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 Bandwidth2003-03-24 23:54
by Flemming Funch

Another thing I notice while traveling is how dependent I normally am on a certain bandwidth of information. Like, in this weblog, I do sort of write whatever is on my mind on what I come across. However, when I'm home it is based on having browsed through quite a number of different information sources, RSS channels, news sites, e-mails, etc. Sitting by my computer most of the day with a broadband connection makes that easy and natural. But if I'm traveling around and have just a dial-up connection at a hotel for a couple of hours at night, it is a totally different thing. Not possible to get much overview of what is going on in the information world.

There are good things about that, of course. It is great to focus on some 'real' experiences. But I'm also looking for ways of not loosing touch. New kinds of tools. Even if I did have a computer with me at all times, with a wireless broadband connection, I probably wouldn't want to be maneuvering web browsers most of the time, if there is a lot of action in my immediate surroundings. I'd like some tools that are more integrated into life, not requiring you to give them full attention for hours.

One issue is the amount of bandwidth (connection speed and time) available. But another is the interface you have to the information world. If you're driving a car, a menu would be a very bad user interface to anything. If you are walking around, an e-mail program or web browser is not very useful. But I'd still like to be connected with things in other places.

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25 Mar 2003 @ 05:39 by martha : i know
get a chip implanted that will make the connection to your brain. The heck with dial up or broadband. In fact you wouldn't even need a computer or keyboard. You could think/type it before sending. No wires, could do it anywhere anytime. One thought though you might want to consider the fact that the chip might be sending out info you don't want known. LOL  

25 Mar 2003 @ 14:03 by ming : direct connection
That's pretty much what I'd want. Share what I see and what I think. Without all those hassles of computers and menus and buttons. But, yeah, I'd like to be able to turn it on or off at will. Or I need to become a bit more disciplined on what I think.  

25 Mar 2003 @ 14:28 by petavie : Leave it on......
Why not decide it is ok to think what you think, instead of it is right or wrong, since we all think more or less the same things,it's only our emotionnal self reacting anyway, then when we just accept it , not judging ourself, we might just shed that old "skin", and move on, putting that wasted energy at work toward some more worthy cause. Well I don't know, just an idea.  

26 Mar 2003 @ 11:33 by ming : Telepathy
Yeah, I think it would be a recipe for world peace. If all of us knew what we were thinking, and we knew what they were thinking, there'd be nothing to hide and nothing to disagree about and nothing to judge, so we might as well get on with things.  

26 Mar 2003 @ 11:48 by petavie : kinda
Meanwhile, we can always pretend that we do, so to move on anyway. As a kind of rehersal of some sort, like the old saying: fake until you make it. Big smile.  

28 Apr 2016 @ 22:25 by Terrah @ : zWuDgQPENsBibFqTZ
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