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 Towards Structured Blogging2003-03-13 23:42
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S├ębastien Paquet has a great article with thoughts about how we can move towards structured blogging. You know, where the meaning of what we post is captured more systematically than just being a bunch of words one can link to.
"Lately I've been thinking about how we could evolve blogging tools to allow people to author more structured (dare I say semantic?) content, so that other people could find their stuff that they find of interest more easily.

Right now what we have, globally speaking, is pretty much a huge pool of blog posts, each implicitly tied to a particular weblog author and with a date slapped on. Now, say I've written a review of the latest Radiohead album into my blog. I'd like others who are interested in Radiohead, or in music reviews in general, and who may not know me, to be able to pick out my review from the common pool in a simple way. Interesting people may come my way because of this.

What we're talking about is getting people to put more metadata on their content. Now allowing it is one thing, and fostering it is another. And I'd say the latter is the bigger challenge. Here are some ideas.

...continued in Towards Structured Blogging"
Good stuff. Seb suggests some ways of choosing what types of thing you're posting in your weblog entry. Like, is it a 'Music Review' for example. That would allow services a step beyond Internet Topic Exchange aggregating postings more intelligently. I think we need something a couple of steps beyond that, but I can't quite articulate what exactly that is, so this would be an easy place to start.

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14 Mar 2003 @ 06:10 by catana : Categories
NCN has at least one tool to make this possible -- categories. However, most of them, including some of mine, are too vague or idiosyncratic to be used this way. If the categories were standardized in some useful way, they could then be indexed. Or -- as one site I used to write on started doing (way too late to save it) allow posters to include key words as meta data.  

14 Mar 2003 @ 10:47 by sharie : Special Request: A Search Engine
I'd like to have a search engine at ncn. I'd like to be able to type in the word and then have a scroll bar so I can choose newslogs, groups, activity etc., or entire ncn website.

Wherever the word I'm looking is found on the ncn website, or in the particular section whether newslogs, the links will come up - there may be several links for "economics" for example, or "revolutionary idea".

There's so many of us here, and so many different places we're talking about the same topic, it would be great to access all the related comments and posts at the same time.

Search engine please.

Thank you.  

14 Mar 2003 @ 19:29 by ming : Search Engine
Yes, that makes good sense. I'll put it there before too long.  

15 Mar 2003 @ 14:11 by sharie : Thank you very much!
I enjoy making good sense.  

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