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 Aïda2004-02-19 06:12
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Birgit and I went to the opera last night and saw Verdi's opera Aïda. Which was marvelous. I don't think I've been to the opera ever before. It is kind of something special. At some points there were around 100 people on the stage, with fancy Egyptian themed outfits and props. And a whole orchestra, and, well, those people who can fill up the whole big room with their voices. Not that I could hear what the heck they were singing. It was Italian, for one thing. The French translation showed up on little screens in various places, and was in the program. But I guess one needs to be quite well prepared before one goes to the opera. We had at least read the plot in advance, so we had at least the general idea of what was going on. The performance was in Halle aux Grains, which was an excellent venue. And Toulouse, being a very cultured city, seems to be a good place for big opera productions with big names. I tried to take pictures and little videos at first, but it is sort of a little tacky to sit and fiddle with one's camera in the opera, so I gave it up.

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20 Feb 2004 @ 13:42 by Sellitman @ : Ahhh...operas
People are betrayed, men die, women cry (and vice versa) and yet they all find a way to sing :-)

You'd probably love Wagner's tetralogy, {link:http://www.lcc.gatech.edu/classes/winter98/lcc3412l/ring.html|The Ring of the Nibelung}, which, no doubt, {link:http://www.newyorker.com/critics/atlarge/?031222crat_atlarge|influenced Lord of the Rings}, despite Tolkien's protest to the contrary (Either way, both "Ring"/"Rings" are masterpieces in their own rights.) Some powerful Jungian archetypes there and many rich, multilayered themes of interest to you:

- Humanity unreadiness to be ruled by love, always reverting, it seems, to the greed and desire for power symbolized by the ring...

- The shortcomings of laws and contracts, which are not based on an ethical system that is natural and good...

- Can human relationships be based on love, freedom, and equality rather than on domination and power?

I think you'd enjoy it. Many interesting NCN recurring themes here.  

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