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 Back from the Big Apple2003-05-24 23:14
picture by Flemming Funch

Back from New York. Got some good work done with Britt Blaser on xpertweb, working through the steps of a functioning prototype. The picture there is from last night. Hanging out with Britt and Doc Searls, having a splendid time talking about geeky stuff and playing with computers. Doc mentions it here. He is in town to check out the state of publically available WiFi in New York. Which is pretty damned great. Wireless access in a number of parks, from many businesses who want to make customers feel at home, and from many individuals who've just left their networks open.

If you somehow don't know who Doc Searls is, he's co-author of Cluetrain Manifesto, senior editor of Linux Journal, and general Über-Blogger. I'm impressed by the effortlessness of his blogging approach. He just sort of wam-bam zips in and posts a few sentences, using an outliner for the content of the day, while he's on the phone and answering e-mail and having a conversation, all at the same time. I'm not sure I would be able to do it like that, but I can certainly see the point. Answer your e-mail in public, as he describes it. I personally tend to need to switch into some kind of Inspired Quest mode before it flows for me. But, hey, maybe his routine day every day IS an Inspired Quest, I don't know.

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26 May 2003 @ 12:44 by ming : Blogging mail
Might very well be if blogs more generally become public e-mail. The people who read my blog are usually the people I'd be most interested in talking to anyway. It is irritating when somebody writes and asks me what I've been doing recently, when they haven't been reading my blog, and aren't going to.  

26 May 2003 @ 17:32 by ming : Doc
Heheh, he's holding his digital video camera, as he was taking pictures too, and downloading them to his laptop. Or, gee, maybe it really was a phaser.  

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