!!!  

18 Apr 2005 @ 10:04 by Iti_lingi_in_cur_sefu @ : Prostia o sa doara :))))))))))))))
Da prosti mai sunte-ti ma!Ai de capu vostru de cartite coclite!
Tzai draq de cacanari....va mirati de ce draq va prind...
IP DE ROMANIA BAH CARTITE COCLITE!!! : 20 Mar 2005 @ 23:05 by VSoricel @ : eBay Fraud
Vedeti in pula mea ce prosti sunteti ma?Va mai laudati draq degeaba cu dragasaniul ala...corciturile pulii.Voi habar nu aveti ce e ala HACK ma,si niciodata nu o sa fiti hackeri!
Hai adios!  

12 May 2005 @ 08:57 by Alina @ : Scam from Mihail Alina on EBAY
Avoid this message!!!!

Bonjour ! Désolé pour l'intrusion mais j'aimerais vous proposer une affaire. J'ai vu votre offre a l'item nr:7513647840 et je veux vendre le produit pareil: Apple iPod Photo 60 Go tout neuf jamais servi dans sa boîte avec 1 année garantie internationale. Pour aucunes autres informations m'envoie un e-mail a: cospadator@yahoo.com Je pense que 230.00 EUR (tout neuf jamais servi) est un bon prix pour les nous deux et si vous voulez acheter mon Apple m'envoyez un e-mail a: cospadator@yahoo.com Vous payerez pour le Apple seulement 230.00 EUR. Je paierai les frais d'expédition et l'assurance. J'offre expédition gratuite et rapide et je demande le paiement rapide.  

13 May 2005 @ 14:56 by umi @ : My friend has been scammed on bay !
My friend was scammed by buying a faulty mobile phone from someone in Helensburgh UNITED KINGDOM. Username jamie250_0. Real name is Jamie Malone. Email was idontalwayswin2004@yahoo.co.uk
Just watch him lads !!!!
EBay do not seem to want to do anything about this situation. - They seem to be more interested in listing fees and commission from these sellers than protecting their members from these crooks.  

18 May 2005 @ 16:33 by umi @ : jamie250_0 Biggest con man on ebay!
Hi guys: I just want to tell you the worse seller on ebay, called jamie250_0. My friend has been ripped off by: jamie250_0, real name JAMIE, MALONE,Phone:07919870833‎, Argyll and Bute, HELENSBURGH, United Kingdom‎
His email address is idontalwayswin2004@yahoo.co.uk and Yet He is allowed to ‎continue to sell on eBay. Funny how it is okay for my friend to be defrauded and crook’s account is still active. It ‎is inexcusable and irresponsible for eBay to allow this seller's account to remain active when, clearly, fraud ‎has been committed.  

20 May 2005 @ 23:25 by Jason @ : Ebay
Just to put in my 2 cents, I was screwed on eBay once before. I paid $1200 for an item with a check by mail. I knew immediately that I was screwed when the item did not match the description upon receipt. I chased down the person (in PA (about 3 hours away) at the address where I sent the money, after attempting to contact him for a week. To make a long story short, I took some of my money back. I was a little satisfied because I had both the item and some money, and I felt as though I repaid a lying theif. But as I was pulling away, the police showed up. Luckily, I hid the money that I "took" back under my horn cover and it was not found nor was there proof that I had taken it in the first place. After wasting 2 days of my life, having to go to court and hundreds of dollars in fines, I still felt pretty satisfied because I knew, when he saw my car on his front lawn, and me running after him with a pipe wrench, that he would never do that again. The moral of my story: Even though you may feel that there is only one way to deal with certain people, and you may feel a hell of a lot better after you physically work them over, just sign up and use PayPal...nah, screw that. I'd do it all over again!  

20 May 2005 @ 23:32 by Jason @ : eBay
one more thing, if you use Paypal and you were a victim of fraud, they investigate it and will collect your money back from the seller...provided that you put the complaint in within 30 days after your payment. Another nice thing about them is that they can put a lien on the seller's checking account until you get your refund...hehehe  

25 May 2005 @ 11:48 by ro_buyer @ : fuck all hackers
Right. This sucks.

I'm from romania. I'm sad to see all these lamers "hacking" ebay & shit. All they are really doing is making our life worse.

Please mind that NOT all romanians are like that. Actually almost none of them are. I have heard of this scammer doing business with romanians as well. They are only a few and I'm sure the police will get them eventually. With every scam they are closer to being caught.

Ebay doesn't give a shit. They have profit and that's all that matters.

I haven't used ebay until now and I will never do after the messages I read. I only tried ebay ONCE. A tablet pc. I emailed the guy and got a reply from a different address with a username that was obvious it was of romanian provenience. And mind it was my FIRST and last attempt to use ebay. (same shit with WU).

Some of the deals on ebay look great (and some are real). But how could I trust anyone when there's no real protection system? And I feel bad for those lame "hackerz" since they can't even speak good english. It's obvious they're some lame gypsies or smth...

Anyway, I have no real safe way to buy from ebay. There is no paypal here in romania (and if these sorry fucks continue with this shit...I don't see paypal coming to romania any time soon). What are my options?

I'm going to forward this forum page to some local newspapers if that's ok with everyone.  


7 Jul 2005 @ 19:33 by easy @ : fake
hi ich wurde aufmerksam auf Sylvestre [syllvesttre@yahoo.com] da er mir 2 nokia n90 angeboten hatte für nen freund und mich für nur 130€ ich sollte auf eine internetseite gehn www.SecureTrade.3x.ro und die sollten das geld erst überweisen wenn ich die handys bekommen hatte aber alles war ein fake  

14 Jul 2005 @ 13:54 by Gayle @ : Western Union is a fraud too.
I also almost got taken, but doing a little investigating I saved my $$$$. I was bidding on 2005 F250 4X4 truck, BUY IT NOW, was only $12,000.00, that was my first thought of fraud, this truck books for over $40,000. So I thought I'd see what the seller has to say. He had a lot to say, he claims he was secured by SecureTrade (an escrow company). I went along, told him I was very interested, he opened an account for me with SecureTrade, who sent me an email, claiming they were affliated with eBay. I checked the eBay site, can not find anything to confirm SecureTrade is affliated. So, the seller (who is in Germany) asked me to Western Union in his name $6000.00 and after I received and inspected the truck I would send the other $6000.00. I had a VIN # so I asked my friend who is a police officer to run it and find out who owns the vehicle, he did, guess what of course it wasn't registered to or has been to Ronald Amberstone, email bagnarotu@msn.com. The email I received from SecureTrade, looked very legimate. When I asked Ron, if we could use eBay's escrow, this is what he told me:

I can't use escrow anymore because of bad past experiences with their
services. They mixed up some of my orders and I lost several important
customers because of that. I made several official complaints but with no
answer. In the past I was the first to propose using escrow for high quality
services they offer, now I am the first to say: no escrow. I am currently
involved in a law suit against them and it would be unethical from my part
to use it.

The eBay SecureTrade service of a third (third party) of confidence has for
object to reassure the good end of a deal. SecureTrade (third party of
confidence) is an intermediary to whom the buyer confides (entrusts) the
guarding (nurse) of the payment until the seller sends the object to the

How does the eBay SecureTrade service work?

- The seller and the buyer agree on the final amount of the deal;

- The seller opens a case file with SecureTrade for the transaction and the
buyer enters the Online Protection Program;

- The buyer makes a deposit through SecureTrade;

- SecureTrade informs both parties (buyer and seller) of the reception of
the payment;

- The seller sends the object to the buyer knowing that the payment is
validated by SecureTrade;

- The buyer receives and inspects the object and authorizes the transfer of
the payment for the object by SecureTrade to the seller;

- The seller receives the payment from the buyer through SecureTrade.

Thank you,


I hope this people who are scammimg good people get caught and thrown in jail for a long time. The whole point is, IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT NORMALLY IS. Don't get ripped off, DON'T SEND $$$$ WESTERN UNION. DON'T EVER WESTERN UNION FOR ANYTHING.  

