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 Organizing thoughts in Fontainebleau2003-09-23 18:05
picture by Flemming Funch

Now, since I couldn't be on the net anyway, it was quite convenient that this was the weekend scheduled for going to Fontainebleau outside Paris to work with George Por on a project we're exploring. More on George here.

We're working on some tools to help knowledge workers organize their thoughts and guide them towards constructive innovaton. More on that later, as I can't really say too much right now. But George and I are quite on the same page in many areas, and it has great potential.

Since I was there anyway, I took a few hours to do a little sightseeing too. The Palace of Fontainebleau is quite a place for one thing. Since the 12th century it was a royal hunting lodge, surrounded on all sides by a large forest, and it was later greatly expanded and a long line of kings and queens and emperors have lived there one time or another. On the picture you see Napoleon's globe in the Gallery of Diane, which was later turned into a library.

In Paris I walked around in the Notre Dame cathedral and in the Louvre museum. Which in itself one can easily use days in. I picked the wing with the Mona Lisa, and just walked through a couple of floors. She didn't really look like much, though. Anyway, I ofcourse also walked through the controversial glass pyramid which is the entrance to the Louvre. It actually works quite well there.

I found an open Wi-Fi connection in my first try, on Place de Chatelet, while sitting on the fountain, when I got worried about not having checked my mail for a while.

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24 Sep 2003 @ 13:51 by ming : Mona Lisa
Damn, I thought it was just about elbowing through the crowd of Japanese tourists so I could actually see the picture. Oh, I'm sure there must be something to it. I mean, one of the greatest geniuses who has lived spent several years on getting her right, from what I understand. But as a picture it was a bit of a letdown. Rather small and dark and behind glass, and you couldn't get very close.  

24 Sep 2003 @ 16:36 by Julie @ : Da Vinci in drag?
yep, that's the point... all intentional. he wanted the small, 'seemingly' insignificant picture to become the most famous pict of all time, but it was a 'joke' like so many of his paintings were... not to be famous as a work of 'art' as much as a 'code'... smiles.


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