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 Big government2003-04-18 22:28
by Flemming Funch

Raymond Powers shows this graph of the budget deficit under different U.S. presidents. It always strikes me as weird that those guys tend to do close to the opposite of what is the stated program of their parties. Republican presidents grow big government like there's no tomorrow, borrowing ridiculous amounts of money, and raised taxes through the root to pay for it. And it is a democrat that actually balances the budget. And hardly anybody notices. People still tend to believe that Republicans stand for smaller government, even though it is as blatantly a lie as it can get.

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22 Apr 2003 @ 13:41 by jmarc : ?
Congress controls the purse strings. The president submits a budget that the congress must approve before it becomes law. How about a graph showing party control of the house of representatives as it relates to deficit spending?  

21 Apr 2016 @ 09:19 by Patsy @ : XjkprhxEAL
That's a smart answer to a dilfciuft question.  

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