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 France2003-03-22 07:53
picture by Flemming Funch

So, I'm visiting Toulouse with my wife and daughter. And in a few days we're on to Denmark. It is very nice here. A few travel obstacles, though. Our luggage didn't make it sofar, after a little misunderstanding about having to check in again in London. And then I had transferred all the money I figured we'd need for hotel and car rental to a particular credit card. And at the car rental desk I realize that the card actually was expired, and I must have not noticed when they sent me a new card. So, I had to jump through some hoops to be able to pay.

Toulouse is very pleasant, the center of town at least. Relaxed and charming for a big city. We were having lunch with Jeff Starrs at a sidewalk restaurant on a town square, with a band playing. And, it is always great to meet somebody one has known for years online.

Tomorrow we'll start looking around in the countryside and adjacent smaller towns.

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22 Mar 2003 @ 08:00 by jewel : envious and excited!
Cool. Too bad about the luggage and money. Maybe they are part of a broader Nazi plot. hehe. I hope you didn't leave the paper of my contacts behind? :-) ... On Thurs night, I met an old 'lightworker' friend, Oshun, who lived outside of Toulouse for years. Her husband is an engineer. She is over here plugging a Magdalene journey in May, with {link:http://www.mmagdalene.net|Elizabeth Kelly} the Gnostic MM Priestess I know. Oshune now lives in the Wilderness further outsdie of Toulouse... She has many contacts for real estate, rentals, etc. She said she'd try to email some of them now whilst you are there... but next time you are there, she said she will show you around.

Sure the centre of town in Toulouse is nice--- I told you. Ha. Miss you! Tecia and I had breakfast yesterday. People are marching everywhere. Thank Goddess for the Internet!  

22 Mar 2003 @ 08:03 by martha : pictures
i want to see picutres.  

22 Mar 2003 @ 16:48 by ming : Pictures
Heheh, the cable to download the pictures was in my suitcase, and now it showed up.

We just a great dinner at Jeff's place, also with Bruno (dadak). A small thing, just a few things he threw together, Jeff said, but that was quite a feast for us foreigners. Great discussions with Bruno about big and small things.  

23 Mar 2003 @ 06:56 by martha : great
thanks for the pic ming. Have a great time. You certainly picked the right time to leave. war, war and more war. Hey but I see you aren't able to get away from it.
So the jstarrs does cook. Did the nurse or doc help him?  

24 Mar 2003 @ 00:12 by jstarrs : ;0)
It was great to meet up with Ming, Bierget & Nadia and the evening with Bruno was a lot of fun, as Ming says, some good conversation going down.
Actually Martha, Bentley & Nurse offered some amphetaperatifs but I declined them...;0)  

24 Mar 2003 @ 05:40 by martha : amphetaperatifs
wise decision...on the other hand  

25 Mar 2003 @ 04:40 by maxtobin : Really cool Ming
You are having a good time and meeting up with those virtual friends. It is such a buzz to make the virtual real is it not? Glad Jeff stayed sober and the good Doctor was shown his place, its empowering to say no!  

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