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 Playing Dixie2003-04-24 23:03
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The Dixie Chicks apologized for being disrepectful to George Bush by saying that they were ashamed of being from Texas at a recent European concert. They shouldn't have apologized. I'm ashamed of even living in a country that will tolerate such a wacko as its president. Shame is certainly the right word. And I'm not even an American. And all the right-wing redneck stormtroopers responded by burning their albums, banning their music on southern radio stations, and coming up with a long list of slurs about them. Well, at least they can maintain their stance against war and for peace. And make a bit light of the whole thing, as in this nude magazine cover.

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1 comment

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:58 by Tori @ : WfVKtVyyLRdNVBi
I suggest we focus our efforts on making HIT better for those using it, instead of naysaying. Thank you for the optnoturipy to post comments on your site, but I am removing this from my list of blogs to review. Best of luck to you.  

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