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 Disinfopedia2003-05-15 15:25
by Flemming Funch

From Seb Paquet:
A project of PRWatch.org, Disinfopedia was started in last January - almost exactly 2 years after Wikipedia, after which it is modelled. It describes itself as
"a collaborative project to produce a directory of public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of corporations, governments and special interests. We are already working on 1015 articles.

Anyone, including you, can edit any article right now. See the Disinfopedia FAQ for more background information about the project. Read the help page and experiment in the sandbox to learn how you can use and contribute to the Disinfopedia.

The content of Disinfopedia is covered by the GNU Free Documentation License, which means that it is free and will remain so forever. See Disinfopedia:Copyrights for the details and open content and free content for background."
This could turn into a highly useful resource for making sense of much of what we read and hear, complementary to things like Who owns what. I'm kind of worried about the possibility of edit wars, though, should that wiki become very popular - is it possible to write neutrally or objectively about such a topic?
Wow, marvelous resource. We need more of that. And, yeah, it could be a problem if it becomes too popular and influential. Then the people who are the object of it would be quite likely to start a war against by messing directly with it.

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29 Apr 2016 @ 00:26 by Finch @ : HaIREiNFuNgNmHxp
I love these arsitlec. How many words can a wordsmith smith?  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:02 by Kaylea @ : YYNqMshnzVxpO
Thanks, Lisa. I just changed the Font Sqriurel link in the post to that one; hope that works for people. Not sure why the Font Squirrel file works for me but not others!  

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