21 Jul 2005 @ 09:08 by Jacob @ : Scammed from Romania
Well like everyone else i was just roaming on ebay when i came across Alienware laptop that was awesomely priced. Well because of the fact i ama poor college student and i thought i was getting a great deal, of course i went for it.
Like the person above i was sent an invoice "from ebay" using a method called Secure trade. I was 100% against the transaction. but the guy that scammed me said all you have to do is look at the invoice. if you agree to the terms all you have to do is email me and we will continue. I read over everything. Up and down. Was a 100% good. well this is where i went horribly wrong. I felt so safe and secure from the convincing Invoice i had no problem send the money through western union. I sent payment. The was never pushy at all.
I let the gentalman know payment was sent. a few hours later i recieved another convincing invoice "from DHL" saying the item has been check and is ready to ship. blah blah blah. Will be shipped in X amount of hours. After that i lost all comunication with seller.
i got suspicious and search key phrases and even transaction number to find that they all were fakes and scams used many times. At this point i was a$$ out $500. Some would say maybe i got lucky cause it wasnt as much as some people. but being that i am a poor college student i was saddend.

27 Jul 2005 @ 00:14 by sa va fut in cur de fraieri @ : pula
RM>VALCEA cei mai tari  

27 Jul 2005 @ 02:38 by Satish L @ : Again Romania ebay scam reloaded....
I was planning to buy IBM T43 Laptop. So I found good deal on Ebay. That was big mistake but I always careful when money comes into picture.

So I applied for IBM T43 Laptop bid. I could able to see IBM laptop around $200 with 2-3 bidders. Product message was as follows

If you email me on soiei@aol.com before bid, you will receive this laptop in USD 1000.

Blah blah..... so on.

Western Union Money Transfer is the only service that has ultimate
authentication of the identity of the receiver of funds. Several IDs
and utility bills are required before the funds are paid. Therefore, no
one else but your seller can pick up the money. Your payments cannot be
lost in the mail, like money orders or checks.

Sellers from Romania are not yet eligible for the PayPal Buyer Protection, which
means you are not protected against fraud if you pay this seller by PayPal.
However, Western Union Money Transfer is designed mainly for sending
cash to friends and family in need, so telling them you are sending the
money to an eBay seller will prevent your money transfer to go through
and you will be unable to complete this transaction.


F$$k all these alians...... asking me to send money through Western Union.
I asked seller through email, provide me bank account number. I cant send money through Wester Union. I was sure, I will not have any track on money transacation. He asked me to send that money through Wester Union only.

I got fake email from "aw-confirm@ebay.com" saying "Congratulations, eBay Transaction #: 3982812177 started!" which was moved automatically as Spam because its domain transitioning failed. *****That was my Good catch.*****

So be careful. Afterall its your money which you earned by putting lot of efforts.

So F##ck all these guys... dont trust at all......... If you trust these alians, you will loose money.........


28 Jul 2005 @ 18:42 by The Free Man @ : Romani basinosi
Ce draq ma va dati asa in spectacol....ca faceti voi...ca scoateti...pula mea.
Ca majoritatea faceti foamea,ca boschetii...si scrieti s voi ca faceti bani....

Fratilor,faceti bani,nu galagie...vorba multa saracia omului!

Baietashii stau acasa,cu AOL si fac bani...voi scrieti ca boschetii ca scoateti mii de $$$$ shi Eur....fiti draq linistiti....sa ne facem treaba shi mai puitne galagie  

28 Jul 2005 @ 21:30 by ma pis pe toti americanii @ : mue la fraieri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sa ma pis pe ei de americani si altii, ce pula mea sa ne faca????? sa ne ia de pula si sa ma pis pe numele lor. Valcea e cea mai tare si se pise pe toti strainii. Astept MT-ul......... cxe sa fac si eu...... iau bani de la fraieri...
Bafta baieti si la mai mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Traiasca valcea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Astia cred ca e o tara........... Auziti si voi cat de prosti sunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
si dac vreti mai americanilor sa faceti o langere facetio la:
stupidscammedamericans.com or fattass american stupidity.com !!!!!!!!!1

5 Aug 2005 @ 20:18 by ``zagorakis`` @ : suge pula bine

ia luati un arzoi popona!! nr.de telefon:0726 591 512
Suge pula si e hacker....hahaha!!!


Cand l-am sunat si i-am zis sa-mi sugi pula a zi:``nu ai curaj sa ma lasi``

Pai nu imi vine ma sa-l tai si sa-l bag in pungi???

mortii masii be POPO!

Bafta si,daca s-ar inventa un gaz care sa prosteasca lumea,toti ar prostii,in afara de americani.....ca sunt prosti deja!!!!  

14 Aug 2005 @ 16:51 by Mata-mare @ : bah ratatilor
voi in sunteti toti niste prosti ca va dati marii cacati
dar sunteti niste ratati daca nu stiti sa vrajiti un american  

15 Aug 2005 @ 23:30 by Michelle @ : Is this TRUE ??
Hi, I wanted to buy a Nokia 8800 from a romanian. I knew him from Ebay. And he told me this deal is not in Ebay because the phone will ship directly from Orange UK. He doesnt speak good english at all and often when i ask 3 questions, he only answered 1 or 2. His name is Ion Catalin...
Can anyone tell me is this true ?? As I am about to make the transfer tru WU today.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 13:25 by ming : Phone deal
Sounds fake. Remember, the Romanians seem to have some way of accessing Western Union payments even if they're password "protected" and they haven't gotten the password yet. They try to present that as really safe. You know, send the payment, but don't give them the password before you've received the goods and checked it over. That's bogus, they cash in the money right away, and the stuff doesn't arrive. So, be very, very suspicious of any scenario of "Oh, we can't use e-bay because of ....", or, "It is sent from Spain, but I'm in Romania, and you should send the money to my cousin, because of ....". Anything that sounds suspicious usually is.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 22:54 by Michelle @ : ming !
Yea..I think he is very suspicious after I check up his Ebay account..his email is orangelimited04@yahoo.com.....he wants the money to sent to Romania..but the ebay account is registered under UK..and he said the phone will be sent from UK... All his ebay transaction is under US20...and he wants the phone for USD200...so I guess we got the point here ...Thanks alot ..Very Good website...I am just about to send yesterday and was searching on the net for his zip code...and i found this website...  

18 Aug 2005 @ 02:02 by Eggy @ : Here's a tip.........
Scammers rely on greed and ignorance to get you seperated from your money. I read these scam stories all over the net and I have to laugh sometimes. Not that I don't sympathize but it's just so hard to believe that people actually fall for this stuff. Here's a tip. If your auction goes anything like this ... "Send me your hard-earned money / to a poor, shit-hole, corrupt, third-world country (or anyplace offshore) / for a really expensive item / at an unbelievable price (or any price) / in untraceable funds (Western Union) / after which I'll send the item to you / WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SCAM! It's not rocket science. USE YOUR BRAINS FOR CHRISSAKE!!!! If I have time to kill waiting for a fax, etc I'll surf ebay, pic out scams, and turn them in. It's usually very easy to spot. Next day when I check the auctions are pulled. My public service I guess. Anyway here are some rules to bid by: RULE #1 - NEVER send funds Western Union, Rule #2 - NEVER send funds Western Union (do we see a pattern here?), Rule #3 - For expensive items use ebays escrow service, Rule #4 - If seller does not want to use ebays escrow, especially if you offer to pay the fees, it may be a scam, Rule #5 - Only accepting Western Union AND refusing EBAY'S ESCROW = Scam City. Hope this helps and Happy Bidding :-)  

22 Aug 2005 @ 01:06 by Confuser ! @ : BuySAFE
Hi, a seller said he is BuySAFE bonded and when we are about to enter in a transaction. I received the payment detail from BuySAFE to pay tru WU to a female @ UK. But the email from BuySAFE is abit funny... the email address is payment.buysafe.contact@accountant.com instead of xxx@buysafe.com.
Pls tell me why is this ?  

24 Aug 2005 @ 23:34 by Eggy @ : BuySAFE
How do you know the payment detail is really from BuySAFE? I can send you an email from whoever I want to be. Don't mean a thing. Same thing with links. You can name a link anything you want but code it to go to someplace else. Favorite scammers trick that one. To make it a short post see the suggested rules in my last post.
Not familiar with BuySAFE. Have you researched any scams involving this company? IF they are legit how well do they stand behind their "bonding"? Research them and then get ahold of them to verify the sellers story.
One last comment on WU funds ... fake ID's, corrupt employees, etc. Wiring funds to another country is just a plain BAD idea. Good luck.  

