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 Emergent Democracy Happening2003-04-11 23:59
by Flemming Funch

Conference call and online chat today in the Joi Ito instigated group on Emergent Democracy. It is a multi-track thing where we're both talking on the phone and writing in a chat room, and organizing around some wiki pages. And in-between those events are mailing list discussions. Which I haven't gotten around to participating in much. On the table today was the potential of a Journal of Emergent Democracy for peer reviewed papers on the subject. The definition of 'Emergent Democracy' - a subgroup was put on that task. Kevin Marks' suggestion of 'vote links', web links that include a tag describing whether one recommends what one is linking at, or one recommends against it, or there is no judgement about it. Suggestions for a Social Software Alliance, to discuss possible new standards, from Pete Kaminski. And a few other subjects.

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