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 Magnificent Obsessions2003-03-12 23:59
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by Flemming Funch

When I was around four years old I was collecting the license plate numbers of taxis in Copenhagen. I had a little notebook in my pocket in which I meticulously would write down the numbers, many on each page, dozens of pages.

Later on I collected yoghurt containers. Not different kinds, but all the same kind, white with no markings. I think I had hundreds.

People do many strange things. Check out the Magnificent Obsessions site, and you'll see that the world is full of people obsessively doing baffling things.

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1 comment

25 Mar 2003 @ 04:27 by maxtobin : Cracks me up Ming
Hey man you are brave, we see the soft underbelly of madness wherever we look if we desire. Hee hee!! See the essense was there right from the start, gathering data and useless bits and bites!! I wonder if the zeros and ones know they are different?  

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