28 Aug 2005 @ 13:01 by To Confuser - @ : buysafe
Definately fishy - you don't make payments to buysafe. They get a 1% commission from sellers. They're an insurance company, not a payment company. Spread the word.  

28 Aug 2005 @ 14:16 by Steve @ : buySAFE
It sounds like your seller is trying to scam you.

buySAFE is a great service, but it is not a payment service. buySAFE will never take or ask for $$ from a buyer. buySAFE bonds transactions (today, they only support eBay, Overstock.com, and TIAS transactions), and that essentially means that buySAFE guarantees your transactions go well. Obviously, buySAFE is an awesome service. However, you should always beware of fraudsters on the internet, and that includes bad guys posing as buySAFE.

First, buySAFE only supports buyers and sellers that reside within the United States. They might change that in the future, but if you aren't in the U.S. or if the seller isn't in the U.S., you won't be protected by buySAFE's Bond.

Always look for the buySAFE Seal on the eBay, TIAS and Overstock.com listings. Then, you should always click on the Seal to make sure it is real.

If you have any doubts about whether buySAFE is actually Bonding the transaction (and I think you should in this instance), go to www.buysafe.com and in the upper right hand corner of buySAFE's home page, you will see a link to "Verify Seal". If you click on that link, you can verify that the buySAFE Seal is real.

Also, perhaps more importantly, you can go to www.buysafeshopping.com. If you can't find the item you are thinking about purchasing from this seller on www.buysafeshopping.com, then it isn't Bonded with buySAFE. I always go to www.buysafeshopping.com first to make sure buySAFE is actually involved.

Remember, buySAFE is not a payment service, and buySAFE will never ask you for or accept any $$ from buyers. In fact, they won't even ask buyers for personal information unless the buyer is making a claim for protection from the bond.

If you are still in doubt, you can always ask buySAFE to answer any additional questions. Simply go straight to www.buysafe.com and fill out the "Contact Us" form.

Again, buySAFE is a great service, but you need to make sure you are dealing directly with www.buysafe.com, not a fraudster posing as buySAFE.

I hope this helps you. Good luck!  

3 Sep 2005 @ 02:00 by annabelle @ : the emails they send make me so angry!!!
ohhh so angry, i cant believe this is happening, i was so naive and biddedon powerbook laptops, and thinking wow this buy it now is cheap, nearly sent my money through, but it wasnt until i asked for more information from a jolanye@hotmail.com? and she said ebay will contact u and "ebay" did and saw at the top of the email " sender id not verified" ( totally a scammer) so i sent it back to ebay asking if they sent it to me and they said NO. FUCKERS i thought, then there was kerox11@aol.com who said " i dont want to rob u etc etc" BULL SHIT, i came across this website and ALL scammers use the same email....................1. All items are brand new, have never been opened, have an international warranty provided by the factory, and come with all the necessary accesories.
2. SHIPMENT - This is something you shouldn't worry about because I believe it is my responsibility to deliver the items safely to your home.We can do it one of two ways. Either way I will pay for all related shipping expenses. I can send the package: -UPS overnight or -FedEX overnight
It will take one day and a half for the package to arrive to you. I will always pay for insurance in case any damage occurs during the handling and shipping, so we will both beprotected in case of damage.
3. HOW TO PAY - We have chosen Western Union's as a payment method because they have always served our
needs in a professional manner. We consider promptness a vital condition of the modern e-Commerce market. To arrange the transfer, you must go in person to a Western Union office and
send the money from your name and address to my name and address .Here
are the details that you need for the money transfer:

last: Tudor
city:Smeeni #243
State:Buzau zipcode:8600

Please be precise with my first and last name.
To send the money you must find a Western Union agent location and send the money from there
because Western Union doesn't accept money online in Romania.
After you send the money, you will recive a confirmation number and
then you can email me the following details :
-the sender name
-the sender address
-the amount
-MTCN (money transfer control number)

4. REFUND -After the package arrives you have a 15 days period in
which you can send the package back for a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, but you will need to pay for the shipping back to me.
5.TAXES -There may be some customs duties for you to pay, but if you like, you can avoid them (if any):
In order to avoid customs fees, I can declare the item as a gift for you and in this way you will pay NO costum fees and you will receive the item very fast. You can declare to Western Union that you are sending the money to a friend in Romania that way when our deal I can get the money from W.U. without problems.
Please let me know when you have made the payment and after this I will start the delivery process.
I look forward hearing from you.PLEASE SEND UNITED STATES DOLARS $$ NOT EURO
the items are the same like in usa and work 100% in usa
Victor Tudor

3RD EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please look at my feedback profile ..i have 100% positive feedback and i don't want to dissapoint you...I I am not a scam artist, and the last thing I want to do is rob you.
I am a very honest man honest in every aspect of my life and like to believe that we have a mutual trust.look i live by the rules ...money to me is nothing in life it the trust that it count ,
If you try to scam somebody in life, later on life will scam you back.
I promise, you won't be dissapointed. I am a man of my word.You can count on me.
About our deal I assume we are 2 mature persons who want to make a fair deal.
I understand you are alittle concerned from this point of view but this is not the case.
I am a very good ebayer with a very good rating and my interest is to have very good deals on ebay so i can have in the future good deals.If i will make with you a good deal,you will recommend me ,maybe ,to your friends or to other persons.For me it is very important to have permanent deals on ebay,any negatice deal will not make good to me.More,i will provide 15 days money back warranty,i mean ,if in 15 days you will
change your mind you will resend the item to me on my expenses.I think this is more than fair.But i need to provide me the payment confirmation, prior to shipping in order to make the shippment.I hope you can understad me and also,i hope we can finalize this deal in the best manner.You will have my personal quarentee you will receive the item immediately without questions... i promise. i keep my word in every part of this deal..i have sold bikes on ebay i don't sell my reputation for MONEY ...I don't trust paypal payments anymore i got scamed last week or any other onlne auctions go to this web address and read the reviewes:http://paypalsucks.com/
Western Union services are more secure that paypal or any other online services.
No particulary reasons for western union but i will receive the funds more easy,anyway you can ask for reference at


i am currently watching poor inocent people like me bidding on these items so unaware, and as i have not bought anything yet i cant email to tell them, i guess thats the only thing we can do is to contact other members if we see it happening!!!

also its true, someone else wrote that they dont know anything about the items, i also asked for photos and i got sent a black laptop not a silver one, i was like UMMMM sorry that is NOT it, and he was like whoops i sent that to the wrong person, here is ur laptop, ( write image BUT, the dickhead stole the photo from another seller that i had allready seen and STILL to this day he is using it) im so angry and wished i worked for ebay right now so i could send this people to hell!!!!  

3 Sep 2005 @ 02:02 by annabelle @ : address
sorry web address is


4 Sep 2005 @ 06:34 by mikey @ : too good to be true always is
I knew something was wrong... but I'm glad to see your messages confirming it.

"Dear (name deleted),
We require the payment to be done through Western Union money transfer service.
If you are not familiarized with the Western Union money transfer services please visit: www.westernunion.com. If you want to locate the nearest Western Union Office in your area please click "Locate WesternUnion Agent" on the website. . You have to pay with cash at any Western Union Office or online.
However, Western Union Money Transfer is designed mainly for sending cash to friends and family in need, so telling them you are sending the money to an buysafe seller will prevent your money transfer to go through and you will be unable to complete this transaction.
Item Information
Item Title: 2004 Trek 5900 road bike Size 52cm.
Payment Details
Buyer: (name deleted)
Subject: 2004 Trek 5900 road bike Size 52cm.
Amount: 800.00 US$
Down Payment: 0.00 US$
Shipping: 0.00 US$
Total: 800.00 US$ "

Scary, but who the heck is going to sell a bike like that for so low? Glad I researched it first. Thanks for the resource. I'm going to link to it from my blog.  

