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Another hot day

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 Another hot day2003-07-20 14:22
picture by Flemming Funch

So, we're beginning to sleep and wake up at normal times. Haven't started seriously looking for places to live yet, but will in a couple of days. I don't know if the first step will end up being in one of the more idyllic areas I'd prefer to live in, or it will just be in a suburb of Toulouse, but we'll see. My older daughter, for one, is a bit horrified about the thought of getting to live in a town that might not have a sufficient number of night clubs. And, well, Toulouse has a very lively night life, being populated to a large extent by students.

Toulouse isn't all that practical to get around in by car. Several times we've spent an hour inching around in circles on narrow one-way streets, looking for a parking spot, only to finally find it and realizing it actually was within walking distance of our hotel. No wonder people are riding scooters and walking here.

There is a heat wave here. Hot and humid. Mid thirties, centigrade. Oh, it is survivable, and it seems to be somewhat unusual, even for the summer here. But air condition isn't something that is ubiquitous.

My online activities are seriously hindered by only having a dial-up connection to a local number for Earthlink, which costs me around $10 per hour. We didn't succeed in finding an open cybercafe yet. So normal blogging is just about out of the question for a while.

I think I fried my airport base station by plugging in the adaptor without checking that it worked on 220 volts, and I think I broke my digital camera by dropping it on cement. But somehow I don't care.

Yesterday we drove down to the Mediterranean and went swimming by the beach at Narbonne. And on the way back we hung out a bit in the Cite of Carcassonne, which is what is on the picture. It is the most complete remaining fully fortified town from the middle ages. Although I believe its restoration in the 1850's is somewhat controversial.

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20 Jul 2003 @ 15:26 by martha : minging in a foreign land
Well you better get that camera fixed. I am expecting the full tour of Europe via your camera. No excuses.
Sorry to hear how expensive it is to be on the net. So whe are you all going to get bikes or scooters?
Good luck and watch out where you're walking.  

20 Jul 2003 @ 17:05 by Laura @ : Hello from California
Sounds like you are having a GREAT Day!!! It is also hot and humid here and I also lost my wirelss router this weekend. I don't have a digital camera but almost bought one while shopping at Office Depot for a new wireless router. I thought Los Angeles had the worst traffic!!! Say hi to everyone for us. Happy house hunting!!!  

20 Jul 2003 @ 19:55 by crystal @ : hey....
Hi everyone, its Crystal. I wanted to say that I miss you all and I already wrote Marie an email. Its really weird knowing that you all are half way across the world from where we are and yet you were only here a week ago. I hope everything goes well and I wish the best of luck for you all! Well, take care and happy house hunting.  

20 Jul 2003 @ 20:21 by Jennifer @ : I miss you guys....
Well... i still cannot write everyday because i dont have the net hooked up yet.. but i'm sorry to hear that all the journey's taken by the Funch's arent the greatest and maybe the expectations werent either.. But i wish you guys much luck and hope your faith remains because who knows in a month or two you may love it... (hinting more to Marie right there) hehehe... i love you all... take care!!!  

21 Jul 2003 @ 07:44 by jstarrs : Flemming...
...regarding your cell phone question, there seems to be two options.
The first is to check out with your Danish company to see if they have an arrangement with one of the companies here (France Telecom, Bouygue, SFR, Orange etc)and to transfer the service here.
The second is to check with an agency here (one of the above) to see if they have an option whereby they do a package that includes the 'chip' for the phone and then to use it with a card (Mobicard etc).
Hope this helps,

21 Jul 2003 @ 13:23 by JoyceBredahl @ : ubiquitous
Dearest BUNCH of FUN..!- may The Ubiquitous be with you All!-Erik & Joyce:-))  

21 Jul 2003 @ 13:54 by ming : Friends
Wow, great to hear from all of you, friends and family here. Love you all, and everybody says hi from here.  

21 Jul 2003 @ 13:57 by ming : Phones
Jeff, thanks for the info! I guess I'll just go and try asking one of them. I was concerned about whether they'll require an ID number or address or something else I don't have yet.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:51 by Hippie @ : nnkAIzQWhzRIKK
When you think about it, that's got to be the right anserw.  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:13 by Sharky @ : MxQRVsIDdivylnOu
Being a 1st time user of this wonderful inedgrient gerkins, u have done a great job. I love gerkins but, I dont get them here always :( Looks yumm!  

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