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Living in Baghdad

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 Living in Baghdad2003-03-20 12:26
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by Flemming Funch

Ramzi Kysia is living in Baghdad right now by choice, to bear witness to the war.
"My country may arrest me as a traitor, or kill me during saturation bombing, or shoot me during an invasion. The Iraqis may arrest me as a spy, or cause or use my death for propaganda. Civil unrest and mob violence may claim me. I may be maimed. I may be killed.

I am nervous. I am scared. I am hopeful. I am joyous, and I joyously delight in the wonder that is my life.

I love being alive. I love the splendor of our world, the beauty of our bodies, and the miracle of our minds. I bless the world for making me, and I bless the world for taking me. I feed myself on the fellowship we inspirit, in standing one with another in this, this present moment, each moment unfolding to its own best time.

Different things move different members of our team, but all of us are here out of deep concern for the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Iraq. 20 years of almost constant war, and 12 years of brutal sanctions, have killed hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq.

We are here, today, because most of the world refused to be present, then. What more right do I as an American have to leave then all the people I've come to love in Iraq? An accident of birth that gives me a free pass throughout the world? "

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1 comment

28 Apr 2016 @ 22:05 by Maisyn @ : qjlsboZklZznyuHoYBGs
Hola Andrés, alegro ver que el próximo viernes tendré la oportunidad de volver a disfrutar de TI. Estoy en Barcelona, me traje tu música para compartirla y la buena música no tiene fronteras. Dejo a Andrés (Desnudo) en Barcelona y me llevo a Javier Limón (Mujeres de Agua). Un fuerte abrazo , hasta prc.tonNataoha  

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