13 Sep 2005 @ 23:04 by Alex @ : cell phones scam
Sorry for all of you guys that got scam by those fuckers. I almost got scamed today myself, but thanks to this message board!
Here is an email i got :
For the moment I am in Italy.
I do not do pick up`s due to bad incidents in the past.
As a safety method i propose you this :
Go to the nearest Western Union location with the money cash and for your safety deposit the money on a relative name or on a friend of yours name BUT on MY address(or any other italian address) so I can check the transfer from my location here.
This way i cannot take your money until the goods are in your hands.
After the payment is done please e-mail me the scanned formular from Western Union and i will do the check up.
If all is ok i will start the shipping and in 48 hours the goods will be at your door.
After you check out the phones please call Western Union and change the receiver`s name into mine so that i can be able to pick up my money.
If you agree with this way of dealing e-mail me and let me know if you want my address to make the payment!
Thank you .  

17 Oct 2005 @ 19:27 by thomas @ : NEVER BUY PRODUCTS FROM ROMANIA
I have been scammed by these fuckers on ebay...named MARIAN NGRESCU and MATEUSI FLORIN. NEVER TRUST THESE ROMANIANS!  

3 Nov 2005 @ 20:59 by guy who works for his money @ : $800 laptops
I'm glad I found this post before I committed to an ebay laptop. All of the ingredients were there - WAY cheap laptop, private auction, Western Union, questionable english, and piss-poor ebay selling history, but with a 100% feedback (and a return email starting with "Hello there"). I emailed the turd:

"Sounds too good to be true - Toshiba Direct sells these for 2200 dollars, and people are selling them used for 1500-1800 dollars. If you can tell me how you can sell these at this price and still make money, and that they're not stolen, broken, or otherwise damaged, I'll buy at least one."

Count Turd wrote back:
Hi there.
The item is brand new have international warranty provided by the factory
and come with all accesories that you need .my best price is $800 including
the shipping taxes.
i shipp via UPS (air service) , in max 2 days this item will be in your
i prefer to pay me via Western union bc is the faster.i am legit with
ebay also i have insurance.in case something happens you will get full
refounds from ebay.
thanks and mail me back
best regards

Anybody wanna have email fun with a douchebag scammer? miau67@aol.com

I wish there was a link to this forum on ebay's homepage. Tell a friend.
Hello there and best regards,

Informed and unscammed ebayer  

19 Nov 2005 @ 13:46 by smistad @ : 1 x Sony-Ericsson W800i Brand New Unlock
Thanks a lot for this site. I was a little carefull with his guy. With WesternUnion Wire Transfer. Now Im not gone send him no money. Thanks for saving me for 200Euro ! Her is his adr. if you want too mess with him ; Contact name: Buruleanu Mircea
Contact address: Popa Sapca Bl. M2,
City: Dragasani
Zip code: 245700
Country: Romania
e-mail : product_garvin@yahoo.com

Keep up the good work for takeing down the scams.!  

19 Nov 2005 @ 15:22 by worried ebayer @ : wankers
i av been scammed by some cub call yaseen yusuf or yaseen patel, watevr his name is stay away, it was only £30 pound but like e cant get away wit shit like that,fucking wanker scammers get a fuckin job or burn in hell....assholes sorry to peeps who got scammed,btw thanks to all u peeps out there who are tackling ebay fraudsters/scammers, keep up the good work!!!  

20 Nov 2005 @ 09:33 by Mister Musculo @ : Niste retardati asta sunteti
ce pula mea va dati bah asa de tari ca acu suteti foamea toti luvas la pula cu lauda voastra!ca de aia va salta garda mereu...  

27 Nov 2005 @ 23:14 by Cosmin Constantinescu @ : re:
bafta baieti in continuare bravo Valcea bravo Craiova bravo Pitesti dar daca stam sa ne gandim ce mai tare Hacher a fost ARCASU Dumnezeu sa il ierte...si hai sa facem treaba in continuare cat mai merge  

27 Nov 2005 @ 23:52 by Cosmin Constantinescu @ : re:
de fapt sa ma corectez...sa facetzi treaba...pa-pa all  

9 Dec 2005 @ 01:00 by shaunzy @ : Scammers everywhere!
Alienware PCs with screaming-hot features and a starting bid of $50?? If you look at this forum, you will see that this is not a new scam. This type has been bouncing all over the place and, as of December 2005, it's still going strong. Watch for these signs, all of which are reiterated in earlier messages on this board:
-- WAY cheap price
-- product disappears off the eBay pages and suddenlybecomes and -mail buy-it-now deal.
-- Western Union surfaces as a great way to lose your money
-- Proper english/grammar in the ad, and suck-ass english/grammar in the e-mail
-- poor ebay history
-- 100% feedback
-- guarantees galore

Run for the hills, Louise! This all adds up to a bad day in Paradise.
If you're gonna wire transfer money to someone outside of eBay, why not send it to me? I promise it'll be put to better use that what the scammers would do.

eBay's asleep at the wheel and their response to my fraud reports was the defacto standard for a cop-out. Buy through us and beware of everything else. Well, Skippy; that's nice, but you forgot that you're the ones running the ads in the first place. Why not do some research of your own before posting this drivel?
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this forum, folks are a lot better educated and forewarned. (Those who were taken to the cleaners especially deserve my thanks, just for speaking up andproving that we are not infallible.)  

10 Dec 2005 @ 05:10 by Poirtz Gomez @ : Nokia N92 brand new $260
All brands and models of mobile phones Xbox 360 game Sony PsP,Ipods and more for sell nokia 8800 $180,Nokia N91 $210,Nokia N90 $200,Nextel i930 $140,Motorola V3 $130,Sony Ericson W800i $160,Nokia E70 $140,Nokia 6111 $170 , Nokia N92 $260 and more brands and models of mobile phones for sell.

All phones are unlocked brand new and comes in its original box from the factory with 18months worldwide warrantee and all its accessories complate.

please make sure you include your private phone number for easy commmunication.


all price can be negociated if buying in bulk.

Poirtz Gomez.  

12 Dec 2005 @ 22:56 by JC @ : Romanian Scam
I was so close to buying two top of the line Sony phones for $200. I read this site and saw how this auction really was too good to be true. Western Union is a huge flag in an auction, and all buyers should beware. They all say they will pay for UPS shipping for free, but you must use Western Union. Please beware, especially at this time of year (Christmas)!!!  

12 Dec 2005 @ 23:04 by bewared buyer @ : ROMANIA SCAM

> first name: Constantin
>last name: Badea
>adress: Doctor Statescu #51
>city: Dragasani
>zipp/code: 245700
>country: Romania


13 Dec 2005 @ 04:31 by afees @ : nokia n92 at just $230usd

NEXTEL i860 AT JUST $100usd, NEXTEL I870 AT JUST $110Uusd SONY ERICSSON P910i AT JUST $160usd, SONY ERICSSON W800i AT JUST $150usd SONY ERICSSON S700i AT JUST $140usd MOTOROLA MPX 220 AT JUST $140usd, MOTOROLA MPX 300 AT JUST $160usd, SONY ERICSSON S700i AT JUST $140usd SONY ERICSSON W800i AT JUST $160usd NOKIA 8800 AT JUST $150usd NOKIA 9500 AT JUST $200usd, NOKIA 9300 AT JUST $180usd, NOKIA N7O AT JUST $170usd NOKIA N90 AT JUST $200usd NOKIA N91 AT JUST $210usd NOKIA N92 AT JUST $230usd SAMSUNG D500 AT JUST $180usd, SAMSUNG D415 AT JUST $150usd SAMSUNG E800C AT JUST $190usd SIDEKICK II AT JUST $120usd, PALM TREO 650 AT JUST $190usd XBOX 360 AT JUST $190usd, Send us an email to our email below afeesismine@yahoo.com  

23 Dec 2005 @ 22:21 by Brrrat @ : Current eBay scam (as of 23 Dec 2005)
Looks like good old "Buruleanu Mircea" is at it again trying to "sell" Nokia phones on eBay (specifically Nokia 8800, N80, N90, N91, and 92) in his immediately identifiable broken english. He's now using the address reprezentant_ltd@hotmail.com, and is selling these items for 1/6th what they are supposed to cost. I only post this incase someone googles that email address in an attempt to research the seller. Thank god this thread existed, so that i immediately knew this guy was a scammer. thanks, guys!  

