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 C'est normal!2003-09-15 16:52
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This evening we were coming back from dinner at our new friends Lionel and Silvie. And somehow I had thought that the metro went till half past midnight. But it doesn't on weeknights and the Capitole station was all closed up. So we were looking for buses, but there were none going to our part of town. One last bus showed up and my wife went to ask the driver where he was going. I instead were looking at the chart of bus plans and had already decided that it was hopeless. That bus was going to Empalot, which is in a totally different part of town, in a different direction. But a helpful employee of the bus company magically showed up, and after some discussion with the bus driver they decided that we'd just go with his bus, and when he was done with his route, he would drive us to where we needed to go. And, wonder of wonders, that's what happened. Instead of finishing his work day at 1AM, he drove us almost all the way home in his bus, and he was all smiling and friendly about it. The typical answer you get in this kind of situation here, when people go out of their way to help you is "c'est normal". "It's normal". Meaning: Of course we'll help you, it's the right and proper thing to do, no need to mention it.

But there's a way of getting there, and a way not to. Notice that my wife was over there, involving the bus driver and the bus company employee in our problem of how we get home when the trains and busses don't run any longer, and we're tired and have a little kid, and there's a long way home. That's when it becomes quite possible and likely that they'll decide to help us solve it. Whereas I was just grumbling about having misunderstood the metro schedule, looking at the bus plan and deciding that there was no way, unless we walked or took a taxi. I obviously have a few things to learn about how to work things here.

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15 Sep 2003 @ 18:15 by maxtobin : An Answer Here!!!
Life has a way eh! Flemming I was just adding a little comment to your previous log and here I find this now. The Goddess moves in ways mysterious, and then not so, to show us a way. MESSAGE loud and clear I intuite here,.... listen to the voice of the beloved as she shows the way!! Not always easy to do though for we Western Civilized Males.  

16 Sep 2003 @ 04:53 by repsyche : same but different
Sue and I went to Cardiff, Wales to watch a rugby international and missed the last bus to the ground from a very distant car park. The inspector asked a driver to take us to the game, which he did but he complained vociferously all the way. I thought he might be angling for a tip so offered a generous amount. He refused but carried on complaining. We won the match.  

22 Sep 2003 @ 22:54 by Florian @ : Personalized Bus Line
The story reminds me of my experience with the last bus going from the Place Charles de Gaule (at the time still Etoile?) down the Ave de Wagram. As I was the only passenger, the driver asked me where I needed to go and I gave him my address... - a rare occasion that public transport goes exactly where you need it... but that was a long time ago - probably 1971 - I still remember..  

22 Sep 2003 @ 23:49 by jeffolsen : Sharing
If your freedom of choice presupposes your actions, essentially giving you the freedom to choose what you do, then essentially you have already written your story before it becomes apparent. NOW is just a matter of realizing the present for what it is and being content with the decisions you have already made. Because the I is the only reality around which everything for you is constructed.. Your point of origin... and you always choose how you perceive it at present, indeed you set it in motion to begin with. Perhaps not quite in ways that you understand yet... Will someone share with me how they perform a remote viewing?  

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