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 Candidates2003-06-11 23:59
by Flemming Funch

I'm not much into mainstream politics, but there are actually a couple of decent candidates for the next U.S. presidential election. The one I know the most about is Dennis Kucinich. I've mentioned him before (here, here and here) and heard him speak a couple of times. That included talking about peace and about spirituality in ways that I very much resonate with, but which made me absolutely amazed that he actually is a U.S. Congressman. So I'm even more impressed that he's now in the running for being the Democratic presidential candidate. He might be too good to actually really have a chance, but I certainly hope not.

The other one is Howard Dean. I hadn't actually heard about him before a couple of weeks ago, but a bunch of my techie weblog friends (like Britt and Mitch) seem to think he's the guy. And he certainly seems to be saying the right things, and has some guts to stand up against the powers that be. And maybe he's mainstream enough to have a better chance, I'm not sure.

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7 Oct 2003 @ 18:09 by littlewolf : i like dean
But any info on the banners wesley clark is running under?  

29 Apr 2016 @ 03:30 by Keydrick @ : htBiaxcjRQTOiOID
Men hur sp¤nannÃde lät inte det där dÃ¥!? Jag förmodar att det är nÃ¥got positivt! Lycka till hur som helst.Kram Lena  

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