28 Dec 2005 @ 02:07 by un om normal :) @ : hello stupid peoples!
baaaaaa mai duceti-va sa-mi sugeti pula de straini va vaitati de 200-300 euro bagav-asi pule-n gura si eu nu am bani sa-mi iau nici macar un seria 5 :))))))
Plase translate this text ! :))))) hai noroc si la multi ani romanilor !!!:))))))  

28 Dec 2005 @ 21:31 by Michael @ : ebay scam
some romanian hacked into my account, i checked using an ip finder, i had only ever sold one item but had bought over 35 things. then i got an email sayin thanks for changin the email adress etc. then they listed 18 items of 66 mobile fones wholesale using my account, i instantly deleted my paypal and will never use ebay again.  

7 Jan 2006 @ 01:57 by "un om normal" TRANSLATION :) @ : TRANSLATION FOR 28 Dec 2005
by a normal guy: hey you strangers suc* my dic*, you are wipping for 200 - 300 euros fuc* you in your mouth and I don't have money for a series 5 BMW. Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ROMANIAN PEOPLE !!!:)))))

You "normal guy" you aren't nice. Please take care of your language.
SALUTARE SI LE-AI SPUS-O FRATE !!! Continua treaba ca e de bene. semnat (ex-ebayer)  

8 Jan 2006 @ 23:22 by Veronica Flint @ : I was about to get scammed too
I'm so freakin glad I found this site. This Romanian seller is trying to sell me this sony Vaio laptop for $600.This laptop is well over $1800. He sent me the UPS sticker with barcode and he said that he will give me the rest of the tracking number after he gets a confirmation that I made the payment. He wanted the payment sent through Western Union. I emailed him a few times, asking him questions just to make sure if he wasn't really a scammer. I checked my ebay messages that he sent me and his Ebay User ID is GONE.This guy is definetly a scammer and I wouldn't trust him.  

9 Jan 2006 @ 05:08 by seller @ : gold bars
for sell:
gold bars, 6.5 kgs, 12kgs, all marked with Cambodia on top.
Interested parties just find me on your dreams.  

10 Jan 2006 @ 03:50 by Jamie @ : Buruleanu Mircea Ebay thief!!!!!
My ebay account as just been hit by this guy been looking through this list his came and same email address expect it's reprezentant_ltd@yahoo.com not hotmail, well he changed my email address on ebay account and listed nokia phones for sale I have just contacted ebay asking for help and changed my passwords and stuff it taken me hours to do and i hope ebay dont charge me for item being listed on my account!!! watch out... Help!!!!  

11 Jan 2006 @ 02:49 by Brrrat @ : New Scammer addresses
Looks like two new email addresses associated with scam listings have appeared on ebay: magic_domains@yahoo.com and Nutzagsm@yahoo.com. From dialoguing with the nutzagsm address, the user name was displayed as "Gelu Nuta." And in dialoguing with the magic_domains address, the user name was "dd bb." If you see any of these...beware!!!  

11 Jan 2006 @ 23:18 by Terry Hilchey @ : tandem bike scam?
I am (was going to buy a bike from a guy in Romania. Here is his email:

Yes $1000 US including the shipping and insurance taxes.About payment I want to tell you that you can't make the payment online because I' m in Europe right now I'm in Romania and I 'll send you the bike from there and payment online isn't available yet in Romania so you must go personal at Western Union and send the money.
All you have to do is to find a Western Union agent and wire the money.Please go on
and find the closest agent from your location so you can wire the money.
The information you need is:

First name:..................OVIDIU
Last name:..................CRISTEA
Address:.....................Str. Liliacului,Nr 4

Please be precise with my first and last name.
Thanks and mail me with your address after you wire the money so I can begin the delivery.

When I question him here is his reply:

I don't understand your scepticism,I'm in the this business for over 2 years and I never
fooled someone in any way.
I won't risk my career, my freedom and my future for anything in the world!!!
I would rather close this deal with other person than to know that you'll be very stressed hoping that I am a honest person, untill you receive your bike. Your peace of mind is a lot more important than this deal!!!
If you decide not to go through with it there is no problem.
I got quite a few offers left. Get back to me and let me know what you decide.
Thank you for your time and interest.
Whatever you decide I wish you good luck.

I'd say beware or this scam!

5 Feb 2006 @ 19:11 by Bob Cowick @ : Romanian Ebay Scams (IPODS)
I was doing a search for 60GB Ipod Video and found a lot sale for 80. There was an email address to get a real low buy it now price. I received a response that if I were to pay within 12 hours I could get all 80 for $3000.00. That comes out to $37.50 a piece. This person said I had to go to western union because their paypal wouldn't work while they'rew traveling in Eastern Europe. This person also said not to worry that the deal was gauranteed through ebay for $5,000. The scammer emailed me an official looking invoice that actually shows coming from "ebay" . I forwarde the invoice to spoof@ebay.com and they said it did not come from ebay. Here's a portion of the invoice:
• Details and instructions of this transaction:
The following item is protected in this eBay transaction:
Item Title Qty. Price
Apple iPod 60GB WHITE VIDEO - BRAND NEW -LOT OF 80 1 USD $3.000.00

Item price: USD $3.000.00/ Amount insured
Ready to ship / Delivery and insurance included
Payment: Pending

• Seller's verified payment address:

Name: Broasca Marian Alin
Address: Sat Albina
City Braila
Zip code 6100
Country: Romania

• Complete your eBay transaction.Payment instructions:
• Payment must be sent by Western Union Wire Transfer
Scammers email is:


5 Feb 2006 @ 22:51 by Bob Cowick @ : ebay scams Romania
Here's one of the emails I received from the scammer.

First I am going to tell you some things I think you should know before
ending this deal.I travel a lot and now I am in Eastern Europe.
The iPods are going to be shipped from Europe also.
My iPods are brand new, unopened box
all accessories included and also an international warranty.
Now, I can ship through UPS air next day delivery. I will pay for all
taxes. If you wish you can also send me your full shipping info so I can
make a reservation on your name .
The price for 80 iPods is $3000 USD (as I said earlier with shipping and
insurance taxes included). I need some money as fast as possible so I am
offering a 10 % discount if we end the deal in 12 hours.
Here I am stuck to Western Union wire transfer.I can't use paypal
because it's not available yet. Just because of this I set up an insurance
with ebay which guaranties 100 % of this deal. If you wish I can contact
eBay right away and have them send you an invoice with my insurance.
If you agree on my terms I am sure we can close the deal right now.
Please reply after you think it over.
Best regards.  

7 Mar 2006 @ 13:11 by smen @ : l atac
sa ne baga pula in toti strainii si sa le luam banii.  

7 Mar 2006 @ 15:47 by Fooled For 200 @ : Anything to do w Romania = NO NO NO NO!
If it has anything to do with fucking Romania. Leave it the fuck alone! Omg I wish I had found this page before sending 200 buxx straight to the hell as a down payment on new 2 Pioneer CDJ1000MK2 cd players. Well, we all got to make a living somehow, don't we? And in the end, death will come to us all. Sooner or later... and hopefully sooner for some. Fucking bastards!  

10 Mar 2006 @ 09:13 by p.romanian @ : about romanian
I whant to give this explination : not all romanian are scammers. We have some peoples, most of them students that are doing this cinde of thinks on ebay. but do not put all romanians in the same shit. I don't understand you guys. How can you send so much moneys to peoples the you have never seen? Haow can you trust peoples this easely . Do not send moneys to peoples that you have never saw. Do not use Western Union to transfer money. This is the first thing that you need to avoid. There are other ways to receive money in romania, but this fucking scammers do not have the available knowleages for alterantive payment options. As my final word, DO NOT PAY OVER WU.  

17 Mar 2006 @ 13:08 by Richard M. @ : check this out!!!

19 Mar 2006 @ 15:41 by Ganja @ : hy bb
Sa imi sugeti pula mah "Pt straini asta"tot valcea este cea mai tare in 3 lunii am reusit sa imi iau masina tare!!!!Voi sunteti sclavii nu noii romania care ne tot futeti in gura acuma noii va futem pe voii ca sunteti niste prostii sa imi bag ceva in voii.  

23 Mar 2006 @ 02:24 by Addai The Foolish @ : Scammed by Romanians
Yeah, these guys have been around forever, and I'm kickin' myself for not doing some fucking research before sending in my money. I'm a 16 year old now fucking 1000 dollars in debt. Thanks to the lovely Romanians. I shoulda known this was a scam. Oh, well... guess I'll just have to pay back father, who's furious. By the way... anyone tried calling in fraud on these guys?  

