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 Things become easier2003-09-01 17:03
by Flemming Funch

I'm trying to find my way through the maze of paperwork needed to stay in France. And I have help, so maybe I need to change my mind about how difficult it is supposed to be. My new friend Leyla is dragging me around to government offices and doing most of the talking for me. She thinks it is easy, and that civil servants are there to help you. She is a lawyer, at least almost, and she just became a French citizen herself. Right now we're working on how we can have health coverage, without actually paying for it, which we need to get the residence permit (Carte de Sejour). There are various hurdles to go through, but people are friendly, and indeed it seems like things aren't all that much of a problem. And some new rules in various areas seem to have made things easier. That would be a nice change. Imagine that, government employees who actually are there to help you, and who care about finding the best solution for you. I somehow didn't expect that.

And today a company called me from Costa Rica out of the blue, wanting to hire me. They sort of randomly found my resume on the net in a search engine. And, despite that that resume is sort of arrogant, and kind of hinting that if they want to offer me a regular job, they can go jump in a lake - they wanted me to move to Costa Rica to work for them. That's a beautiful place, I'm sure, and I'd love to visit, but I'd really like to get this France thing worked out at this point. So hopefully I can work out something else with them. If not, it is at least a good sign.

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1 Sep 2003 @ 17:54 by Jon Husband @ : Out of the Blue
Yaay for you - and no doubt more such to come.

Is Denmark part of the EU? I guess not, otherwise you wouldn't have an issue with being in France, right?  

1 Sep 2003 @ 19:13 by ming : EU
Yes, Denmark is part of the EU. Well, there's in principle no problem with me being in France. People in EU can live and work wherever they want. But there can still be a lot of details in the way. Like, if I had moved here directly from Denmark, I'd show my Danish social security card, and a couple of filled in forms from the Danish social security, and that would have handled a bunch of requirements for having health insurance. But I move here from the U.S., having cancelled my U.S. health insurance a few months back. If I had a regular job, it would be handled right away, as I would be signed up for social security registration first thing. But as I'm a sort of in-between self-employed person, without much to show for it right now, it is more complicated to find out where to fit in.  

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23 Dec 2014 @ 21:01 by Dustin @ : DflCjsnekw
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