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 Le Danois2003-08-05 05:56
by Flemming Funch

Thomas Nicholls is a fellow Dane who also has moved to Toulouse recently with his French girlfriend, a couple of months before us. Reading his blog, Le Danois, and exchanging a few messages with him, asking a few questions, has been very helpful for me. He goes through some of the same things, a little ahead of us. Checking out the area, getting your papers in order, etc. Now that the dust is settling a little for us, I hope we can actually meet soon.

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5 Aug 2003 @ 15:05 by Jennifer @ : Just checking in...
Well i looked at the webcam on Le Danois' page, an i loved it... I mean i'm looking as its night but i think its beautiful... The buildings out there i love them.. I saw this bridge how pretty... Well i hope you guys are enjoying it too, but of course during the day it could be something totally different. But The Real World -France, the day was nice too... hahahhaha... !!! Have funn.. Call me some time... my house # is incase you dont have it who knows 8187055743... love you all!!  

5 Aug 2003 @ 16:20 by ming : Webcam
Well, it is pretty here. Old buildings and bridges across rivers and trees along the canals and squares with sidewalk cafes. And lots of life at night. Hard to really get a sense of it all way up from that webcam.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 21:25 by Raluca @ : UxcHCjSBUZE
So you don't want to side with Cameron and the europhobes on a traety referendum.But you *do* want to side with UKIP on the need for an EU in or out' referendum? How bizarre. You say the revised Constitution Treaty is comparitively minor . But even the Foreign Secretary admitted in Parliament that the Maastricht Treaty (on which you supported a referendum) was smaller .This posturing is a blatant political calculation to try to preserve your democratic' credentials while refusing to honour your election commitment to a referendum on the Constitution.It won't fool anyone. All that will be enhanced is the impression of never knowing what your party will do from one minute to the next.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 17:43 by Liliana @ : bgbeEDkzzNzajN
the substance of the Constitution has been prvreseed, and put the similarity between the two documents at 90% or more?You know better than them, do you the prime ministers and foreign ministers at the heart of negotiating the revised treaty? Or are you just letting your out-dated dogma for a centralised EU State over-ride common sense?Stop yet more flip-flopping, for which your party already has a terrible reputation, and stick to your referendum pledge. That's what a party that wishes to be taken seriously would do.  

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