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 Travel and technology2003-03-23 21:53
by Flemming Funch

It is usually when I travel I notice a lot of things that aren't working very well, particularly in terms of technological methods of communication, Internet access, etc. I usually have the illusion I can just take a laptop with me and stay in touch with things as normally. But typically there are always things in the way. The laptop is a different computer than I normally work on, so I usually don't succceed in bringing everything with me.

I picked this hotel in part because they said they had Internet connection in every room. I called them up and they said they had high speed wireless networking for an extra charge. I thought that would mean Wi-Fi. What it meant was that I could browse the web through the TV, using an infrared keyboard. That was the 'wireless' part. Otherwise I'm stuck with a modem dial up.

And this is when I realize that I appear the be getting around 2000 e-mails daily. Which takes about an hour to download. Mostly junk, automatic messages from servers, bounces from mailing lists, etc. At home it mostly gets sorted into folders and is largely invisible. Here I have to manually sort through everything, just to discover whether I actually got anything I need to deal with.

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25 Mar 2003 @ 04:14 by maxtobin : Don't you wish you were at home then?
Ain't that just a bitch Ming!! Don't you wish you were at home now with all the automation to make life easier. Sirriously though I am glad to hear/see that you got to France, I hope that it is all you wish for and the opportunities that you will resonate with will be falling onto the path as you skip about with the Family and enjoy a well deserved break from LA LA land.  

25 Mar 2003 @ 14:11 by ming : Home
Yeah, I don't wish I were at home. But I guess I'd prefer to both be out in the world, having real experiences, while still maintaining some kind of overview over my virtual relations.  

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