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Who's Winning the War on Terrorism?

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 Who's Winning the War on Terrorism?2003-11-26 15:25
by Flemming Funch

Excellent article about the "war" on terrorism from Harlan Cleveland. Harlan is an experienced statesman, and I've heard him speak at the World Future Society's conferences. He thinks clearly about things.
"Terrorism is not a doctrine, like President Harry Truman’s declaration that the United States would protect Greece and Turkey from Soviet takeover. It’s not a purpose, like the postwar recovery of Western Europe assisted by the four-year Marshall Plan. It’s not a deadly disease like AIDS or a chronic condition like poverty, on which metaphorical wars have been declared.

No, terrorism is a tool—“a tool, not an actor,” as Chester A. Crocker, a former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, puts it in a perceptive analysis of “failing states” in the current issue of Foreign Affairs.

It’s a tool often used in history. Terrorism is usually violent action, often aimed at a few of the innocent in order to terrify much larger populations. The violence has traditionally been directed, by the weaker and less organized, against the stronger and more “established.” It has often been aimed by people who got there first, against other people who came later to muscle the early-arrivers aside: colonial subjects against imperial powers, people of color against dominant whites."
And he goes on to explain very well the self-contradictions inherent in trying to have a war against something like that. And what should be done instead.

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29 Nov 2003 @ 10:16 by eric schneider @ : thats not even half of the story
so how about the foreign superpower executed and applied terrorism of the USA against chile in 1973, of cia selling weapons to the red brigades in italy, of undisclosed pentagon documents about the advice to kennedy to fake cuban bombings on emigrants in miami to justify an invasion of cuba ?

of the trip about sep 11...

seeing how many peoples are suffering from oppression, it is a miracle that there is so little "terrorist" bombing or gunshooting at oppressing forces...

it kinda shows how nice humany really are, or of what sound judgement, that they know shooting at soldiers and innocents is not hurting the neo/colonial occupants...  

8 Dec 2003 @ 17:09 by sharie : "it shows how nice humans really are..."
What a great perspective!  

20 Apr 2016 @ 23:32 by Deejay @ : XGjQidJVwDsR
All of my questions sedestt-thankl!  

21 Apr 2016 @ 11:11 by Carly @ : BmNrPkMGOgl
Do you have more great arcleits like this one?  

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