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Mark Lombardi's global networks

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 Mark Lombardi's global networks2003-04-20 23:21
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Weblogsky mentions the late Mark Lombardi who created hand-drawn network maps, which he called "narrative structures". They show the relationships between political figures and financial fraud, criminal activity, busted banks, etc.
"At some point in my development," says the artist, "I began to reject reductivist approaches in favor of one capable of evoking the complexity, venality and occasional brutality of the times. What emerged was a study of 'irregular' financial transactions, with special emphasis on those undertaken in secret by select groups of influential yet silent partners."
I think there ought to be a well financed team of independent investigatory journalists doing nothing but creating such maps all the time, with supporting information, and posting them on the net. Show us how things connect. Because they do.

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21 Apr 2003 @ 08:09 by bushman : Hmm, intresting.
Sort of the precurser to the google touch browser. I use that thing alot, because my connection is so slow. No need to go to each page to folow links.  

21 Apr 2003 @ 13:03 by sharie : Investigatory journalists creating maps
I'd like to see maps of how we can get passed the corruption and create a new civilization.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 00:35 by Lateisha @ : iObNqhgQMkhmbUjZrSYA
You've imespsred us all with that posting!  

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