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 Sports2003-11-01 18:11
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I'm not particularly into sports, but soccer at least seems like a sport that makes some kind of sense to me. Anyway, France Telecom had given us a set of soccer tickets, to be nice to us because it took a long time to get our DSL line debugged. So, we attended our first real soccer match. Toulouse Football Club against AJ Auxerre. Which was kind of fun and interesting, at least since it was only the players who were out in the rain. 3-0 for the foreign team. As the news says "Auxerre disposes of Toulouse without any problem".

The other day we went on a tour of the old Roman Arena in Toulouse. 1900 years ago, that was the main sports entertainment. The arena had seats for half of Toulouse's population at the time, and gladiators would fight bears and wolves and each other. Not that there's much left of the arena today, but I have a good imagination.

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