30 Mar 2006 @ 00:53 by LD @ : Another ebay scam - now from the US
watch out for "Tamara Oleksandrova" - uses "sadowskahbu6jj@yahoo.com" (what is it with these yahoo accounts?) and hacked into someone's ebay account - selling nice "brand new" Drum sets at unbelievable prices, threee day sales, suddenly no paypal accepted, need payment immediately, etc. Address was in the US this time, but names did not match up. I won the final bid and almost fell for it (over 1000 bucks)!!!

Thanks for all of your postings, you saved me.


2 Apr 2006 @ 00:41 by Katya @ : for romanian scammers
I was scammed like most of you.
First name: Nicholas
Last name: Frog (I'm an idiot)
City: Milano
Via: Stelvio #23
Zipp code: 20100
and he gave me a tel number(romanian number)0040741615070
And I would like to type some words for romanian scammers who a waching this. I know romanian coz we live near them (Moldova).
Вы как были так и остались вонючими цыганами, и в жизни вы не отмоетесь от этого! А говоря "pula mea" ты наверное считаешь себя гуру программирования и хакинга. Ты сука тупой румын у которого мозгов хватает только на то чтоб говно кому-то сделать. Вы же ссыкло натуральное, вспомните вторую мировую .. вы продажные бляди...вы живёте по принципу "с кем хорошо - к тому мы и пойдём".
Цыганьё безродное!  

5 Apr 2006 @ 21:24 by Pratik @ : Nicholas Frog
I'be made a deal with this guy who lives in Italy, should i go ahead with the deal with him or is he a fraud? id be very dissapoiinted if he is a fraud. Should i get back to him? his website is www.euproducts.go.ro
First Name: Nicholas
Last Name: Frog
Address: Via: Stelvio, Nr: 23
Country: Italy
City: Milano
Zip: 20100  

8 Apr 2006 @ 11:59 by Mari @ : Alienware Laptop SCAM!!!!!!!!!
Yup, they got me too. But this time it was a little "slicker".

I came across someone who posting a listing on an online forum stating that he had already made about $2k selling laptops on E-bay and that the company was still hiring reps. He sent me the contact person's email (Carl Sander - Rocklinsystems@gmail.com). I contacted this person and he sent me the information to post on E-bay stating that I would make $150 per computer sold.

The cold part about all of this is, this guy STAYED in constant contact with me throughout the whole process until the laptops sold and the funds were sent Western Union. Before this happened, I had no previous experience with selling anything on E-bay though I like to buy from there alot.

In the midst of the funds being sent from my Paypal account to my bank account (to be later sent by W/U), I got an email from someone that I didn't know. What struck me as odd was, the guy sent the email to my home email address (which looking back) no one had except for "Carl Sander". The email address that I have set up for Paypal and Ebay is not the same one as my home email address.

This guy wanted to buy 2 laptops for his company. So "Carl" set it up. The guy sends "Carl" a business check (to Romania) in MY NAME. So "Carl" in a panic, sends the check to me by next day air "to cash". My bank placed a 5 business day hold on the check which freaked "Carl" out because he said he'd already sent the guy his laptops before the check cleared. Meanwhile, concerning the two E-bay customers, there was a "delay" in their laptops being shipped out because the was a large purchase in "France" which left none to be shipped from the "warehouse in Romania" so the "warehouse in Detroit" sent out what they had too to make up the difference in the "shipment". Long story short-

After sending the money to "Carl", he begins to magically fade away: being vague, not answering emails or when he did he was very short - not addressing any questions that I had about the E-bay customers shipments. When I told him that they had filed complaints with Paypal and that Paypal froze up my account leaving me unable to sell unless I gave them a tracking number, I suddenly received them (after 2-3 weeks of asking & being told that the customers shipments had already been sent out). It has been like a month and a half now and they haven't received ANYTHING!!!

After a few days of "no response" from "Carl", I get an email from a guy named "Adrian" who said that "Carl" was fired and that he was taking over. I explained everything to him and he said he would "fix" it only to later tell me that the "Detroit warehouse" said that the laptops had been shipped. I confronted him with the fact that the tracking numbers from UPS were both created by a the same guy (Tuncay Dogan) at a fake address in Beverly Hills (34 Ave, Beverly Hills 90210) with a fake phone number. I asked him about it and he still insisted that the "Detroit warehouse" sent the laptops. He even gave me fake Detroit phone numbers which turned out to be faxes. And when asked about that (especially after stating the they wouldn't "take" HIS calls), he stopped writing all together!

So do I feel pretty stupid (especially considering that other people have been hurt/affected by my naivete)? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Ebay has suspended my account (in which I had a 100% rating as a buyer) and Paypal is sticking me with the balance owed to the customers)! And mind you, I'm a single mom that just had second child recently... So DO BEWARE & LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE!!!  

10 Apr 2006 @ 02:25 by AJ @ : Trek 5900 scam
I was just about to buy a Trek 5900 bike which retails for around $5000 from eBay. I sent the seller an email about this bike and he said he would close the auction and sell it to me for $1100 and I asked for a lower price and he agreed on $700. On eBay it said he was in Virginia but then when he sent me the adress to send the money to it was in Romania and he said he needed the money fast so I had to use Western Union. I was ready to make the deal but I called a couple of my friends to ask them if it was safe to buy a bike from Romania and they found this site for me, so thank you all for saving me all my money. his name was Details :
Full Name : Soare Marian
Address :Stefan Cel Mare
City :Arges
Postal Code :0300
Country :Romania

14 Apr 2006 @ 17:18 by Emma @ : scam
i made a deal with Nicholas frog, i paied him , he did not send me the item. he scamed me so i want his ebay ID i want to suspeend his account  

16 Apr 2006 @ 16:01 by Mark Antonio Rodriguez @ : Romanian Scammer
Don't buy anything from Otinesnu Geovani Cristian, Str. Alea Viitorului, Bl g1, Dragasani Romani. He fraud me for 500EUR and i didn't get my phones. I will start an investigation because i want to see him in JAIL.
Fuck romanian Scammers!  

11 May 2006 @ 21:43 by Jonas Nightengale @ : Ebay Scammer
If anyone knows anything or has had any dealings with this Tamara Oleksandrova using sadowskahbu6jj@yahoo.com, I'd like to talk to you about it. If anyone knows who JD is (that posted above) and how to contact them, please ask JD to get in touch with me. I'd like to find out more about this person. Thanks,


16 May 2006 @ 02:34 by k`os @ : tot LOL
ma sti ceva, imi bag pula'n ma-ta. kiss my romanian ass!  

23 May 2006 @ 13:54 by Getting Even with Romanians @ : Scammers

26 May 2006 @ 16:29 by farhood @ : Romanian Cell phone scam
here is a copy of actual email from this romanian scammer,,,
I can't send you pictures because the phones are in the stock and we have acces to them only when we make the shippment we will ship the package immediatly after you confirm that the transfer was made and provide you the tracking number You will have to go at a western union location with money cash and make the transfer.
First Name:Gelu
Last Name:Nuta
Address: Morarilor #76
Please let us know when you will be able to make the transfer so we know when to ship the package Also let us have your shipping address so we can make a reservation at the UPS agency

