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 France Telecom phone home2003-09-23 17:12
picture by Flemming Funch

My telephone has been out for a week. Well, it is a long story, related to my struggle to get DSL from France Telecom.

I had actually gotten them finally persuaded to turn it on, despite various messages to the contrary. They said it should be working the next day.

Instead the phone line went dead. At first that just made me think they were working on it, switching my line over to a central that would support DSL, so I didn't worry at first.

But that was a week ago, and various phone calls, and a visit from a technician happened in that week. He thought the problem was up in one of the poles, so they had to come back. And then, this afternoon, they showed up with two trucks full of France Telecom people. They blocked off the whole street, and their crane truck put a guy in a basket up in several of the telephone poles. Still no luck.

Then, inside my house, after a call to my landlord that helped them finally locate where the line came into my house, they found the problem. As a matter of fact, the guy was shaking his head, insisting that we couldn't possibly ever had telephone service with that kind of wiring, as it wasn't really connected properly. "Tres bizarre!" Of course all the wires were in the closet in our bathroom, which tends to have a water problem when somebody takes a shower on the second floor. This is a nice-looking new house, but the wiring and plumbing is a little hokey.

Anyway, so the phone is on, and the green light is now on on my DSL modem. But they somehow had cancelled my actual account and forgotten to reinstate it, so I still can't get it to log in. But we're a good deal closer.

On the picture you see the phone guy in the pole, incidentally while one of the strange A300 'Beluga' transport planes was coming in for landing in Blagnac with airplane parts for Airbus.

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24 Sep 2003 @ 00:32 by shawa : Hehehe
Really sounds like France,lol!...:-D  

24 Sep 2003 @ 01:28 by repsyche : nice pic
Great juxtaposition!
We've just returned from Cote d'azur after watching the water-carrying planes bomb the forest fires only 7 km from where we stopped. Sadly, three firefighters were killed.  

19 Jul 2006 @ 16:49 by Jon Vismans @ : Other nice story
Since 6 months, i'm trying to get a phone in my new house in Dordogne. The number was quickly in the "pages blanches" but connection was not made. To get in contact with some one is nearly impossible. And if i have contact for instance with 1013 they say you have to call 1014 and viceversa! Or they say, okay we will come tomorrow, and they never do. The same with the number for english speaking people. No one can or will tell me what the problem is. The problem is also the mobiles don't work in that area. How this country still exist, i don't know.  

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