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 Back in the U.S.S.A.2003-04-03 20:54
by Flemming Funch

Always nice to be home and sleep in one's own bed. The journey back was pretty long. Because of the complexities of getting cheap airplane tickets we had to fly back to Toulouse from Copenhagen and spend the night there, and the jouney back from there had three jumps, because nothing better was available when I ordered it. But the Continental flight from Amsterdam to Houston (the middle leg) was almost empty, so we could each spread over a row and sleep. Nothing major went wrong. Missed a transfer flight in Paris and had to wait for the next one. My wife and I were sick at different times along the way, but got over it quickly. The taxi driver in Toulouse knocked over a mother with her kids in a stroller. They were all miraculously unscathed.

It was a short trip, but accomplished what it needed to - getting a sense of the South of France, and going to my mom's birthday in Denmark.

I always enjoy noticing the differences between people in different areas and in different groups, how people have different world views and act differently. Anyway, more on that some other time when I'm less jet lagged.

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