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 Hash Haring2004-03-15 06:19
picture by Flemming Funch

Yesterday Birgit and I were the "hares" in a Hash House Harriers run. You know, HHH is this drinking/walking/running/socializing club, with chapters almost everywhere in the world, particularly where you find english-speaking expats. The job of the hares is to lay a track, primarily using flour, which everybody else then can (barely) follow, while they run or walk. It could be done live, but that would be a bit tricky unless one knows the area really well. So we found that it took a surprising amount of preparation to scout out an area, and a trail that is interesting and that ends up where it started without repeating itself. So, we started with a nearby park, and managed to find a surprising number of somewhat hidden paths to lead people around on, along ditches, railways, climbing over some minor fences and that kind of thing. Worked out quite well, it seems. We got away with just a couple of "down-downs" in the obligatory after-run ritual. A down-down is the punishment of having to drink out a glass of beer while a certain silly song is being sung. And the hares will traditionally be under close scrutiny, and likely to be called on the spot for anything they might have done right or wrong (doesn't really matter which).

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