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 WarMarketing: how to sell a paradox2003-11-21 16:11
by Flemming Funch

From the site of the British-American Coalition Against WarMarketing:
How do you actively promote starting a war, when most people want peace? How do you convince the peaceful majority of a nation's populace that unprovoked aggression is rational? How can you sell death and destruction, in the name of peace? This is the systematic practice of WarMarketing.

Definition: WarMarketing -- Promoting fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), by spin-doctoring known false information with the deliberate intent to justify otherwise irrational acts of aggression. The skillful productization of premeditated acts of mass-violence that is inflicted upon many innocent people, with the ulterior motive to license "officially approved" personal financial gain for a few guilty people.

Definition: WarMarketer -- One who enables a warmonger to package, position and promote the plan to stir up war. One who conceives of and evolves the deceptive re-branding of the government entity previously known as the "War Department," into the more palatable "Department of Defense."
Indeed. These days it is vital to become an expert in double-speak, propaganda and Weapons of Mass-Deception, so that you can notice when somebody's fucking with your mind, and take evasive action.

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22 Nov 2003 @ 00:49 by shawa : Oh yeah.
And not only in politics.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:02 by Kierra @ : SUapYyOJkAdmQNoGTkTx
#Shelling FordTapi mas akan lebih berkesan dan ada “ruh”nya bila yang menyampaikan itu juga memprakktekkannya. Karena kan banyak tokoh agama/masyarakat /koruptor yang sering berkhutbah/beropini tetang hal-hal suci dan kebaikan, tapi di balik itu penerapan di level prgaadi/keluaria/masybrakat mereka sendiri NOL besar. Nah bagaimana itu, jadi menurut saya dua-duanya penting, yaitu Orang yang menyampaikan dan perbuatannya sesuai dengan apa yg diomongkannya…  

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