On 5/26/06,
> Ok, what is your money transfer detail And do you have some pictures
> of the Nokia N91 and Nokia N80 in box + their descriptions before I do
> any deal?
> Do you have web page for your company?
> -----Original Message-----
> From: EURO GSM [mailto:euro.gsm.3x@gmail.com]
> Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 11:42 PM
> To: Farhood
> Subject: Re: Nokia N91 and N80
> look you will send 340euro...the rest of 40 euro will cover the fees.
> we are located in romania
> On 5/26/06,
> > Do you have a system that collects money once package arrived Or
> > where are you located,, I mean your company, so we can pick it up
> > ourselves, I have friends all around the world that can access to
> > your location.
> > Also,, where I live in Taiwan we don't have western Union
> > branch,,,,, the agency that works for WU, charges almost $47 dollars
> > USD for money transfer,, very expensive
> >
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: EURO GSM [mailto:euro.gsm.3x@gmail.com]
> > Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 11:26 PM
> > To: Farhood
> > Subject: Re: Nokia N91 and N80
> >
> > We don't use paypal since we saw www.paypalsucks.com We are a
> > company i'm not a private seller and we don't want to ruin our
> > reputation for some euros
> >
> > On 5/26/06,
> > > I have heard so many people used Western Union and never got their
> > > phone
> > or
> > > items purchased in eBay,,, So how can you guarantee that this will
> > > not happened in your sale ? What about PayPal? Or any other secure
> > > payment systems?
> > >
> > > -----Original Message-----
> > > From: EURO GSM [mailto:euro.gsm.3x@gmail.com]
> > > Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 11:16 PM
> > > To: Farhood
> > > Subject: Re: Nokia N91 and N80
> > >
> > > We will use western union money transfer and UPS air express.You
> > > will receive the package in 48 hours after the payment is confirmed.
> > > Please let us have your shipping address so we can make a
> > > reseravtion at the UPS agency and we will reply with the payment
> > > address
> > >
> > > On 5/26/06,
> > > > How can I pay to purchase these units?
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > -----Original Message-----
> > > > From: EURO GSM [mailto:euro.gsm.3x@gmail.com]
> > > > Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 11:03 PM
> > > > To:
> > > > Subject: Nokia N91 and N80
> > > >
> > > > The price for both pieces is 380euro including shipping and
> > > > insurance taxes...
> > > > The phones are brand new in original boxes,with all accesories
> > > > included(car/wall
> > > > charger,battery,cable,case,adapter,housing,memory
> > > > card,software,hands free kit),unlocked and 2 yrs international
> > > > warranty  

29 May 2006 @ 19:34 by Ab @ : scamers for cell phones
First Name:Patru
Last Name:Marian
Address: Sperantei #21

other person!!

First Name:Vara
Last Name:Marius Bogdan
Address: Morarilor#76

4 Jun 2006 @ 14:48 by METTY @ : THANKYOU

4 Jun 2006 @ 22:57 by Unimportant @ : What if ..
What if that "mother fucker" you guys swear at in e-mails is just a simple cretin idiot who tries to make a living ?! What if some of the guys that send you fake e-mails is forced to do so in order to survive !?! What if that boneheaded freak is an orphan ?! What if he has no job ?! What if no one hires him because he couldn't finish highschool (for he was working since 16 ?!) What if the world aint as pink as we want to see it ?! I know plenty. I need one shot. jobless.cracker@yahoo.com is my e-mail adress and if you want to fuck me, please do so. But think twice before you do for i wish no one here would be put to live what i lived so far. P.S. : I have NEVER used an account to list an item. I sold them as data.  

15 Jul 2006 @ 17:57 by fedex @ : BMW M 3
Hello there
I want to sell my car

The car is in excellent condition.No scratches or any kind of damage.
The total price including shipping and anyother fees is 14.500 USD ,a
refundable downpayment of 4500 USD is requested prior shipping and
inspenction with the ballance to be payd after inspection.
The car will be shipped from United Kingdom , on my expense and will
be delivered directly to your door in 9-10 days.The car will be insured
at the shipping company for the transport.
All documents, including owner's manual, clear title and a bill of sale
on your name will be provided along with the car.
The car is still US registered so you will not have to pay any custom
FOR ANY DETAILS EMAIL ME AT bmw74klm@yahoo.com


21 Jul 2006 @ 12:27 by gigel @ : Vand site de escrow
contactati-ma la manevraa@yahoo.com  

15 Oct 2006 @ 18:52 by Not interested @ : Scammers
I'm not interested in how hard your life is in whatever country you are from. You have some pretty big balls to think that anyone owes you a living just because they live in a developed country and you live in a third-world shit hole. Perhaps you should take up your dire living conditions with your oppressive regime of a government and stop trying to steal money from hard-working people. There is absolutely NO justifiable reason you can give for stealing people's money. Tell yourself whatever you want, you are a thief and a fucking scumbag. As the word gets out and more people become aware of your scams, you will see your ill-begotten income dwindle and you will have to (gasp!) GET A REAL JOB! Feel free to translate this text into whatever tounge-clicking throat-garbled language you call that crap spewing from your hideous face, asshat.  

15 Oct 2006 @ 19:31 by Not interested @ : RE: Unimportant
The above comment was directed at "Unimportant". I'll be waiting for your rebuttal, though I remain unconvinced you are capable of rational, cognitive or even coherent conversation in ANY language.  

31 Oct 2006 @ 03:10 by Puya @ : mue staraiinilor
mue straiinilor shi celor ce sunt impotriva hackerilor...bravo dragasani suntm cei mai tari ne doare in pwla de tozti care zik ca nu facem bine ce facem :)) loavash fatza in pola de saracii shi cat despre straini sa ma suga de pola ca sunt varza oameni...ciaoles...shi hai pe ei pishamash pe ei de fraeri.

Mr.Puya !  

28 Nov 2006 @ 16:59 by no messing @ : Phones
OK, i was just about to make a payment via western money transfer. They strongly advised me against it and then i looked into it some more, i found this site. This guy also swapped locations and dropped the price from a whopping $1700 to just $400 in a matter of minutes. His email: Comanel@aol.com
ZIPP: 245700

His partner lived in Romania aparently so that was where the money was to go. He did not take paypal or anything like that and promised to send the tracking number to me and all the other jiberish which goes with it. I understand this man to be a scammer and was found selling batches of phones on ebay.
Be warned!  

8 Dec 2006 @ 02:08 by frantiaaa @ : mari mesteri ce mai sunteti
va dati si voi mari cu mt'uri d'astea "mari" la voi acolo de unde sunteti....dar jmekeria e pe franta bai baieti...cand in primavara luam transferuri de cate 5000euroi...moama ce binemai era....acu sunt in Franta si i-au pe cont bancar si i-au numa de 10-15000 .... asa ca...multa bafta in cont. la toti romansii nostrii destepti care stiu sa faca bani si nu se dau mari...mai ales pe la lautari...aveti grija fratilor!!! sanatate si sarbatori fericite  

20 Dec 2006 @ 18:31 by o fata @ : Baaaiiii
Gata fratzilor.. s`a cam terminat smekeria... ati cam inceput sa faceti foamea... mai toti .. imi pare rau de voi .. daca pana acu` va durea`n pula... acu` va doare`n burta ! Sorry pt voi ! Take care !  

20 Jan 2007 @ 04:05 by Cacata @ : FAcem Foamea
FAcem foamea ce pola mea  

13 Feb 2007 @ 12:15 by lupul_roz @ : record
azi s-au scos 22,000 Euroni pe un jipan pe banca, la voi care e recordul?  

17 Mar 2007 @ 16:42 by Gheorghe Hagi @ : Mama, cata prostie !!!
Ba, io nu zic ca e bine ca-i ardem pe americani la buzunare cu toate scamurile astea, da adevaru e ca sunt prosti facuti gramada. Auzi bah la ala care zice ca au facut baze americane in Romania, si ca ne iau ei cele mai tari femei, blablabla. Mama cata prostie. pai sa-i vezi pe soldatoii aia care ies pe la noi prin oras sa bea o bere, zgarciti ca Hagi Tudose si speriati de parca ar fi pe front. Cat despre femei nici vorba , parca ar fi cu totii gay. Umbla ca niste orbeti prin oras si nu-i baga nimeni in seama (in afara de sutii de buzunare). Se citeste prostia pe fata lor, paca te roaga sa le iei banii.
Iar tu onanistule care ai plecat din Romania de foarte multi ani si imprastii pe tot mapamondul ca tara ta natala este o tara din lumea a treia plina de hoti si de criminali, s-ar putea sa fii surprins de faptul ca in Romania sunt mai multe masini de lux pe cap de locuitor decat in tara in care traiesti tu acum, ca banii se fac mult mai usor decat in alta parte, ca curvele de la noi au case si masini pe care tu nici nu le visezi in America ta si ca soldatii aia ai tai sunt extaziati daca ii "rezolva" vreo moldoveanca trecuta si supraponderala.

P.S. Stiai ca miltarii romani din Iraq si Afganistan au cele mai mici pierderi? DE ce? pentru ca au o karma proasta?  

