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 Simplicity2003-04-01 00:29
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Seb mentions Peter Tesugen analyzing Edward de Bono's principles of simplicity, from his book "Simplicity". These are the principles:
1. You need to put a very high value on simplicity
2. You must be determined to seek simplicity
3. You need to understand the matter very well
4. You need to design alternatives and possibilities
5. You need to challenge and discard existing elements
6. You need to be prepared to start over again
7. You need to use concepts
8. You may need to break things down into smaller units
9. You need to be prepared to trade off other things for simplicity
10. You need to know for whose sake the simplicity is being designed
Peter has a good discussion about what the less obvious points are about.

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1 comment

20 Jun 2003 @ 09:00 by cat @ : fractals
The fractal geometry of nature is based on the simplest things being repeated ad infinitum. Complexity is based on simplicity. The hardest things are the simplest things.  

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