10 Apr 2007 @ 07:45 by alexandru @ : Romania against SCAM
I am a romanian citizen (unfortunatelly) and all I can say is that I am not happy with the oppinion that all romanian sellers or buyers are scamers. Sorry for my poor english!
I have read the comments posted in this forum and I like to tell you something...
Yes, in Romania you can find maibe 100-200 scamers. Is this a reason for Pay Pal to reject us from the payment system? What chance I have for example ( I run a small business with charm jewelry) to increase my selling outside Romania? If I will use e-Bay I will show all my contacts because this is fair to do, but I will sell my items? No! Because I am from Romania and from here and Nigeria all the scamers are comming.
If you think that in Romania are about 10,000 or 20,000 scamers you can not be more wrong informed. The media is not in our favor and any time when one romanian hack e-bay or NASA or Amazon.com....media have a front page with Romanian scamers strike again!
No, my friends, not the romanian are doing this. Only some of us are so stupid to consider that is a nice work to scam you. Many times other people are doing it and we are blame for it. Is not fair!
I have a e-Bay account for about one year. Till this moment I do not sell or buy nothing but I have there my full adress and two phone numbers for contact. When I will start to sell or buy I will give all the details about me and I WILL NEVER USE WESTERN UNION for money transfer! I also can be hacked.
Why do I need e-Bay? I need materials as gold wire, silver wire, findings, books regarding jewelry making....and of course I want to sell some projects of mine. If I want to buy....."we do not deliver in Romania!" If I want to sell PayPall is nou working with us! What chances I have? In more then 200 years of history, in USA has come 2-3 millions of romanians. Manny of them hase forget that, others are proud to be romanian (Nadia Comaneci) for example.
Well...I think I speak to much in my bad english....
If you need informations regarding locations in Romania, or proposal for an anti-scam fighting you can e-mail me. Be shore that I WILL NEVER ASK FOR A CENT!!! This in the case when you consider that I am also a scamer!
Only be patient with my english....
Best regards,
Alexandru Dumitrescu

8 Jul 2007 @ 08:23 by Vince @ : Gelu nuta
He riped me offf for a nokia n95 it waqs like this
My payment details:

First Name: Gelu
Last Name : Nuta
Address: Str. Sperantei No.11
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Zip Code: 7200
phone no. : +40746937417

and gelu email ardess wa : xgsmx2007@hotmail.com

Watch out  

8 Sep 2007 @ 20:47 by fv @ : muie la pietrari
mincamiati pula de fraieri boriti din valcea ce aveti treaba cu numele meu  

15 Oct 2007 @ 23:16 by jori @ : rumeni del cazzo
l fuck you romania bucharest tutti stronzi  

9 Nov 2007 @ 16:53 by Rob @ : Avoid all scams
Of course no wire transfers, only use the Ebay contact the seller link. What I do is only use Paypal, and through Paypal only the backup-source credit card. The credit card of course is 0 liability. If anything happens the cc company sends you an affadavit to sign and the charges are removed. Paypal has there own purchase protection, but the trouble is the money's already gone from your account, my way you never pay in the first place.  

22 Jan 2008 @ 19:08 by Tim @ : Craigslist scam
Not only is the problem with ebay but also Craigslist. I was recently a victim to a scam for an item I "supposedly" sold to someone. This someone was named Michael David, email address [micheal.david@yahoo.com]. Beware of any scams from this person. I had a large ticketed item that I received a $4500 certified check for overnight. This guy said an agent was going to pickup my item and get the payment from me. But then he changed his story and said I had to send $3000 via Western Union to his agent.

The email goes like this:

I really appreciate your care and concern,am happy to hear that you've gotten the cheque.I've just spoken to my shipping company operation manager that the stuffs should be picked up immediately and he made me to understand that the shippment officer has left for pick up last night in another State and they will be heading back to your home address to pick up my stuffs at your place.

But i was told that they will have to get their service fees before coming for the pick up,cause their payment policy had been changed.So you will be deducting your item cost from the money.While the remaning fund will be send to the shipper as their service charges,so that the pick up can take effect as soon as possible.Please kindly do this is for me and get back to me as soon as you can in order to have my car picked up...Here is there present location information in CA where you will send the payment to via western union money transfer.You can deduct the western union charges from the money that you are sending.

Name..........kevin Harper
Address......65 Trigo Rd Suite #1
City............Isla Vista

After sending the money you will be given some information at the western union outlet that the reciever will use to pick up the money at any of their location.This are the information below.

MTCN 10 digit reference number.
The senders name and address.
Total amount sent after western union charges.

With this information Kevin will be able to pick the money up.Then they will be able to come and pick up my merchandice at your place.

Kindest regards.

The funny thing about this was fromt he start, I figured it was odd receiving this kind of money for an item that should not have cost so much to ship from my location to California. The other thought was why would this person be purchasing my item and ship at such a high cost when they could save their money and purchase locally. My suggestion is to beware of scams like this. never send any money to anyone, particularly through Western Union, if you don't know who you are sending to.

8 Apr 2008 @ 23:51 by Franca @ : SCAM and FRAUD on alibaba
1 month ago I ordered a TV 52" sony XBR4 from a GOLD china supplier on alibaba.com

Kitty/Sales Manager
Longxiang Shoes CO.,LTD
Website: http://xinxia.en.alibaba.com
Tel: 86-594-6605685
MSN: hao.588@hotmail.com
TradeManager ID: cn200012774

3 days later I asked for my tracking number and received the tracking late but with excuse
2 weeks later I received a faked phone
I called the company they told me to call at 8:00am china time
I called at 8:15am china time and falled on an answeering machine
I emailed te famous Kitty to explain my frustration and she answeered via msn with:

If u think that it is scam. We can't do anything for you. You don't trust us.

and she never answeered since then

NEVER do a TT bank transfer or western union money transfer if you deal with someone you not REALY know
you are NOT covered in any way if something happen
most of the CHINA not accept credit card, paypal, escrow or protected payment and there are actually many scam there.
Also In 99 % of cases the Chinese police sends papers with refusal to spend investigation because of " absence of structure of a crime ".

Alibaba argue to tell to anyone (see their pages) you can trust GOLD supplier because they are certified and verified by third credit company, I really doubt now about their statement
and this is why we trusted them ... becuase the company is GOLD
also now alibaba.com don't want to be involved and answeer they are only a middle man with a classified site

so I lost money, time and confident in them


Many China advertising electronics PRODUCTS TO SELL OR TRADE are PURE SCAM

I received 2 days after from a person email as what he was just scammed alos the same way at the difference he got nothing in return even a faked phone.  

8 Apr 2008 @ 23:53 by franca @ : SCAM and FRAUD on alibaba (2)
here another link they use

1- http://xinxia.en.alibaba.com

2- http://xinxia-gift.com  

16 Apr 2008 @ 15:38 by WETTHASINGHE @ : shipment tracking
B/L NOS; CMBSTR/L/08/5234  

3 Nov 2008 @ 10:26 by Jo @ : Fraud
I beleive by now you must have receive the cheque payment for the car.The payment is in the amount of 5.500 EURO.All you need to do is to deduct your card funds from the money.The draft is an earlier caneled order which we wanted to buy but later decided to buy yours.In that regard you are required to send the refund to our shipping agent who will need to prepare all the necessary papper works then come up/ pick up the car from your location and ship for us.Below is the shipper's information you will need to send the refund to.You are required to laocate any Western Union Outlet Or Moneygram outlet and send the money from there.  

6 Jun 2009 @ 06:15 by Philip Cohen @ : Shill Bidding on eBay: A Case Study
For anyone that is interested, a detailed case study of another instance of blatant shill bidding on eBay, and a detailed comment on eBay’s apparent attitude thereto, at http://www.auctionbytes.com/forum/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=24033  

8 Dec 2009 @ 00:48 by Gun @ : jeep ml
its this a scam url ? http://www.abt-delivery.eu/index-2.html

think its a scamer online...  

18 Mar 2011 @ 14:10 by eric.emata@yahoo.com @ : gold bar for sale
i need gold bar buyer here please contact direct owner. 09263659822  

23 Nov 2013 @ 21:40 by Tina Milan @ : love you for making my life worth living
This spell changed everything for me. I am sure you get that alot. I always believed it would work because the other spells that you did for me were so brilliant I had no doubts. But when it actually happened and the way it did – I just never believed I could have such happiness. I owe you an incredible debt. Thank you for being my friend, confidante and most honest witch. I love you, love you, love you for making my life worth living again, Dr. Lametu of the Ancientspiritualtemple@gmail.com !  

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